Arthur Becker Real Estate

Do you want to build wealth for the future? If so, investing is a great way to accomplish that goal. Over the years, many people have used real estate as their asset class of choice to accomplish this goal. A lot of people today are happy about the growth in real estate prices in many areas. With that growth, many people are starting to see just how much investing can impact their net worth. In life, there are times when you must take a chance with your money. Arthur Becker has been doing that for many years, and because of his hard work he now has one of the largest real estate empires in the country. Learning from his example is a great way to get started.


Arthur Becker


When Arthur Becker first started investing, he wanted to make an impact on the world. There are a lot of people who are excited about what he is doing in the industry. Not only is he helping people get started investing, but he is also trying to figure out a way to help others in the process. Arthur Becker knows the value of affordable housing for people who rent. Many times, it can be difficult to qualify for a home that meets all of your needs financially. When he buys a home, he makes it look nice and then rents it out to people who will help him in the future. There are a lot of ways that this makes financial sense for an investor.




One of the biggest challenges in real estate is financing. Managing all of that cash flow that comes in and out is never easy. However, Arthur Becker has found a way to help others during this process. He understands what financial banks need to see before they lend out money. He has been able to offer advice in a variety of areas to help people get qualified to borrow money to invest. This is a huge service that he gives to the local community where he lives. Arthur Becker has done a great job of investing in real estate.

Whitney Wolfe Ushers In The Era Of New Aged Dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe is a young professional that is gaining a lot of attention, and it all has to do with her innovative dating app called Bumble. She has managed to create an app that puts women in the driver’s seat, and she is receiving a lot of praise for this.

The dating app industry is essentially dominated by men. They have been the ones that have created the large majority of apps for dating. Men have been the ones that have directed the attention to this concept, and most men have made these apps somewhat beneficial to the male species. What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was create a new standard and give women the chance to have a little control over who they were actually encountering online.

Read more about Whitney Wolfe on Cosmopolitan.

This is a massive feet for someone that is so young. She has only been in the business for a short amount of time, but she clearly has a focus that is greater than what anyone would have imagined. This is actually her second dating app, and she has been successful with the implementation of both. Bumble, however, stands out because it is the app that has been designed to reach a crowd of millennials that would much rather have the say in who they contact first.

This was a risky thing for Whitney Wolfe as CEO to consider, but she had to be able to do something that will be different from the other apps that were out there.

What Whitney Wolfe has proven is that women can get control of their dating situation by utilizing an app like this. They don’t have to confine themselves to the conditions of the traditional dating apps. Whitney Wolfe wanted to provide a new experience, and most women agree that she has done this successfully.

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Eric Lefkofsky Is A Major Technology Innovator And Philanthropist

Eric’s Early Life, Educational Background And Early Ventures

Eric Lefkofsky is a native of Detroit, Michigan. His father worked as an engineer while his mother taught at schools. The Lefkofsky’s moved out of Detroit and raised Eric and his two siblings in a nearby suburb called Southfield in Michigan. Eric Lefkofsky completed his schooling there, graduating from the Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987.

He then applied and was successfully admitted to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Eric was a bright student in both college and school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan as a valedictorian in 1991. Later, Eric completed a law degree at the University of Michigan in 1993 and become eligible to practice law.

While studying in college, Eric Lefkofsky sold carpets. He also partnered with a college buddy, Brad Keywell who would later become a major partner and investor in his businesses to purchase a clothing company that they eventually resold. Lefkofsky then started Starbelly, which was an early online marketing company that specialized in creating online promotions. It would become a predecessor to the famous internet marketing company now known as Groupon.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Eric Lefkofsky has helped create and co-found numerous logistics, marketing, and analytical companies. They include firms such as Groupon, Tempus, Echo, Media Ocean, Uptake and Inner Workings. Mr. Lefkofsky also has his own venture capital firm called Lightbank, that primarily invests in tech companies that develop new disruptive technologies.

Groupon, one of Eric Lefkofsky’s most famous companies was co-founded with a college friend, Brad Keywell, whom he had previously partnered with a clothing company. It allows customers to find exclusive promotions and deals on the web for services and products in the hospitality, clothing and many other sectors. For retailers or service providers, Groupon lets them acquire a lot of customers at once in exchange for offering a promotion or discount through Groupon.

InnerWorkings is a marketing company that Eric Lefkofsky helped to co-found in 2001. It was originally formed as an alternative to the existing print management supply chains that existed in the United States. Today, InnerWorking streamlines an entire marketing campaign in one platform to reduce costs and cut down on waste. The company also uses data collection, analytics and streamlining of marketing processes to make marketing more simple and less expensive. Services are done by InnerWorkings also include the traditional printed items such as flyers, temporary displays, and retail fixtures.

Recent Crime Spree Rocks the Quincy

The formerly quiet Quincy community of New Brunswick has experienced a crime spree in recent years. The Quincy first made headlines after the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man in the area in 2012, then with a non-fatal shooting in 2015.


A New Brunswick pizza shop received a delivery call on November 30, 2012, supposedly from a resident in the N building of an apartment complex on Quincy Circle. When the delivery man arrived at the given apartment, the resident said that he did not order pizza. On returning to his van, the delivery man came into contact with the three male suspects, who claimed that they had ordered the pizza. When he reached into the van to get it, one of the men held a gun to his head. The suspects stole the pizza as well as the delivery man’s wallet. New Brunswick police arrested ringleader Parysh Wood, 21, on May 7, 2013, using cell phone data that placed him at the scene of the crime. Wood also goes under the street names “P Gun” and “Pistol.”


On October 5, 2015, Quincy again experienced turbulence in its normally quiet world when shots rang out at the Quincy New Brunswick Apartments at 33 Commercial Ave. Police reported gunfire in the vicinity of building #1 of the apartment complex, and that the male victim then received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Police said the suspect wore a hoodie and headed toward Neilson Street following the shooting, but they have made no arrests so far.


The NBPD continue to investigate both crimes.

New Jersey Real Estate Developer Sam Boraie Is A Community Driven Man

New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in the union. But New Jersey is the 11th most populated state. New Jersey attracts people because it lies within the combined statistical areas of Philadelphia, and New York. Jersey is also the third wealthiest state based on per capita income. The cities that get the most attention in the state are Atlantic City, Newark, and Trenton. But other cities in New Jersey have more to offer residents in terms of quality of life, entertainment, and peace of mind. One of those cities is New Brunswick,

New Brunswick is a quiet, but energetic, hub for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Johnson and Johnson is one of New Brunswick’s shining stars, reports the NY Times. The privately held, consumer driven, company has helped attract other pharmaceutical and medical related businesses to the downtown area. Rutgers University is another pillar of the community. The Rutgers University Hospital is well known for cancer research. But New Brunswick wasn’t always a magnet for big companies. The city was in shambles in the 1970s. Downtown New Brunswick was in bad shape. City officials didn’t know how to turn the city around. But that changed when Omar Boraie came on the scene. Boraie decided to return New Brunswick to its original glory. Boraie bought more than 20 properties downtown. His real estate development company went to work building new office and residential buildings.

Omar’s sons Wasseem and Sam, as well as daughter Hiam, joined the family business after completing their education. Sam Boraie became the face of the family business and a strong community leader. Sam is known for his non-profit work with Elijah’s Promise and his dedication to the New Brunswick State Theater. Elijah’s Promise feeds the hungry, and the New Brunswick State theater educates and entertains New Jersey residents. Even though Sam spends a great deal of time as a board member of those organizations, he is also part of Newark’s urban renewal project. Sam and basketball legend Shaq O’Neil joined forces, and they built the One Riverview residential building in Newark. That building was the catalyst for other new construction projects in Newark.

The other major project that the Boraie family is proud of is their Atlantic City residential project. The Beach at South Inlet residential project is Atlantic City’s first luxury apartment complex. The 250-unit complex is under construction. Atlantic City is back in the news again because of the positive changes which are taking place in and around the city. Sam Boraie and his family business are doing their best to help Atlantic City move past the casino debacle. The city wants to attract Millennial businesses and residents, and the Boraie complex is one of the first steps in that process.

Even though Sam Boraie ventured out of the New Brunswick city limits to help other New Jersey cities, he is still loyal to New Brunswick. He is a regular patron of the New Brunswick State Theater, and he can be spotted at Elijah’s Promise fundraisers, or in the soup kitchen or café talking about the non-profit’s mission.


Roberto Santiago: The Visionary with an Idea (Manaira Shopping)

Roberto has been able to build the impressive mall that covers a very large floor space in the city of Joao, Pessao in Brazil. This big mall houses in it, a food court, eight cinemas, a leisure area that covers more than 10,000m2 of space and hundreds of other stores within it.

This alone makes it one of the biggest shopping centers where you can find virtually everything that you may need to buy. No need to go anywhere. If you want something, you can get it all under one roof. Literally, all you need from birth (diapers) to death (shroud) can be found here. Read more articles on

The Best Features of The Mall

  1. Domus Hall

This is one of the biggest concert halls that you can find in the vicinity of the shopping center. It was opened to the public in 2009 and has been used for numerous functions which include but are not exclusive to:

  • Fairs, they could include science or anything
  • Receptions for events
  • Theater performances
  • Art exhibitions

Basically, anything that can be done in a hall is done here. This Hall has two floors which have cabins, bathrooms, and bars making it an all-round house of entertainment.

  1. The Sheer Size

This one-stop shopping center offers the whole family experience which was what Roberto had in mind when he opened it. This makes it very huge to accommodate everything that a family would need. From areas of entertainment to the other areas of interest, it has it all.

  1. The Versatility

Fitting all that stuff under one roof would mean that when you walk in, you are spoilt for choice because there is diversity. To cater to the needs of the whole family, it would mean that everything that you could need will be found there.

  1. The Different Stores

With over 280 stores that include everything from cheese to fridges. The entertainment rooms have state of the art show equipment such as 3D movie theaters where you can have a good time.

In Conclusion

When you think of the word visionary, you see the man Roberto Santiago. He has shown what an idea can do. By starting out small and planning to expand and including everything you could need under one roof, he has taken the responsibility of catering for thousands of customers under his wings, and he has done a pretty excellent job of it.

Read more articles on his Blogspot.

The New Building on the Beach

It’s the Copa Star, D’Or’s entry into the Copacabana beach resorts, but it’s not a hotel, though it could pass as one.

It’s a hospital. The Copa Star is a five star hospital. It’s five stars for the patients and five stars for the guests. Upon entering the building the guests are greeted by a lobby that is reminiscent of a five star hotel. There are overstuffed sofas, artwork from famous artists, and decor from all over the world.

There are 155 suites for the patients, and 59 intensive care unit rooms. The patients all have the ability to have guests stay for extended times.

The patients’ quarters are not called rooms. They’re suites, and they all have the capacity for overnight guests. Each patient has a tablet that controls the lights, the drapes, and the temperature in the suite of rooms. With the tablet, they can hold a video chat with the staff, the nurse, or the doctor. The doctor can even show the patient the results of test on the tablet from another part of the hospital.

The intensive care units have a video system controlled by the patients, wherein they can watch the goings-on on the beach, or watch the street below, or even who is coming down the corridors in different areas of the hospital. This was done, D’Or explained, because ICU patients are generally alone in an isolated room, and it does them good to be able to see what is going on around them.

D’Or is looking to build more hospital in Brazil like the Copa Star, especially in Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

The Copa Star on Copacabana beach is constructed of a concrete substance that saves energy bills. Construction of the building in limited space provided a challenge for the builder, and other challenges needed to be overcome as well. In overcoming these things, D’Or was able to accomplish several things in addition to construction of an outstanding hospital.

The hospital is planing to specialize in the fields of cardiology and neurology. They have the necessary operating state of the art operating rooms, and other robotic equipment that is designed with ease of use in mind.

USHEALTH Group; Provider of Comprehensive, Affordable Health Insurance

The firm is based in Fort Worth, Texas. Through its affiliates, the institution provides health insurance to individuals and small enterprises in the USA. They offer a variety of covers including; life insurance, disease-specific insurance, accident and disability insurance, and much more. In over five decades of its existence, USHealth has provided its services to over 15 million clients.

Family and Personal Insurance

The company strives to meet the needs of every different customer. They believe that the clients deserve a variety of products from which they can choose the one that suits them best. Their wide range of products offers flexibility, affordability, and reliability.

To customers who are on a budget, the group offers an assortment of packages which are cheap, but do not compromise on quality. Discounts are also provided through the extensive network of associates. As compared to other players in the market, USHealth’s economy package provides a more comprehensive and quality, at a much lower price. For wealthier customers, their network of companies provides high-end insurance services.

However, clients are not discriminated no matter which package they choose. Whether budget or high end, all customers are afforded quality service. By doing this, the company aims to create a dependable, long-lasting relationship with its clients.

PPO Networks

USHealth group outsources its services to PPO networks. PPO (preferred provider organization) is a health plan that creates a network of service providers. Clients incur cheaper costs if they seek services from providers within the network. USHealth’s PPO network offer services with unrivaled excellence and spans the entire nation. The outstanding performance of the systems has been recognized, with the firm recently bagging the prestigious Stevie Awards.

The company takes its agents through rigorous training before they start marketing their products. This commitment to providing excellent staff and world-class customer care service has seen USHealth group rise to become one of America’s elite. Over the years, the enterprise has taken home multiple awards for its stellar customer care services. This success is mainly attributed to fast payment and claim processing.

End Citizens United’s Political Action Committee, Now a Reality

On March 2014, End Citizens United’s Political Action Committee was created. Grassroots donors were the people that funded this committee. They are devoted to counter the dangerous effects of an organization known as Citizens United. The committee’s members on want to show it to everyone including elected officials, candidates, voters, and press that US elections cannot be bought by billionaires. Their aim is to make a coalition that would work for finance structure reforms and pressurize legislators for reforms. End Citizens United’s mission is to fight Big Money in American politics and eliminate the political structure that could be rigged. They want to end the role of money in American politics and finish Citizens United. End Citizens United is using grassroots members to demonstrate their power, and they want to elect candidates who are pro-reforms.

During the elections in 2016, End Citizens United supported those Democrat candidates who were interested in the realistic reforms of campaign’s finance systems and those who want to finish Citizens United. Koch Brothers and SuperPACs were involved in election rigging with dark money on Facebook as they tried to buy local representatives and senators. End Citizens United also fought against them. It was August 2015 when End Citizens United was launched. The group raised over two million dollars from small donors within the first year. The target although was thirty million dollars.

The court made a decision to allow Citizens United to work, but End Citizens United wants to pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision on Citizens United was responsible for strong political actions committees and use of dark money in politics. Just within a year, a huge number of people signed the petition of End Citizens United that is demanding desired legislation from the US Congress. It is expected that End Citizens United’s members would increase due to its alliance with another movement named Ready for Hillary which already has millions of members.

According to End Citizens United, more than ten Democrat candidates joined them by August 2015. They include famous names like Russ Feingold (former senator of Wisconsin) and Michael Bennet (Senator of Colorado). Carbo, a member of End Citizens United, said that the group is different for reasons like electing those people who would work to change these laws. In other words, supporting those candidates that would work for finance reform and stand up against rival group Citizens United. He also said that End Citizens United would support those candidates too that are attacked by big money groups and Koch brothers. In 2016, the End Citizens United set up an independent section for expenditure that supported candidates with television advertisements, polling, and direct mailers. In short, the goal of End Citizens United is to pass an amendment to the constitution which would reverse the Citizens United decision made by the court.

Fabletics Increases Its Percentage Share Of The Market

Fabletics is a fitness apparel firm that is run by Kate Hudson. The company transacts with its customers on a monthly membership platform. If you register as a Very Important Member (VIP), your first fitness apparel will cost you $25, and in addition to that, you’ll also get a discount price on particular deodorants. As a member of Fabletics, you will not be forced to pay the monthly membership fees. But the main point of joining is that you get fitness clothing that is customized for you on a monthly basis at discounted prices such as 2 or 3 pieces for $49-$59 despite not paying the monthly subscription.


When one register as a member, you are required to take a survey about the types of workouts you perform and what styles of fitness clothing you would like i.e. tanks, shorts, capris, etc. Then at the start of every month, exercise apparels are selected according to your taste.


The quality of Fabletics clothes is good in comparison to the price paid. Their garments are durable compared to their competitor’s apparels sold at the same price. Fabletics also has a wide array of styles to match one’s workout plan. Their mode of fashion varies from bottoms with solid colors to very simple tanks, but in store, they’ve very fantastic fitness clothing with sheer fabrics, bold patterns, or cut-outs. No one can miss something to suit them at Fabletics.


Fabletics apparel’s value for money stands out above their competitors considering what one would get for $50 or less. So, if you do your calculations for what you would purchase at another online store for $50, you would notice the difference. Finally, Fabletics website has a beautiful theme as its homepage and is easy to use i.e. searching for specific clothing or adding your cart of your apparels.


About Fabletics

Don Ressler, the CEO of JustFab Incorporated and Adam Goldenberg, founded Fabletics alongside Kate Hudson. The company came up as a result of a gap that realized by the trio in the activewear market. The grouped pick pointed many luxury brands, but none of them sold high quality and stylish sports gear at an affordable price for men and women. That is why they pulled their resources together to build the Fabletics brand in October 2013.


Their motivation for making these apparels was to come up with clothes that motivate one to stay active in situations like sweating in the studio, chasing after your kids, or competing in an Ironman challenge. Fabletics designs are of high quality at fair prices. Their inspiration goes beyond their clothing; they foster a community of individuals who embrace their mantra of living their passion daily.


In July 2014, Fabletics ventured into the European market. The countries which it had won a marketplace are United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Later on, in September 2014, Fabletics got a new market in Canada. In October 2014, Fabletics celebrated one year in the market giving a run to its competitors. By January 2015, Fabletics had made shipments of one million. Currently, Fabletics stands in competition with big online stores like Amazon and eBay.