Newark’s Kevin Seawright Finds Jobs For Local Teens

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer, CFO, for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Summer of 2016 will quickly be upon us and Seawright is ensuring that the Newark Community Development Corporation has an integral role in finding employment for local teenagers. Jobs build character and having one during the summer instead of goofing off will surely teach these kids the responsibility they will need once they become adults.

It is going to be called the Summer Youth Employment Plan. During six weeks out of these kids’ summers they will receive paid work experience, job training, lectures of empowerment, and most importantly programs that help with college readiness. This year, youth is being encouraged to apply online. A new process that Seawright believes has expedited the program fairly well.

The new online application process has already provided the Summer Youth Employment Plan with 350 applicants. Seawright states to WorldClassMagazines that they have turned a six week ordeal into a 30 minute session. Last year, the Summer Youth Employment Plan was able to reel in nearly 3,000 summer jobs for teens. It is their hope to bypass that this year with a goal of 3,500 jobs.

Something unique to the program is the involvement of two local banks. Santander Bank and TD Bank are going to be providing financial literacy to the students. This will help them many years down the road when they join the adult professional work force. The Summer Youth Employment Plan is going to start on July 5th and run through August 16th. Participants will be paid minimum wage and receive the priceless experience of what it is like to be apart of the work force firsthand.

Seawright told on Twitter he believes the program he and his co workers created brings hope to the city. They are extremely proud to provide this opportunity to local youth. This article was originally written for KIIITV and can be read here.

Why choose Sussex Healthcare for care giving services?

Sussex Healthcare, one of the leading care giving facilities is expanding it services delivery to cater to more residents and their needs. The facility currently has expanded the number of its homes to 20 since the creation of the first home in 1985. This expansion is aimed at accommodating a high number of residents. With the growing need for care giving services in the world today, Sussex Healthcare is trying all means possible to ensure that residents admitted to the facilities and enjoy a life-changing experience. The sole purpose of care giving facility is to ensure that residents have a better life than they would experience in their homes. It is for this reason that Sussex Healthcare is offering services which cannot be compared with another facility in the world.

Sussex Health is applying cutting-edge services that meet the needs of individuals experiencing various medical related conditions. For the longest time, they have been accommodating elderly people, but they have expanded to include people suffering from neurological disorders, dementia among other problems. To ensure that patients in the facilities experienced more than nutritional gains, they have established a state-of-the-art gym that features advanced amenities such as treadmills, medicine balls, free weights, among others to help residents improve their physical strength. The state-of-the-art gym facility also features a larger hot tub where residents can relax and stimulate their bodies to reduce soreness and decrease stress through the production of extra norepinephrine.

At Sussex Healthcare, patients enjoy customized services from professionals who have been employed to take the best of the residents. The experts in this facility are trained to offer services depending on the needs of a specific resident. Therefore, people can rest assured that their relatives will be getting top quality services that they cannot receive in another facility. In fact, when every resident joining this facility, and assessment is done to identify the particular needs.

At Sussex Healthcare, residents will benefit from nutritious diets that are prepared by professional chefs who have been trained to deal with people in need of special diets. So, no matter the condition a patient is suffering from, the professionals will prepare a nutritious diet that we will meet their health needs.

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The Oil and Gas Company Experiences Tremendous Growth

The chief executive and the president of the Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger is respected for his vast knowledge and skills in crude oil, recycling of their waste and tanning industries. Matthew has built a reputation for himself. He is admired for his competence skills in planning, negotiating the contract on behalf of the company, creating a conducive working environment and his outstanding entrepreneur skills.

Matthew Fleeger’s ingenuity enabled him to start his company, Medsolutions, before taking the leadership role at Gulf Coast Western. Medsolution Company offered different services such as transportation, treating waste from a hospital and disposing of. He is an alumnus of Southern Methodist University where he graduated with Business Administration degree. He has shown his passion for entrepreneurship. His vast skills helped in the tremendous growth of a small tanning company to multimillionaires.

Mission and Vision

Matthew Fleeger took the leadership role at Gulf Coast Western Company to help in achieving its mission and vision. The United States of America oil and gas company is determined to use the available resource and optimize the resources in the drilling of oil within the US. The company majorly focuses on areas that have a structure that is well developed, and the physical features are suitable for the operation. The transparency and accountability of the company with their partners have led to the tremendous success from one year to another. It has enabled it to build a strong relationship and trust.


Gulf was initially a family business. It was founded in the early 1970s. The collaboration with Orbit Energy and Northcote helped to establish its root in Southwestern Louisiana. Orbit merger boasted its expansion by acquiring all their assets. It acquired 3D Seismic, thirteen wells, and others 140 identified drilling site with oil reserve approximating thirty million barrels. This partnership helps to continue oil exploration.

Gulf Coast western acquired 50% of assets in their partnership with Northcote. They share profit equally. The companies highly invest in exploration of areas along the region that have oil and gas. It is looking for others area within the US to expand its operation.

Ryan Seacrest Leads The U.S. Into 2019 As TV’s Top Event Host

The U.S. TV landscape is filled with historic institutions which have been loved by millions for decades. One of these is the annual, “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s” show now hosted by “American Idol” frontman, Ryan Seacrest and former model, Jenny McCarthy. The pair has fronted the annual telecast live from Time’s Square and with pre-recorded musical acts appeari9ng as live from Hollywood. In a crowded New Year’s Eve TV market, Seacrest has become the nation’s go-to host for watching New York’s famous ball drop above Time’s Square.

In the last few years, Ryan Seacrest has seen his career rising in an upward trajectory following the return of “American Idol” and his full-time role as co-host of “Live! With Kelly and Ryan.” Despite his busy schedule, the Atlanta, Georgia-born TV host has found the time to become one of the top philanthropists in Hollywood. Alongside his role on daytime TV, Seacrest also hosts the daily primetime radio show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and finds the time to expand the work of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Some of the top children’s hospitals in the U.S. have benefitted from the work of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which brings media opportunities to children spending time in medical facilities. Not only has the foundation created radio and TV stations in children’s hospitals, but it has become a route to college for children looking for media-based scholarships.

With multiple TV networks now broadcasting live from Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve, the ability of Seacrest and McCarthy to stand out shows their level of professionalism. Ringing in 2017 saw New York hit with some of the coldest temperatures on record for December 31 with freezing lows reaching just nine degrees. Seeing out 2018 and moving into 2019 offered a different challenge for the TV veteran who worked with more than an inch of rain falling over the course of the broadcast.

A Little About Todd Levine

Todd Levine is an attorney who founded his own firm. He founded the firm with 3 others. Levine works mostly on real estate law. He recently sat down with IdeaMensch and had a conversation about what makes him productive, what he recently spent $100 dollars on, and what book he would recommend everyone should read.

Todd Levine does not find his days typical. There are days when he will be trying a case in Miami, then the next he will be in Fort Lauderdale. Since there is no predictability in his line of work, he always has to be prepared. He finds being prepared for what the other team of lawyers is going to say or do, makes him the most productive that he can be. When he is in the courtroom, he likes to have every move down. This is his main strategy. Because he tries complex cases, it helps him to win.

Todd Levine recently spent $100 on music equipment for his son. He has 2 sons. Levine enjoys spending money on helping his children with their artistic expression. When he is not working, he still plays the guitar. So, he knows exactly how important it is to his kids that they get to practice their instruments.

Todd Levine would recommend everyone to read Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. He enjoyed the book and thinks it would bring enjoyment to others who read it as well. The part he liked the most is the plot of individualism v. collectivism. He finds that it is useful for everyone to know there is a difference between the 2 and to know the difference between them.

Todd Levine is a founding partner of his law firm. He founded the firm with his partners Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, and Katzen. When he is working with the law firm, he is practicing commercial litigation and real estate law. When he is not working with the law firm, he enjoys spending time with his family. He has a wife and 2 sons. Levine learned early in his career that he had a knack for complex cases.

Brazilian Financial Strategist And Infrastructure Expert Felipe Montoro Jens

After attending Getuilo Vargas Foundation , where he earned a degree in Business Administration, Felipe Montoro Jens began a career in the financial industry, later becoming a trusted business strategist who studies and reports on issues involving infrastructure when it comes to work projects in his native country of Brazil. In a recent study that was conducted by the National Confederation of Industry, also called the CNI, he shared his findings on why certain jobs in that nation have become stationary or paralyzed. Using data from the end of the previous year, he pointed out that 2,796 work projects had been stopped, 517 of which are due to problems within the infrastructure. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

Felipe Montoro Jens further stated that the jobs that were the most affected by this issue were the ones in sanitation, with 447 of them being interrupted while in the implementation phase. Other projects that were stalled, according to his report, were those involving airports, highways, railways, urban mobility, ports and waterways. He said that the reason that these works have been paralyzed is most likely due to the fact that Brazil has only invested 2% of its Gross Domestic Product in infrastructure. His advice for solving this matter would be to improve planning, get better equipped work teams, strengthen internal controls and design contracts that are more balanced.

The business strategist is also a graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, located on the campus of Arizona State University, as well as the University of California in Santa Barbara, and Oregon University, where he earned Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and History. He also received a Master’s degree in the scientific study of body movements, which is known as Kinesiology, and in Health Promotion. His industry research organization, the CNI, has its headquarters in Brasilia, and an additional office in Sao Paulo.

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Keeping Jewish Roots Alive with the Adam Milstein Foundation

Our youth citizens in the United States have been actively trying to impact the State of Israel’s foreign policy, and Israeli adolescents have been forming a united front in order to improve and maintain their international relations alongside them. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF) is a nonprofit philanthropic organization founded by Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila Milstein. The goal of MFF is to aid Israeli students in improving these relations while also embracing their Jewish roots. This pro-Israel foundation just celebrated 18 years of philanthropic work with Jewish teens and their dedicated sister foundations.

Adam Milstein and his organization primarily work through three guiding principles: active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. Active philanthropy consists of the organization investing their resources into other foundations with similar goals of strengthening Jewish pride in Israel’s students. They do this by funding their subprinciple called organizations, projects, and programs (OPP). Through investing in these OPPs, they transition into the second principle which is the life path impact. Under the life path impact, these sister organizations who have received funding are expected to engage with the target audience associated with MFF in order to maintain adequate progress in their mission.

The last principle surrounds philanthropic synergy. According to Adam Milstein, the goal of philanthropic synergy is to obtain unification from all of the organizations that support MFF as a way to create a united front. MFF hopes that by more than one foundation contributing their effort at once, the impact on keeping students familiar and proud about their Jewish roots will be even more substantial. They specifically describe it as amplifying the impact that MFF has across Israel.

These last 18 years have proven to be quite successful for MFF, which makes Adam Milstein and his wife hopeful about their ability to create a promising future for the State of Israel’s youth. Students who participate in MFF are given the wonderful gift of comprehensively studying their Jewish roots while improving their home country’s foreign policy in the process. The impact that MFF is driving is sure to continue expanding and flourishing as each year passes by.

Jacob Gottlieb- Founder of Altium Capital-  is leading exciting change in healthcare ventures

Healthcare as it stands is in need of urgent change. The future of medicine hinges on major demographic shifts related to care facility capacity, complexity of legislative level regulation on public sector programs- mainly Medicaid and Medicare (Parts A & B), and expansion of available options in the health insurance marketplace. Although advances are occuring, they will unfold slowly and steadily.

Jacob Gottlieb, MD, CFA, PRMIA, is taking much needed action to transform how we view healthcare investment. The medical doctor turned successful entrepreneur is advancing innovation in medical management through

Altium Capital, a healthcare investment fund vehicle founded to advance medical treatment enterprises, and initiatives leading the way in medical reform. The New York City based firm wants healthcare growth companies to expand within their respective spaces. Altium Capital has successfully invested in diabetic alternative treatment company, Oramed Pharmaceuticals. The financially and pharmaceutically experienced firm has exceeded its goal of developing and testing oral based insulin capsules. As opposed to current painful methods involving proper injection at certain bodily points, these new ingestible products will make it easier for diabetic patients to take control of their overall health.

Amarin, the cardiovascular health drug developer, is yet another successful Altium venture. The fast growing Dublin company soecializes in lipid science, and the beneficial effects of certain fatty acids on the heart. Approved in 2012, the FDA approved prescription grade drug, Vascepa (AMR-101) proves both Amarin and Altium Capital’s progressive partnership.

Renowned biotherapeutic company, Oragenics, focuses on generation of beneficial antibiotics to combat harmful bacterial strains in the oral cavity, throat and esophagal areas. A leader in tackling infectious diseases, Oragenics was founfed by just two physicians with a concentration on practicing Replacement Therapy.

In addition to nurturing healthcare growth firms, Dr. Jacob Gottlieb is collaborating with Stuart Weisbrod, a previous colleague and healthcare initiative venture capitalists.

Dabie Tsai on the Importance of Accounting

Recently, former Big Four accounting firm partner Dabie Tsai was interviewed during which she shared her opinion on accounting. During her successful career, she worked for 23 years at KPMG. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese, a skill that has been very significant to her career advancement. Being multilingual was an asset in her work in the United States, Canada, Spain and Chile.


Accounting as a Necessity

During the interview, Tsai discussed the importance of accounting. She stated that, from her perspective, accounting is essential, as it serves as the foundation for the success of an organization. She added that sound accounting structures help a company build and advance its operations and activities. Tsai went on to mention that proper accounting is even more important to startups as they are trying to get market traction. Operational difficulties caused by poor accounting in an organization may significantly hinder its operation. She encouraged businesses to invest in their accounting departments to help them properly execute its strategy and vision.


The Biggest Innovation in Accounting

The former KPMG accounting partner mentioned artificial intelligence (AI), data & analytics (D&A), and the use of big data as the most significant innovations in accounting today. She went on to state that she firmly believes that these innovations will be responsible for shaping the future of accounting. Tsai stated that innovations like data & analytics are already shaping how accountants approach risk areas. On the other hand, artificial intelligence allows for unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in the field. AI has allowed for easy processing of large amounts of information, which was impossible before.


Traditional vs. Risk-Based Auditing

Traditional auditing focuses exclusively on the numbers in the ledger. On the other hand, risk-based auditing encompasses the assessment of the company specifics, its environment, and the current market situation. Tsai stated that traditional auditing is a one-size-fits-all approach and may not be the best option in today’s world. She also said that risk-based auditing introduces a lot of factors that may affect the business directly or indirectly. This means that a company can get an accurate representation of its state through risk-based auditing.


Isabel dos Santos Considers That Parents Should Establish A Sense Of Confidence In Their Girls

At only 45 years old, Isabel dos Santos, an Angolan businesswoman, is the richest woman in Africa, having a net worth of more than $3 billions according to research done by Forbes – which also makes her the first billionaire woman to come out of Africa. In 2015, she was named by the BBC as one of 100 most influential women on the planet.


Isabel dos Santos is the eldest child of the former President of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who was in the position of power between 1979 and 2017. In a recent interview, she talked about her upbringing and how she maintains her strength moving forward. She points out that she realized late in life that her education has been rare for an African girl, and talks about how her father raised her the same way he did her brothers, and was not told to act a certain way because she was a woman. Her father persuaded her to follow a path to becoming a computer scientist or an astronaut when she was undecided about which university to apply to, but she ended up choosing to study engineering.


She states that the way she was raised built in her a spirit of independence, and that both her parents insisted that she had an education which focused on competitiveness as well as confidence. During the interview, Isabel dos Santos also gave a piece of advice to parents, pointing out that they should establish a sense of responsibility and confidence in their girls from a very early stage. She considers that girls should be taught how to fend for themselves and also how to rely only on themselves, and that they should be taught life skills.


She considers herself lucky to have received a top education, and notes that she feels privileged, which gives her a sense of duty to do more for other people and for her country. Isabel dos Santos also talked about the fact that Africa has been marketed in a poor way, the narrative being that the economy and business is not favorable. She believes Africa is need of better marketing when it comes to promoting success stories.


Steve Ritchie is Planning for the Future

Steve Ritchie has a plan in place to help turn Papa John’s around. Despite the recent issues surrounding the company, Ritchie is confident he is the man to take the business forward. He has identified two areas that Papa John’s can improve upon. The first step Steve Ritchie will work on is the culture within the company. He knows the importance of an inclusive operation, and so he working on increasing the amount of minority owned franchises. He is also working with some of the leaders in equality and diversity to make sure everyone in management is aware of the need for a new outlook.

Steve Ritchie also sees the importance of working with the local communities Papa John’s serves. The franchise owners know the areas the best, and so Ritchie is looking to them to help bring a stronger bond with the communities. Steve Ritchie also knows that sales have been down. While he hopes that there will not be a need for franchises to close, he also knows that the company has to be streamlined. Several losing quarters in a row mean that there has to be a change in the way the company is run financially. There needs to be a rebranding of the company in the coming years. One way to do that is to start an advertising blitz. Ritchie wants to appeal to all of the customers, but he is targeting younger people with the ads that start in the next weeks. There may also be a share restructure in the future, but nothing has been decided. Steve Ritchie is also looking at ways to make franchises cheaper to run for owners.

Steve Ritchie got into the pizza business 25 years ago, and he knows that it is a great way for people to come together. Under his leadership he hopes that Papa John’s can start doing that again.