The Art Of Making Lemonade

Yeonmi Park  might be the best example of a person who has indeed made lemonade when life gave her lemons. Faring from a family that was quite politically connected and successful, the North Korean economic malaise that washed over the country in the 1990s caused her family to turn to dubious means for making money, or black market trading as it were. Her father was apprehended for this illegal transacting, and was subsequently sent to a labor camp leaving his family behind, and just about starving.

Park and her mother fled to China where their fate would bring them into another bad situation, falling prey to human traffickers. Eventually they would escape from that situation, and make it to Mongolia. That dreadful turn-of-events galvanized  Yeonmi Park to become an advocate  on NY Times for those that are victimized by human traffickers.

Yeonmi Park has recently released on Amazon her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, in which she shares details of the harrowing ordeal she had to endure, as a child, in her escape from North Korea. At 13 years-old, and suffering from an appendectomy-gone-bad, Yeonmi Park and her mother were smuggled into China. Weighing just 60 pounds, mainly as a result of having had to go without food after her father was taken out of their home, she was clearly not adequately fortified for such a journey, yet it was a means of survival.

Having come from a country where she was duped into believing that their particularly obscure dictator, Kim Jong II, could read her mind, she knew her journey to China would be difficult, but with little point-of-reference on life outside of communist North Korea, she had no clue how bad things would get. Her book reveals sordid details of this journey-of-survival, and how she and her mother survived sexual slavery and other awful events, eventually getting away from these torturous circumstances. Her story is a fascinating tale of the will-to-live.



Kyle Bass Pharmaceutical Scam Kills Thousands

Kyle Bass is known internationally as the man who correctly predicted the subprime mortgage crisis that took place almost 10 years ago. Unfortunately, Kyle Bass is also known for doing some pretty unethical things.

Let’s take the pharmaceutical scam that was so vile both houses of Congress came together to come up with a way to stop it. While not illegal due to a loophole, this scam was without a doubt one of the most unethical scams in recent history. And though it was simple in nature, it literally affected the lives of millions of people.

Here is how the scam worked. To get things rolling Bass teamed up with world renowned patent troll Erich Spangenberg. With Spangenberg on his team it was time to pounce. To make his scam look legit he set up a front organization known as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs.

With everything in place Bass and Spangenberg would get together, pick certain pharmaceutical firms, short sell their stocks, and then turn around and challenge several patents using their front organization.

Anytime this happened stocks would take a nosedive, Bass would make millions in a matter of days, and the prices of pharmaceutical drugs would go up. This caused palpable harm as millions of people were no longer able to afford their medications. Medications that helped many of them stay alive.

The funny thing is, when asked why he would do such a thing, Bass said he was doing it to bust patents and make drugs more affordable by driving down prices due to competition.

As a matter of fact, he has a reputation for doing the opposite. He will do anything to make a quick buck and that is exactly what he did in this situation. According to Scott McKeown, an intellectual-property expert, Bass was trying to spook the markets so he could turn a quick profit.

When Celgene, one of the pharmaceutical firms that was Bass’ biggest target, filed suit against him, Bass changed his defense and admitted he was motivated by a love of money.

Unfortunately for him, the Patent Trial and Appeals Board has a big problem with his patent challenges and is considering sanctioning him. Let’s see what lie he will tell to try and get out of this one.

Martin Lustgarten is Focused on Investment Banking

Investment banking involves a particular section of the banking industry whereby capital is created for the government and other companies. The investment banks, however, have the responsibility of aiding in selling securities, facilitating the mergers and acquisitions, reorganizing and broker trades as well as underwriting new debt and the equity securities for several corporations. Additionally, you can seek advice from investment banks on the placement of stock.
Investment bankers are often hired by the investment banks to help individuals, the government and other companies in managing their commercial projects. They are expected to know which is the best project that would help their clients make the best of their financial input. In this case, they need to know what risk their client is willing to undertake and hence maneuver around to find a strategy that will work for the customer considering the economic state at the time.
When you put money into an investment project through the bank, they ensure that they place your money in a strategic position to enable it to attract maximum profits. With time, you get to enjoy dividends that are released annually till they mature, or you gain a compounded interest at the end of your investment policy.
In America, Martin Lustgarten is among the best investment bankers you could come across. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten, Martin Investment Company that is located in Florida. His firm has managed to close some of the best business deals for a variety of companies in America. This success has attracted even more traffic to his firm boosting its reputation.
He has received numerous awards and recognition in the banking industry hence encouraging him to expand his firm and career as well. Additionally, Martin I equally a social and family man. He is active in social media and enjoys to spend ample time with his children.

Go Fund Me For Strays Helps Find Pets Safety

New York City is full of tall sky scrappers and large buildings. The sky scene is wonderful and interesting to look at. People rent and purchase homes in the large buildings hoping for a wonderful scenic view of these buildings. They spare no expense in managing to purchase a sky scraper. Old and new buildings are being put to good use. People are refurbishing these buildings and hoping to give them new life. People like Ross Abelow is in the middle of these building purchases. He helps families purchase property by going over their legal papers and contracts with a fine tooth comb. Ross will let the homeowner know if there are problems in a purchase or a past contract. He helps people to research properties and lets them know they are making a good decision for themselves.

Ross Abelow is a very helpful attorney. He has many friends and colleagues in the big city. Ross is also a good friend to the animals of the city. He is working hard to finance animal shelters through sponsoring a go fund me page for stray animals. Ross is also working hard to make people aware of the homeless animal situation. He shows everyone the right things to do when you come up on an animal that is in the street and hungry. He knows that there is always the danger of stray animals being sick or infected with rabies. This is why he is pushing so hard to get the go fund me page to raise $5000. dollars.

Ross Abelow is an attorney that will go to court for you. He will help you with your legal contracts and final papers. He knows how to make sure to write them so everyone will understand them. Ross also attends readings when a client of his passes away. He makes sure each person gets what is rightfully theirs. Ross works with large corporations. He makes sure their contracts are in order. He also works with entertainers and movie stars when they need legal representation. Ross is good at what he does. He is ready to help you with any legal formalities like he is ready to help the pet population of New York. Donate to the go fund me page and help homeless animals find homes, food, and warmth.

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The Myths Surrounding the Koch Brothers

Awareness of the Koch brothers is growing and will soon be a household phrase, “The Koch Brothers.” Charles and David. Until lately, the political interests of the brothers were not publicized, and their involvement was rather secret before their political enthusiasm in 2010 surfaced. As children, the Koch brothers were raised to appreciate everything they received. Nothing was ever handed to them that they hadn’t earned. Charles Koch said, “My father wanted me to work as if I was the poorest person in the world.” The boys were well-educated with extensive training in economics and matters of finance, which accounts for their successful lives and financial power today.

Since 2010, the Koch brothers have been ridiculed by the Democrats for their political spending support. Mythical Facts continue to appear but are only mythical facts taken out of context, but are still myths. Rather than print hearsay, mythical rumblings, we need to look at the actual misconceptions tap dancing around about the Koch brothers.

Myth No. 1 – “The Koch network is a recent reaction to the Obama presidency.”
The Koch brothers began to react to situations when Obama took office, but that is a myth. Charles Koch is not a newcomer to the political arena. The brothers have worked to change politics in America since the 70’s and have provided funding for free-market, and libertarian think tanks. It was in the 1980’s the brothers became active in the Libertarian Party.

Myth No. 2 – “The Koch network is a personal pet project of the brothers themselves.”
The Koch brothers invest in political causes, and the entire family involvement is constantly batted around. Charles and David are inordinately rich, and the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans last year placed them in the fifth position. Their contributions are probably equal to, or less than many other wealthy contributors.

Myth No. 3 –“The Koch network is little more than a corporate front.”
The left apparently feels they need to view the Koch network as a political front. The left feels this is a front for policies backed by Charles Koch, but what is not reported is philanthropic endeavors of the Koch brothers donating to nonprofit organizations for research in many fields.

Myth No. 4 – “The Koch network scatters big money to hundreds of conservative groups.”
Yes, the Koch brothers scatter big money to many groups. The IRS documentation acknowledges they donate money to such groups as Freedom Partners giving grants to dozens of groups. One, $3 million donation made in 2012 was to the US Chamber of Commerce. The Koch network is an ever-changing set of core organizations created by the brothers and managed by close associates.

Myth No. 5 – “The Koch network is virtually a third US political party.”
Although the Koch brothers may disagree from time to time with the Republicans, they hope that their management capabilities and financial support will draw GOP candidates and officeholders toward the Koch network.


Helane Morrison’s Integrity Challenges Businesses

Very few people can go through their careers and maintain their integrity like Helane Morrison did. As people go through their work career in any field and industry, they experience and witness the good, the bad and the ugly of various aspects of life. There are also plenty of temptations that are thrown at people in order to get them to fall off a good path. While many people do fall off, there are those who persevere to the end like Helane Morrison. As a result, she has shown that she has a strong character and is very ethical. It is only fitting, because in her line of work she has to make sure that businesses uphold an ethical environment that is also fair.

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer. Therefore, she has to make sure that she is keeping businesses in certain industries in check. She also works to keep herself in check and avoid falling into the same traps that other people are vulnerable to. She was part of the exposure of the way institutions were run at the onset of the major crisis of 2007. She was among the other offices that have exposed the unethical methods and behaviors that have plagued the institutions for so long that led up to the crisis. 

She worked for many law firms in San Francisco until she was appointed as an administrator for SEC. Among Helane’s plans when being appointed as administrator of SEC was to keep the local traders on alert.

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Graduate and Become-successful!

Success is usually measured by the achievements we have made in life. However, being more successful is seen on how you have impacted the lives of people around you. This can be in various ways, so long as you give back to the society in a way that shows you are grateful for the support they have given you.

The Uncommon Schools Charter was able to benefit from acts of gratitude the other day thanks to the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann scholarship for professional achievement. The outstanding award from the New York based entrepreneur is aimed at ensuring innovative business minds are not left in graveyards. The beneficiaries will be required to write 1000 essay that explains in detail on how their college degrees will be helpful to them in ensuring that they achieve the career goals.
Thanking Keith and Keely Mann for the scholarship, Joe Rick who is a counselor at uncommon charter high schools in new York said that they are assure that one of their own has a bright future upon winning a four year fully sponsored education at the college level. This is indeed a wonderful partnership if not heaven sent he further added.

Keith Mann further explained that the scholarship is in line with the aim of the uncommon schools charter which is to ensure that students from low income families are able to attend college and graduate successfully to pursue what they have labored for in four years of college.

Keith Mann is a well-known philanthropist and an experienced executive particularly within the search industry. Keith has a vast experience in the following fields; hiring strategy, staffing and hedge funds compensation. In 2002, he launched an alternative investment within his company that was purely on hedge funds. This was after finding out that the field was untouched in the industry.

Charities are Put in Place for Children to Receive Free Surgical Procedures

Many children are born with certain deformities or other complications. Some children are born with cleft lips, cleft palate or any type of deformity that occurs at birth. Avi Weisfogel has set up a GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile with a goal of $2000. This is to provide children a chance to get a surgical procedure that corrects the issue. Avi Weisfogel believes in giving every child the chance to get exceptional surgical care which he or she deserves. This is to help present hope to children and get them to keep persevering no matter what is thrown towards them by life.

Avi Weisfogel is a practicing dentist who has always wanted to help others. He believes that people are entitled to a better life. Therefore, he has looked for ways to not only provide for himself, but to give other opportunities to improve their lives.

Avi Weisfogel resides in Old Bridge, NJ where he practices as a dentist. He is an expert in oral healthcare and uses his occupation in order to provide assistance and education to people about oral health. He found Operation Smile and has chosen this as a charity so that he can help make sure that children and young people get the corrective surgery that they need so that they can live a happier life.

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New Communication Possibilities Are Looking Endless With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is in the communications industry but it has created its own little niche. It was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who is now the Chief Executive Officer. Reina decided to not only make this company unique by giving it a one of a kind service, but he also decided to stretch it and make it a direct selling opportunity. This allows individuals from all different backgrounds to create an extra income by sharing the benefits they get from the video services of Talk Fusion. They can share the idea with family and friends so that a community of acquaintances can more easily share information and memories. But it is also a great piece of technology for businesses. This could open up opportunities for businesses in far away locations that were previously just too far off. Talk Fusion also likes to give back to the community so they are involved in a variety of different children’s charities and charities that help at risk animals and endangered species.

The benefits of Talk Fusion have been coming out in recent months in different news articles. Business For Home is one website that has covered Talk Fusion and their growth. The article states how one reason Talk Fusion is so popular is that it is compatible with ever device from tablets and phones to PCs and laptops. It is also compatible with both Android and Apple systems. The article went on to look at the company from Allison Roberts’ point of view. Roberts is the Vice President of Training and Development and she has explained that from the success of just the video chat app, people should see that Talk Fusion is going to be big and will be an application that everyone either has or knows about.

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Handy Covers All the Bases

There is nothing like having a cleaning service at your disposal. What Handy has done is make it easy for people to get their homes cleaned in a timely manner. It has been a long time coming, but Oisin Hanrahan is finally here. There are quite a few people that have become impressed with what Handy has been able to do, and this leaves room for a lot more growth.

Handy has managed to provide quite a few services that have helped the company gain a great level of exposure. This is an organization that has somehow managed to secure contractors that are experienced in plumbing, electrical work, painting, hanging pictures and mounting televisions.  That is a lot, but Handy seems to be increasing the level of services outside of the cleaning arena.

In the beginning the company was known as Handy Cleaning Services. The founder, Oisin Hanrahan, made this the name of a company that would be providing on-demand cleaning services. It was inspiration that was drawn from seeing a friend that had a messy room during his college days. As time progressed and more investors came on board, it became rather clear that this company could do more an be more for homeowners. The Handy Cleaning Services name was shortened to Handy, and the number of services were extended.

At the present moment services for calls outside of cleaning are about 20% of the business revenue. This is a great increase when one considers the time where this business was based on 100% of cleaning revenues. There have been some awesome changes that have allowed this company to make great strides in a short amount of time.

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