CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Continues To Help Coriant Grow

Coriant is one of the biggest telecommunications companies with two head offices in Germany and one in the United States. Though the company was only launched in 2013 their current CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has honed years of experience in the field of telecommunications and their numbers prove it. Coriant originates from the Transmissions Technology department of Nokia Siemens Networks located in Germany. Coriant broke apart from Siemens in 2013 under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. Currently Coriant offers integrated optical planning solutions, optical LAN and broadband access, cross-connection solutions, intelligence network management, edge routing solutions, and packet optical transport solutions.

Shaygan Kheradpir has spent nearly thirty years in the field of telecommunications and has worked for big name companies like Verizon and Barclays before he took his current CEO position. Kheradpir moved from Iran to complete his schooling in the United States where he graduated with a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. In 1987 he began working for GTE Laboratories where he worked on network control, management, and routing.

When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form what is now Verizon Networks in 2001 Kheradpir became Verizon’s president of of the e-business division before being promoted to the company’s very first CIO/CTO. His notable work at Verizon includes the creation of iobi which manages address books and caller ID throughout Verizon devices. His division was also responsible for reprogramming Verizon’s call centers, website, and automated customer service systems. He left Verizon for Barclays in 2011 and helped create customer based software like Pingit. In 2014 Kheradpir became CEO of Juniper Networks before joining the private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners.

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The Face behind Coriant’s Success; Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a technology company that was established in 2013, and its origins are the Siemens optical networks, Tellabs and sycamore network. The merger between the three organizations resulted in the formation of Coriant. The launch of Coriant happened when Coriant detached itself from Nokia Siemens Networks, which were owned by Marlin Equity Partners. Later that year, the much-awaited merger with Sycamore an entity that Marline equity had previously acquired happened, and the new organization was expected to operate as Coriant American Inc. There were also plans to merge another of Merlin entity called Tellabs with Coriant so that they can work under the umbrella name Coriant.


For an organization to be a success in this competitive business market, various strategies have to be applied. The plans are mostly centered under real leadership especially from the top. The management of Coriant is currently under the able leadership of Shaygan Kheradpir. He has steered the organization to unprecedented success since he took over the leadership of Coriant.


Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London but was bred in Iran before going to the United States od America to further his study. He holds a degree, a master’s and a Doctorates degree from Cornell University in the United States. Such is his passion for management that he has worked in the various organization before taking the job at Coriant. Previously, he had held managerial positions I GTE, Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks.


He steadily rose the ranks to become the head. Wherever he has worked, Shaygan Kheradpir has always been a hard worker always contributing to the success of his organization. As a result, he has had a very successful career.

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Madison Street Capital and Reorganization Services

Madison Street Capital is an ever growing international investment banking firm that is traversing the world through its offices in various continents. They provide investment opportunities in America and globally, with customer satisfaction as the top priority in all their activities.

Their financial opinions are not limited to major corporations only. We are also concentrating our focus on the establishment of partnerships with middle market companies and engagement in result oriented transactions whose success is our pride. Madison Street Capital highly values and invests in the emerging markets as the core factor towards business development.

Madison Street Capital’s key services include financial opinions, corporate advisory, valuation of companies for financial reporting purposes to both public and privately owned firms within America and internationally in Asia and Africa. Through advisory on mergers and acquisition, financial sponsor coverage, services on portfolio valuation and business restructuring services, we focus on asset management. Madison commits to the values of excellence, leadership, and integrity in all our activities.

The effects of The Great Recession are adverse and still evident in business enterprises. Internal and external economic constraints that emanate from financial and operational implications can cause severe instability in a firm through liquidity incapacity. Madison Street Capital experts come in handy to structure the best strategies to salvage a business from such turbulence.

Madison revels in identifying the best approaches to stabilize and reorganize a business whose performance is fluctuating and blurred, exhaustively handling the concerns and interests of the firm’s lenders and creditors. Where bankruptcy filing is an option, their highly qualified professionals are experienced in exploring all the possible and viable pre-bankruptcy strategies and advice. Madison Street Capital’s team of experts always have a solution for the management of crisis and complicated situations.

They also regenerate business liquidity, restore the trust and working relationships with the key partners, and stabilize the operations of business enterprises. Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers free advice on how to maintain a business’ stability in the future to avoid a repeat of the risk of bankruptcy and liquidation. Madison has spearheaded timely achievement of goals to many clients in multiple industries since establishment.

It would be an injustice to speak of Madison Street Capital without paying tribute to Anthony Marsala, a founding partner, and the Chief Executive Officer. He represents an emerging group of young, vibrant and game-changing professionals in the sector. Anthony has made a name for himself due to his expertise and accomplishments over the last decade. This year, he received recognition from M&A Ad visor’s Annual Emerging Leaders Award forum. He took home the 7th edition of the award after beating an industries group of nominated executives as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

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Avoid the Mistakes Committed by the University of California

The University of California at Davis recently paid consultants $175,000 to sink negative online postings after the pepper spraying of protesting students in 2011 by university officials.  The plan, however, did not work as well as hoped with students quickly set the web and Twitter ablaze with posts about what the leaders had done. While university officials planned to have news of the event fade from the first page of Google, the result was that it will remain cemented there and in the public’s mind for a long time to come.
Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, says that online reputation management can be very tricky calling it a type of public relations that people hope they never have to encounter. This hardworking executive has been profiled in many top news magazines including New York Times, New York Post, Inc Magazine, Daily Beast, Business Insider about online reputation management. He says that officials at the school should have taken a deep breath and not reacted so quickly to posts on the Internet. Furthermore, Fisher adds that if the university would have spent as much time focusing on solving its problems as it did on controlling their online image the incident would have soon been forgotten.
Darius, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, says that it is important for universities to be proactive in controlling their image. As officials saw that this issue was going to be a problem, they should have been taking steps to control the damage ahead of the issue coming to the public’s attention. Furthermore, he says that it is important to work with a professional who has experience in your industry or who has positive feedback from others in your industry. Darius has worked with professionals in startups, real estate, technology, government and many others since founding his company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

The Benefits of Visual Search by Slyce

Search engines have come a long way since first hitting the Internet back in the early to mid 90s. Now, search engines are an important part of online life and make it especially easy to connect individuals with what they want to find online. However, search engines have, for the most part, remained connected to entered in keywords. Even image and video searches rely on keywords in order to help track down the desired information. Now, however, with the advent of visual search and the services provided by Slyce, it is possible to track down information simply through an image recognition, without every having to type in text.

There is an old saying that goes “an image is worth a thousand words.” Visual search outlines just how true this is. With the search feature, it is no longer necessary to type in dozens of keywords to make sure the right product appears through the search. Instead, an individual only needs to use a single image. The single image is then analyzed and compared to all of the other images stored in its databanks in order to provide the most accurate search result possible.

Visual search by Slyce is, for the most part, a mobile based search platform. Individuals who have the application are able to snap a quick photograph with their phone, then use it as their search inside of the search engine.

So, what sort of material is someone going to take a picture of with their visual search application and smart phone? Slyce primarily uses the service for shopping purposes. This way, individuals are able to take a picture of a pair of shoes, a top, a purse or anything else they are interested in and instantly compare it to the databanks online. With this service, they are then able to track down the right product at the best store. They can even compare different prices at different stores with offered coupons and discounts to help lower the price and make one store more attractive than others.

Slyce wants to make it easier than ever before to buy quality products without struggling to find the product.


Just as parents want healthy snacks for their babies and children, pet parents are just as concerned about what snacks to give puppies and full grown dogs. Purinastore’s Beneful dog snacks are made from the healthiest ingredients to assure that dogs have treats with flavors they crave.


Available for mini, small/medium, or large sized dogs, these treats freshen breath, help clean away tartar and plaque accumulation on teeth and promote strong teeth and bones. Each snack includes a crusty outside and meaty inside flavored with real parsley!


Beneful’s Dental Twists are formulated to keep plaque and tartar buildup in check and to help bones and teeth stay strong and healthy. Parsley assists in freshening breath. Dogs love the peanut butter flavor and cannot wait for these snacks! Available for mini and small/medium dogs.


Shaped like a heart, these shortbread cookie-type treats have a soft center with apple flavoring and bacon, bacon, bacon!


Beneful’s Hugs are crispy on the outside and filled with a soft, chewy center including another flavor dogs cannot resist – beef and cheese! Due to the smaller size, they excellent for travel. They are available in 5.5 oz. and 8.5 oz. pouches.


One of the most delightful and visually interesting treats made by Beneful are the Snackers Baked Delights. Shaped like peas, apples, and carrots, Snackers are made with soft, chewy centers flavored with natural and artificial peanut butter and savory cheese flavors. These come in 8.5 oz. pouches full of flavor and fun!


These 8.5 oz. pouches of star-shape shortbread cookie-type snacks are sure to please any dog. Each snack is exploding with the mouthwatering flavors of chicken and cheese. Just the smell of these snacks alone is enough to make any dog sit up and beg!


Brad Reifler Offers Five Investing Tips

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC., he founded the company in 2009. His company falls under the category of a “boutique” investment company, which means that the company is small in size, but this can also mean that clients are better taken care of in this type of investment company.

Reifler, recently, offered five tips for investors in a press release by Reuters.

Consider the risks of investing and the charges that the investor will accrue.

The second tip, also basic, is to be concerned about the safety of an investment. What is the risk an investor will face.

As indicated on his, Reifler’s third tip advises the investor to not put all his eggs in one basket. Diversification of investments is necessary. Do not concentrate on one position or on one sector, for example it is not diversification, if you have five or ten petroleum stocks and nothing else. One, only, has to look at what happened this year with the sagging price of petroleum to realize how badly petroleum stocks were affected.

Tip number four is to know your broker and to develop trust with him. It will be a long term relationship, as long as there is trust between the investor and the agent.

The last of the tips is to be aware of why you are investing. Is it for retirement, a larger house in the country, or a child’s education. Be cautious with your investments, but if you see something working, then add to that investment.

Reifler goes on to say that the world of investing is oriented to the 1 percent of the population and not the 99 percent of the population. The average investor is a small fish swimming among giant sharks.

Brian Torchin: A Story Of Success In The Healthcare Staffing Sector

The healthcare industry is a very broad field with many different facets. Some people become successful in healthcare by being very skilled medical professionals. Others go into the field of healthcare management. However, there are others still that become successful in the world of healthcare staffing agencies. Healthcare staffing agencies help healthcare companies to find competent employees. They also can be a tremendous resource for those looking for healthcare jobs. Brian Torchin runs one of the best and most reputable healthcare staffing agencies around. He’s in charge of HCRC, which works with healthcare companies in different regions of the world. HCRC is known for very rapidly bringing employees to healthcare companies.

Brian Torchin began his medical career as a chiropractor. In fact, he still is a practicing chiropractor. His chiropractic practice has been extremely successful, and the practice is still extremely successful. It is well regarded by clients, and a large number of clients have greatly benefited from his services.

However, Brian Torchin began branching out beyond the chiropractic field. He went into the field of healthcare management. Ultimately, he managed multiple different healthcare firms. These firms have been located across multiple different states.

Then, Brian Torchin came to HCRC, where he is today. HCRC was already established as a healthcare staffing agency at the time. However, Brian Torchin helped to make HCRC into a better agency. Nowadays, HCRC has earned an exceptionally good reputation. There are a few different reasons for this. Brian Torchin makes sure that HCRC provides top notch customer service. In fact, clients of all types can talk to the man in charge, Brian Torchin himself.  Additionally, when a company uses the services of HCRC, the company gets access to workers within only a matter of a few days. In fact, HCRC prides itself in being able to bring in recruits in a timespan of under 72 hours.  DocCafe has the full listings of Brian Torchin’s career and accomplishments.

Is the Luxury Condo Market Cooling in New York?

As many real estate professionals will tell investors and those looking to move, the market often over corrects itself for previous problems. In 2008, the housing market nearly completely collapsed, including the luxury condo market in the United States and throughout New York City. That happened with the luxury market as the financial institution started to correct it self. Several years later, the luxury condo market is starting to even out and, as Town Residential points out, the market is a bit inflated but starting to correct itself.

Town Residential is a major financial real estate firm that works throughout New York City, offering assistance to both buyers and sellers of high end real estate. Due to this, it has insights into how the market is fluctuating and what to expect not only in coming months, but throughout the year. As the company points out now, the current market trend looks like it is going to be cooling.

Now, as of the end of the first quarter in 2016, the average price for a NYC apartments for rent and luxury condo is $1.1 million, which is up 17 percent over the previous year. However, most investors who know the market understand it is over valued and inflated. Due to this, it is likely the market will continue to cool and, either remain the same or drop just a bit. On top of the markets cooling, the financials of the industry are not there either. More properties are being added to the luxury market on a monthly basis. This means those on the market for top tier real estate will have more market options available to them, which in turn will drive down the price, as well as the cooling market in general. So, for those who are looking to purchase luxury real estate, they should hold off for a few months (if not the rest of the year) as more properties will be available and the prices will drop off.