Wen: Transforming Thin Hair

If you have fine or thin hair, you may want to look into a product called Wen hair by Chaz Dean (http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html). Popular for being used on celebrities, and for several advertisements worldwide, this product is said to transform hair, no matter what type you have. Though, they do have a formula that is meant to make your thin hair much easier to manage, more voluminous and healthier overall. The product created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean is known as their cleansing conditioner. This is three products in one bottle: shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment.
In an attempt to prove its benefits, a young woman decides to take on experimenting with the Wen hair cleansing conditioner for one week. She has thin hair that can be hard to style, so she was looking for a boost of volume to ensure easier, less time consuming styling. What she came up with was that the product did, indeed, give her extra volume. Not only that, but she noticed shine and that her hair was much, much softer. Since the very beginning, her hair felt different- in a good way! Her only issue was having to wash and style in the morning as opposed to night time. But whenever she decided to style in the morning, her results were incredible and didn’t go unnoticed by her peers. To see her awesome experiment, visit: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Overall, the young woman was happy with the transformation. For those of you looking to improve your tresses, there is a Wen cleansing conditioner for you! Don’t wait any longer if you are sick of using so many different products and getting the same disappointing results everytime. Give Wen on Ebay a try and watch the transformation.

US Money Reserve: The New Online Face of The Company

The release from the US Money Reserve on its new online platform is aimed at increasing its public awareness and sensitization the public on trading in precious metals. The website is informative in the sense that customers and potential customers are in a position to get all the relevant information with regards to the business of gold, silver and platinum coin purchasing. One will equally get up to date information on gold, silver and other precious metals. Information with regards to coin minting, grading and purchasing together with updates on the precious metal’s market is well explained on the website.

From the web site, the public is enlightened on the benefits of purchasing the precious stones as a form of increasing one’s assets and from this the larger public will get a one stop place to get all the relevant answers appertaining to trading in precious stones.

On the website, US money reserve offers one on one client consultation on their queries together with purchasing assistance. A client or a potential client is simply required to open an online account on the first visitation to the website which will not take more than one minute. Then one can without much trouble familiarize with the website by going through some of the services being offered by the US money reserve. The website equally offers an insightful explanation on how the buyback guarantee works.

A client who purchases the gold is open to return the gold so long as one does so within 30 days of the purchase and the coins are still in the same condition they were purchased. This article is accessed by following the link. The US money reserve. The US money reserve was founded in 2001 for the distribution of the US government issued coins to the public.

The company is headed by the former United States Mint Director, Philip N Diehl. The company is primarily built on trust and transparency and aims at all-time issuing its clients with the best coins in the market so that one can confidently purchase the coins for a profit.

The company has got the most competent and experienced professionals in the business who have helped clients make the sounded decisions on gold, silver and platinum ever since its inception. This has earned the client’s trust and confidence as they continue to make profits from the purchase of the coins.

This has enabled the company to grow to be the largest distributor of both US government and foreign coins and expanded its client-base outside the United States. The company equally boasts of the highest retention of customers in the market because of the customer satisfactory services it offered to its clients.

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Modern Day Jack Kerouac Goes On The Road in ‘The Greyhound Diaries’

Reminiscent of Jack Kerouac’s famous novel On The Road, Doug Levitt picks up the mantle of the traveling wordsmith for a new generation in his novel The Greyhound Diaries.

Doug Levitt took to the road for what would become an 8-year project where he would meet a myriad of travelers from all walks of life. He would preserve their stories in song, text, and images.

After graduating from Cornell University, Levitt received a Fulbright Scholarship. He also has his masters degree from the London School of Economics in which he studied International relations.

Going from scholar to storyteller might not be the most obvious path for one to take.

When asked why he chose to hit the road on a greyhound bus Levitt replied, “I felt that I needed to become an artist and that that mode of expression was really going to be the road for me.”

And that’s just what he did in The Greyhound Diaries. Traveling cross-country in a cramped and congested bus, you get to meet interesting people and hear their stories, the everyman stories that often get overlooked.

Levitt was inspired by his travels and the meet he has met and has even turned them into two EP recordings and put his musical talent to good use just as he was putting his journalistic talent to good use.

Prior to becoming an artist of the people, Levitt was a former CNN correspondent and journalist. So putting pen to paper and bring a story to life is something that comes naturally to him.

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John Gullet’s Passion for Transformative IT Staffing Solutions

DIVERSANT is a leading IT staffing company that also hands down information technology solutions to Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized businesses in the United States. The company was founded in 2005, after merging of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. DIVERSANT is headquartered in New Jersey and features offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, Phoenix, California, Arizona, New York, North Carolina, Media, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Des Moines, and Atlanta.

The company focuses on transformative IT staffing solutions that include direct hiring, IT staff augmentation, temporally hire for a wide variety of design services, permanent positions, and contract for diversity initiatives. DIVERSANT offers its services to various of industries including banking, healthcare, financial services, governments, energy sector, telecommunication, manufacturing, retail, insurance and reinsurance, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical. The firm has established an extensive relationship with hundreds of companies across United state and offers limitless opportunities to IT professionals.

John Goullet is the Principal Executive and co-founder of DIVERSANT. He started his career as an IT consultant, later he switched to IT staffing in 1994. After he had gained vast experience and understanding of emerging market, Goullet founded Info Technologies. His company was specializing in offering IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the United States.

Within five years of operation, Info Technologies was generating remarkable revenue and it worth about $30 million. This earned the company a spot in Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing privately-owned companies in U.S., which was quite an impressive feat. This demonstrates Goullet’s capability and Ingenuity. Goullet’s business capacity caught the eye of Gene Waddy and Info Technologies merged with Diversant Inc and became DIVERSANT LLC with Mr.Goullet as the principal.

The firm is the largest African-American IT staffing providers. The success of the company has been realized due striving to provide superior services. The fundamental goal of DIVERSANT is to ensure clients, associates, and community is satisfied. The company is named DIVERSANT to express its belief and commitment to promoting diversity. The management views these values as the best way to excel in business. Each client case is treated as unique; thus, the team takes the time to understand each client’s objectives and goals; hence, customers are regarded as true partners.

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Our Team Uses Talk Fusion Video Chat All The Time

My team does not come together in person by once a year. We are then together for the duration of the summer, and we still need to talk for the rest of the year. I grabbed Talk Fusion when I first read an interview with Bob Reina, and I realized that he had the best idea in video chat. I really needed a video chat service, and I noticed that Bob Reina made video chat and video email possible for my team.

We are in the process of sharing ideas all the time, and they are really abstract when you start to type them out. I got Talk Fusion for everyone, and it was smart because I was able to get everyone on video chat calls that make it easy for us to talk about our ideas. The ideas that we have are coming to live in every talk we have, and we can send video emails when we need to. It is very easy to use, and we can watch the videos more than once if we have to.

I was wondering how we would share all our ideas with each other, and I found the best ways to do that with Talk Fusion. I use it just like a regular inbox, and I can make videos for everyone at any time. I get video emails often that I can watch and digest before our next meeting, and then I will be able to share more ideas in the video chats we have. We can act like we are all working in the same office even though we are not.

I was so happy to find Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. I know that he is going to keep the system up to date, and I will be able to use video chats and emails every day to get work done. He brought our whole team together without anyone having to move. We rely on Talk Fusion every day, and we make sure that we share our ideas over video so that there is no confusion about what is going on.

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Residential Cleaning Company Handy

Handy is a cleaning service company for residential properties. It was founded in the year 2012 and offers people the opportunity to have their home cleaned by a professional. Over the years, this company has established itself as dependable cleaning service in a variety of places throughout the world. The company is based in the United States but also provides its services to residents in Canada and the United Kingdom as well. What makes Handy a leading cleaning service is a combination of its professionals, convenience and money back guarantee. With these features, customers will be sure to be working with a cleaning company that will make sure that they experience complete satisfaction.

One of the things that makes Handy a leading cleaning service is its variety of services. Handy offers customers a complete residential cleaning which entails a number of things such as mopping floors, vacuuming floors, dusting furniture, cleaning appliances as well as cleaning up bathrooms. With all of these services, customers will have what they need in order to help make their home comfortable to live in as well as helping its value.

Another aspect of Handy that makes it a leading cleaning service is the quality of its professionals. Handy hires and uses highly qualified and experienced cleaning professionals. With these professionals customers will have experts in the field who will do a very good job cleaning the home and maintaining it. The professionals are also very dependable and trustworthy and will make appointments on time on a regular basis. Therefore with trusted professionals Handy helps ensure that customers will have the help they need whenever its time to get their home a professional quality cleaning.

When working with Handy customers will have the opportunity to get next day appointments. This provides convenience and therefore allows people to have the help they need in a very timely manner. Handy allows customers to contact them and arrange for a professional cleaner to come to their home and begin working within 24 hours. As a result of this convenience, people who own homes will not have to wait weeks to get their home cleaned.

The cleaning company Handy offers a money back guarantee. Unlike a lot of other companies, Handy allows customers to get their money back in case they are not satisfied. This allows customers to ensure complete satisfaction. It also shows just how confident and sure that Handy is when it comes to cleaning a home and doing the best quality job possible.

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The Journey of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management has become a household name among global investors. The Dallas-based firm has made a name for itself over the many years it has successfully served its clients. The last two decades have seen the firm evolve to be counted among the largest and most experienced alternative credit managers across the globe.

The long journey started back in 1990 when the founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada, came together to form a joint venture with another large firm, Protective Life Insurance Company. The joint venture had its focus on fixed income markets. This included the management of senior secured bank loans. In 1993, the venture underwent an evolution to see the formation of Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). Protective Life held a 60% stake while the founding partners held a 40% stake in the SEC-registered investment advisor.

In 1997, as the firm began to make huge strides in the industry, Jim and Mark went ahead to acquire the stake held by Protective Life in PAMCO. They also established Ranger Asset Management as an independent SEC-registered investment advisor. The following year, Highland Capital Management was born after Ranger Asset Management changed its name.

Highland Capital Management in 2000 launched its first commingled bank loan fund. It later established an alternative investment 40 Act platform in the same year. In 2004, the firm expanded its product lines by diving into the mutual fund business. This was after the acquisition from Columbia Asset Management of two floating rate funds. The firm went on to set up office in Singapore in 2008 and later Seoul in 2011.

The man in charge of steering the firm through this successful path is its co-founder and President, James Dondero. James has worked in the credit and private equity markets for over three decades and has a track record of success to match. James bears the responsibility of determining and ensuring that the strategic investment and operational initiatives of Highland Capital Management are well executed.

Jim left the University of Virginia in 1984 and joined the Morgan Guaranty Trust training program as an analyst. In 1985, he joined American Express where he was responsible for managing fixed income funds. In 1989, he moved on to join the GIC Subsidiary of Protective Life as the Chief Investment Officer. He left the firm in 1993 following the formation of Highland Capital Management.

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One week with WEN. Want to see what happens?

WEN hair care line was created by LA stylist Chaz Dean. He has created a conditioning product that is shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment in one. We have all seen his infomercials on QVC. Chaz’s product transforms the model’s hair, making it shiny, healthy and manageable without the use of harsh sulfates that is typically found in regular shampoo and conditioner. It’s amazing! It doesn’t lather up like regular shampoo either.

I have decided to give Chaz’s product WEN cleansing conditioner a try and have even written an in-depth article about it on Bustled.com. With my hair being baby fine and thin, I wanted to see if it could transform it into luxurious locks like the women in his infomercials. Supposedly the product works wonders on all hair types. I wanted to test this theory to see if it is true. I went ahead and tried it for one week.
The first thing I noticed was that the product called for a greater amount than the amount you use in regular shampoo and conditioner. I thought it would be too much for my thin, fine hair but I followed it regardless. After washing my hair, I noticed that it looked more shiny and bouncy but by morning, it appeared to be oily. By changing my hair care routine to morning, I found that it eliminated that problem.
Overall Guthy-Renker blog, find WEN by Chaz Dean to be a great product. It worked wonders for my baby fine hair, but only if I used it in the morning before I started my day. If you are someone like me though who prefers to take a shower at night, I would not recommend it, only because of the oiliness of your hair in the morning. Other than that this is a fantastic product. It is available online via http://www.amazon.com/WEN-Sweet-Almond-Cleansing-Conditioner/dp/B0048O2R1E.

WEN Hair FAQ’s here: http://www.wen.com/faq.html