Andy Wirth’s Extensive Ski Resort Expertise

Andy Wirth is the busy CEO for Squaw Valley Ski Holding. He, as a result, is also a pretty big name in the Lake Tahoe resort world. I recently caught an interview with him on the radio station KCRW. He was on a program called “Press Play With Madeleine Brand.” Brand of course was the interviewer.

She wanted to get his thoughts on the significant dry spells that had affected the ski resorts located in the Tahoe region over the last few years. Wirth, perhaps surprisingly enough, seemed rather hopeful about the whole situation.

He didn’t take a doom and gloom approach to the drought in any way. Although he stated at one point during the interview that the drought had indeed decreased profits for resorts in the area, he also stated that that didn’t deter him.

Minimal snowfall can understandably be a downer for operations of ski resorts but Andy Wirth seems more determined than ever to keep his businesses in tiptop shape. He told Brand that he’d be more than willing to assess and adapt his resorts’ business models.

He also said that he’d do what’s required to keep his resorts a great destination for skiers for a long time. Wirth’s resorts aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and that’s definitely a cause for celebration for Lake Tahoe recreation lovers. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Wirth mentioned the concept of flexibility in the interview. He said that he’d always look at running his ski resorts in a flexible manner and go from there. Businesses that are set in their ways and that don’t make key changes to accommodate things that are going on around them, after all, often get left behind in the dust.

It doesn’t seem like Wirth’s resorts are going to be left behind in the dust, drought or no doubt. Wirth understands the realities of working in a business that’s so connected to the weather. He also understands that unpredictability is basically inevitable for ski resorts. Ski resorts have no choice but to rely on rain and snowfall.

Andy Wirth is originally from Germany. He was born in the Western European nation back in 1963. He’s no stranger to the outdoors. His great-grandfather was Theodore Wirth, a man from Switzerland who was a prominent figure in the realm of park design.

His father was Conrad Wirth, yet another man who was extremely familiar with parks. Conrad served as the United States National Park Service’s director for some time. Wirth has been involved in resorts for more than a quarter of a century. He started working at northwestern Colorado’s Steamboat Ski Resort in 1986. He’s been working with Squaw Valley ever since 2010. Ski resorts and business aren’t Wirth’s sole passions in life. He’s also deeply involved in many philanthropic efforts.

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Bustle Blogger Reaches for WEN System to Transform Hot Mess Hair

For women, especially, their crowning glory is everything, and when your hair’s a hot mess, it ruins the rest of your day. Just ask blogger Emily McClure, who had practically given up on her sad, limp, frizzy hair. She was frustrated and hoping for a new change, so she decided to finally try out the WEN hair care system that has made the no-shampoo method famous around the world.
Beloved LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the WEN hair system of washing hair without lather shampoo, and his celebrity clientele were hooked. His unique cleansing conditioners come sulfate-free, so they can’t damage hair with nasty chemicals often found in regular shampoos and conditioners. See,

WEN returns the strength, gloss and super body back to every hair type and hair condition on the planet. Emily McClure was intrigued and reached for the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner for her own 7-day WEN hair challenge for Bustle.

According to the Wen hair system, using a lot of his product is best for one’s hair, because it’s designed very differently from drugstore shampoos. That’s where Emily McClure made a key mistake in her 7-day challenge. She cut back on the amount of WEN for her shoulder length hair, saying it was “actual insanity” to use the 16-24 pumps of WEN product.

Still, every time she blow-dried and styled her locks after washing with WEN every morning, she looked great with healthy, shiny, big hair as her selfies all show. Plus, her friends were amazed at how fab her hair looked on WEN.

Emily admits she’s lazy for the WEN system, because she couldn’t keep up the routine due to a busy schedule. If she skipped a WEN daily wash, her hair went flat and oily.

Emily says WEN works best for those who use it every morning.

WEN Hair Care products are also available at Ebay.

Luciana Lossio Specializes In Law, But Lives A Full Life

The arrival of Luciana Lossio as a high powered legal expert has happened in a short period of time after she graduated from the University Center of Brasilia with a degree in law. Less than 20 years later Lossio has found herself promoted to the position of Minister of the Electoral Court, one of the highest legal positions it is possible to obtain in Brazil.

Lossio had already broken new ground as the Substitute Minister of the Superior Electoral Court when she was awarded the position in 2011, which saw her named the first woman to hold this high office in the South American country. Luciana Lossio has not stood still in her career after her college experience ended at the same time as the University Center of Brasilia was admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association.

For Luciana Lossio the chance to explore the best options in the legal profession has been something of a lifelong educational mission, which she has continued as her career began to take off in various government agencies. Graduate studies have played an important role in the life and career of Luciana Lossio and has included the three degrees she now holds at graduate level, including those in the fields of civil procedure, and the state and constitution. The lifelong commitment to learning has paid off for Lossio after she found herself chosen as one of the most impressive individuals currently working in the Superior Electoral Court.

The appointment of Luciana Lossio to the position of Minister of the Electoral Court in May 2016 came after she spent a large amount of her career working in the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office; working in this office allowed Lossio the chance to work alongside experienced and respected officials who have the opportunity to pass on their own skills to this impressive legal expert. Further experience was gained by Luciana Lossio in the shape of her advisory roles on federal cases in Brazil brought by different agencies who wished to take advantage of her skills and legal training.

The pressures of the career of Luciana Lossio could be all consuming for the now Minister, but she ensures she finds time for relaxation and stress relief through her love of horses. The equestrian career of Lucianna Lossio has seen her become a national champion for amateur jumping after spending much of her childhood riding after discovering her own love of equestrianism as a six year old child.

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Labaton Sucharow Provides SEC Whistleblower Support

Labaton Sucharow is one the newest forces in SEC whistleblowing, and they are there for the people who come to the government offering information that could out wrongdoing. There are a lot of companies in America that are rife with corruption, and only one person needs to come forward to make sure that they are found out. A SEC whistleblower needs to have a lawyer, and that is why Labaton Sucharow exists. Their law firm helps a whistleblower bring their information to the government, receive their reward and gain protection after the fact.

A lot of people were subject to persecution and fear when they blew the whistle in the past, and there was no one to help them. They were not protected under the law, and they had to rely on the government for all their needs. New rules under Dodd Frank allow for a whistleblower to receive a portion of what they recover, and they are entitled to legal protection. Every whistleblower needs to find a new job, and they need to have a lawyer who will help them get a job and avoid discrimination. The lawyer will prepare the way for the whistleblower to testify, and the lawyers at Labaton Sucharow will make sure they file the claim for the share of money that was found.

Everyone who blows the whistle ends up in a similar situation because they feel like they are alone and caught in a unique situation. There are a lot of people who are coming to to the government every day to offer help, and they all need to be treated fairly. The only way to make sure that someone is treated fairly is by hiring a lawyer like Labaton Sucharow to help. The lawyers will handle the case from start to finish, and they will not stop until the whistleblower is completely safe with the earnings they deserve under the law.

Every whistleblower can come to Labaton Sucharow for help, and they will begin a case that will close when they have given their information to the government and been paid their fair share under the law. It is very simple to get this work done when a trained lawyer handles it, and there are many clients coming to Labaton Sucharow every day to make sure that they receive the same kind of legal representation and protection under the new rules in Dodd Frank.

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Whistle Blowers Make a Fortune and Gain Protection

Now that the federal government has so many fingers, arms and legs in every aspect of our lives, being a whistle blower in any area can become very lucrative. No need to worry about retaliation from an employer being ratted out by the whistleblower anymore as they are fully protected by legal advocacy forces. Even if the employer would black list the whistleblower now, they garner a large amount of award money, which of course the legal advocates will also take on at about 50%, maybe a 50/50 split of proceeds. This can be a big payday for the two forces when the whistleblower on big Wall Street firms gets awarded some $17.0 million per case.

It has now been called, “Blowing the gold whistle,” when a whistleblower was recently awarded the $17 million in the largest award from a case in whistleblower history. A person who gives up information that is exposing some kind of perceived or actual violation of SEC regulations now can become self made by winning a case against any given Wall Street firm, based on the intricacies of the Dodd-Frank legislation, just to name one example.

This is a legal boondoggle as well as one for people who work and live anywhere. The federal government has usurped individual liberties in so many ways that it is now a post constitutional era where small businesses to big corporations are under siege and can be shaken down for any type of infringement that can be written into regulatory edicts that are written by unelected officials. When an employee becomes discontent or bent in the wrong direction they can now lodge a whistleblower case and be assisted by the advocates who were armed with a regulatory protocol. Jordan A. Thomas, the former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement for the SEC, took on some of the highest profile cases such as Enron, Fannie Mae and Citigroup. He advocated legal cases for whistleblowers who discovered audit failures, insider trading, market manipulations and a variety of other shady business dealings that were used to defraud investors.

Of course much of this is work that is laudable and will go a long way to keep scoundrels under control, however, what is to prevent the scoundrels on the side of the over reaching federal government from abusing its power against businesses owned by individuals? Individuals trying to earn a livelihood in their business and may not have violated any thing but can be singled out to be destroyed because their business might be in the way of a ruling class agenda.

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Helane Morrison: Fighting For Fairness in Leadership and Business Environment

The financial sector is one of the many industries still dominated by males the world over. Most women work in low ranks, taking orders and instructions from senior male colleagues. It is never an easy task for the few who climb to the top, finally making their voices heard when and where it matters most.

When Helane Morrison realized how wide the gap between male and female leadership in the financial sector was, she immediately decided to do something about it. She cut short a promising career at the top of the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco where she had worked for years enforcing securities law, litigating fraud and ensuring regulations were followed in North California and some five other Northwestern states, among other high level responsibilities. Instead Helane joined Hall Capital, assuming the positions of the Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer as well as a number of other responsibilities.

All-Women Leadership

A giant company responsible for managing assets worth more than $24 billion, HallCapital oversees smooth running of financial matters for many affluent families. However, what inspired Morrison to settle for the company is the all-women leadership. Helane Morrison joined CEO Kathryn Hall and Sarah Stein, the President to make a powerful and successful team of the top three.

Fair Business Environment

Armed with a J. D from University of California School of Law and B.S Degree in journalism from Northwestern University, Morrison has been involved in many tough fights in her quest to ensure fair business practices globally. Her work has included defending people who have found themselves at difficult financial positions against predation by others who see it as an opportunity to make money unfairly. She participated in the 2012 Private Fund Compliance Forum panel as well as other platforms of that ilk. Her strong passion for a fair environment for conducting business for all people has earned her a reputation as one of the most indispensable combatants for industrial justice.

Inspiration for Young Women Leaders

While many women with leadership qualities are discouraged from pursuing their career goals, Hall Capital and its leadership offers a rare inspiration. Although the company cannot accommodate every woman who wants to be a leader, it has made a strong point in the necessity of enhancing diversity in the top ranks of not only the financial sector but also in the many other male-dominated industries. Making as much profit as possible and satisfaction of clients is one of the most important goals for any company. Nevertheless, Capital Hall’s insistence on gender diversity as well as educational and background qualities is certainly one of the pillars of their success.

Philip Diehl Sharing His Insights In Latest Media Appearance

Philip Diehl moved from the U.S. Mint to the U.S. Money Reserve as their President. Taking with him the experience and accolades he earned while leading the U.S. Mint to all their success’s. In a recent interview with Eric Dye on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio.

This show is dedicated to interviewing business owners, entrepreneurs and other high ranking executives to share their insights and knowledge. This interview with Philip Diehl was one of the many media appearances in the new year. This interview was recapped on

Philip Diehl has had many successes as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. He was involved in the 50 States Quarter program and the first U.S. government issued platinum coin. Philip Diehl recalls that him and his team managed to transform the U.S Mint from a more backward company into a real entrepreneurial powerhouse which can now compare to some of the best business’s America has to offer especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Philip Diehl had committed to a 6 year run with the U.S. Money Reserve and has since transformed the agency for the better making his main focus customer interaction and service provision.

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New customers of precious metals or those considering to expand their asset portfolio should also do some of their own homework to understand the process a bit better. Knowing how much the customer is willing to spend as well as what type of precious metal to buy are all a must. Read more: US Money Reserve – YouTube

The options are broad and customer have the option of either precious metal bullion, bars or coins. Each of these options can then also be purchased in either silver, platinum or gold. The U.S. Money Reserve has made precious metals it’s business for 15 years now and have the best track record when it comes to precious metal trade. This is an agency that the customer can trust. They also provide each customer with a information brochure if they are interested in taking a look at precious metals and the various options.

The team of professionals at the U.S. Money Reserve are made up of the industries finest who have ample experience when it comes to the correct option for the prospective client. The price of gold is on the rise and is a good option to secure hard earned money.

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District Attorney, George Gascón, a Disgrace to the City of San Francisco

Recently, San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascòn and two of his staff members have been charged with illegally soliciting donations from city employees. Ethics Commission Chairman, Paul Renne, stated that they were unaware of the violation; however, Gascòn has attended ethics training, so he should have been aware of his mistake.
George Gascòn didn’t respond with a comment.
Gascòn was fined $4,000 and Assistant District Attorney, Micheal Swart, and Chief of Staff, Cristine Soto DeBerry were fined $1,400 each.
Gascòn has a history of misbehavior, not fit for a District Attorney and former Police Chief. San Francisco Police Department claims that, six years ago, at a police union dinner in Cambridge, MA, George Gascòn got drunk and made offensive remarks disparaging minorities about his time as Chief of LAPD. At the time he was Chief of SFPD.
Under penalty of perjury, Gary Delagnes (former Police Officer Association) claimed, “He became so loud and animated that an African American patron approached Gascòn and asked him to restrain himself, because his behavior was offending his family.”
Spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office denied the event,”what Delagnes lacks in credibility, he makes up for in imagination.”
The Police Union and Gascòn have been feuding over the District Attorney’s convening of the Blue Ribbon Panel, a three-person panel in charge of seeking out bias in the police department.
The Union released public statements declaring Gascòn a hypocrite, that he should be the last person who should have handpicked a panel meant to look into police misconduct.
Again in 2010, during a breakfast celebrating the passing an earthquake safety bond measure. Gascòn reportedly said the Hall of Justice is vulnerable not to earthquakes, but to the city’s Middle-Eastern community parking a van out front and blowing it up.
The reasons why and how George Gascòn went into public service are beyond logic. He should step down before he digs his grave so deep that he takes his entire staff with him.


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Changing of the Coriant Guard

Changes at any company are all but a certainty in the modern world, and what has transpired at Coriant is no different. Change can be a good thing, and having Shaygan Kheradpir on board will prove this sentiment to be true.

In September of 2015, Coriant, a telecommunications company, decided to appoint Shaygan Kheradpir to the role of CEO in the company. He first joined the company, which works in networking solutions, after spending much of his time working with and forming a working relationship with the senior management team. His experience in the telecom industry was a key factor in giving him the title of CEO, not just because he previously served as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners earlier that year but also because the demand for data-intensive applications is increasing. Kheradpir has succeeded Pat DiPietro, the former CEO, who will now serve as the vice chairman of the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a London native who spent his youth in Iran but moved to the United States to pursue an education at Cornell University. He eventually graduated from the school with his bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees in the field of electrical engineering. After finishing his college studies, he went on to take his first job at GTE Laboratories, where he worked as a network and routing manager for the company. His work proved to be very impressive for the company, to the point where he was eventually named the chief information officer (CIO) of GTE Laboratories.

It was in 2000 that GTE and Bell Atlantic had formed a merger and Verizon Communications was the end result of this. Kheradpir remained as the CIO of the company, and his prime responsibility was creating small teams that would be tasked with developing new and innovative ideas to market for Verizon. One of the contributions made to the company was the creation of Verizon’s FiOs fiber optic initiative, which changed the way digital video recording could be done. During the course of Kheradpir’s tenure at Verizon, he was responsible for the reduction of the information technology staff and budget by a significant amount. He was also able to lobby aggressively with vendors working with the company to prevent them from purchasing materials from failed franchises.


Choosing to Invest with the Help of Solo Capital

Investing your money can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but it is something that simply has to be done. It can help you to bring in more money than you would have ever imagined and it can help you to grow your finances with time. This is why some people will hire a company known as Solo Capital and work with its founder Sanjay Shah. This company has been around for awhile and can do wonders for your investment options. This is one of the main reasons a lot of people choose to hire Solo Capital for this specific purpose.

Once you begin working with Solo Capital, you might find that you simply cannot do the investing on your own. It will save some time and allow you to get your finances back on track. Investing is tricky enough on its own, but working with a great company like Solo Capital can take the guesswork out of it all for you. You can then make the money you always dreamed of making with just a little bit of help. There is nothing better than knowing that there is a company out there to help you out and get you to where you need to be.

Solo Capital’s owner is known as Sanjay Shah and he has worked for many years in this particular field. He works to get clients the most out of their investment options. He will help you to make better decisions in terms of your investing, allowing you to get the most out of your endeavors. There is nothing better than knowing that you are doing something beneficial for yourself and that you are investing in some good quality funds that are going to yield the most that they possibly can.

This is why a lot of people are now choosing to work with the experts of Solo Capital and its own known as Sanjay Shah. You can feel confident in knowing that they can do the most for you and get your finances where they need to be. Make sure to talk to Sanjay Shah in order to find out more about what needs to be done for your investing options. This is the time to work with an experienced professional who is the one who can help you out and get your finances back on track with very little for you to do. There is nothing better than getting great help from Solo Capital and knowing that they are there for you every step of your investing and can work with you even if you are on a relatively fixed budget and are unsure of whether or not you are going to be able to afford this.


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