Brazil’s Flavio Maluf and Eucatex Building and Home Improvement

Flavio Maluf, born 12/2/1961, earned his Mechanical Engineering Degree at FAAP – SP (Furdacao Armando Alvares Penteado). He also took specialization courses in People Management, Non-Accountant Accounting, Rural management, and Foreign Exchange Principles at the University of New York.

Mr. Maluf began his long career with Eucatex as an apprentice, in 1987. He now serves as CEO, Executive Board member, and Vice-Chairman of Eucatex SA Industrial. He became the CEO in 1997 and is currently concentrating on new innovations, products, and investments.

Eucatex is a Maluf family owned home improvement and building company that got its beginning in 1951. They are headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and are the first environmentally conscious manufacturer to implement eucalyptus wood as a material for making acoustical panels, tiles for ceilings, and other products. Their first mill was started in 1954 and is known today as the Fiberboard Industrial Unit, where they began making soft-boards, panels and ceiling tiles.

Following expansion plans, Eucatex opened offices in Germany, Holland, the UK, Mexico, and the USA. Being a forward-looking company and environment-friendly, they began buying land for reforestation of eucalyptus trees used by their factories. By the end of the 1980s, Eucatex was exporting products to over 50 Nations. Eucatex has marked their 60th year and now export their products to 37 countries, worldwide. To learn more go to

Our world is swiftly changing. There are new leaders vying for control of cities, states, and countries on a daily basis and most of them are only in it for what they can get out of it, usually money. Country boundaries change on a regular basis. Countries quickly change their way of living and their leaders. Take Brazil for example. They don’t have enough food, medical supplies, or good leadership for their cities. There are many countries like this around the globe. Countries that are experiencing economic upheaval, leadership struggles, and outright wars are rampant globally. We must work toward rebuilding economies, reign in inflation, and use ways that worked before everything went haywire for Brazil and the whole world. Maybe Flavio Maluf will help.

The Man to Revitalize Russia’s Economy

The Russian economy has fallen significantly in the past decade. Alexei Beltyukov, Advisor of the Skolkovo Foundation, has found ways to reverse this slump into growth.

Even before the Crimean standoff, Russian Economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev reported that Russian economic growth was only 0.8 percent in the first quarter of 2014, far lower than the forecasted 2.5 percent.

This first quarter of 2014 also saw the ruble drop by 9 percent against the dollar, which increased import costs to cause more economic damage.

Russia’s Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, told RT that 2014 GDP growth could “be around zero.”

The toxic environment for entrepreneurs is at the root of Russia’s economic problems. Professionals from Russia have sought refuge in Eastern Europe at increasing rates, says Katya Ponomareva, a head investment consultant in Latvia and Bulgaria.

With more Russians leaving the country, Alexei Beltyukov understands that the Russian economy needs to be repaired now.

Alexei Beltyukov advocates for celebration of entrepreneurs in Russia. He suggests that the Russian government establish support systems for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As a founder of the Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei Beltyukov has been a leader in improving the Russian economy. The Skolkovo Foundation is a government-authorized organization and fosters technology, business and innovation throughout Russia. By providing technology opportunities, Alexei Beltyukov provides entrepreneurs with opportunities he never had living in the Soviet Union.

They also report that the business development program of the Skolkovo Foundation has led to the creation of over 13,000 new jobs.

The success of the Skolkovo Foundation comes from its mission to create economic growth in the Russian economy. Alexei Beltyukov believes that entrepreneurs bring hope to the Russian economy and that through entrepreneurship they will drive the Russian economy back to growth.

The Secret to WEN’s Superior Cleansing Properties

One young woman decided to write an article about using WEN’s fig version of their cleansing conditioner. She had never used any of the WEN products before and was anxious to see if it would actually improve the condition of her hair. The article the young woman wrote was posted online to Bustle so others could gain from her experience. It covers the first week she used the fig version of WEN by Chaz. In addition to providing details on how the cleansing conditioner added more body and shine to her normally dull hair, she also included many color photos of how her hair looked each day.

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A Natural Cleansing System

The Sephora endorsed fig version of WEN was created to add moisture back into dull, lifeless hair. This particular formula uses a combination of marigold and chamomile extracts to gently clean and soothe the scalp. As with all of the cleansing conditioners in the WEN line, the fig version also conditions as it cleans. The WEN by Chaz line of cleansing conditioners also make hair more manageable by acting as a natural detangler. Each version uses a specific blend of natural extracts to help resolve the various issues people have with their hair. The fig version is formulated to help correct dry, frizzy, damaged or unruly hair. Wen can also be purchased online on Amazon.

The secret to Wen‘s superior cleansing system is in the combination of natural plant extracts used to create every version. Not only do these ingredients allow the product to thoroughly clean the scalp and hair, but they allow the scalp to retain its own natural oils. The unique combination of botanical extracts found in each version also help to restore damaged hair. WEN by Chaz has been shown to help repair hair that has been damaged by heat from blow dryers and curling rods as well as over processed hair from coloring. Learn more about Wen, visit


How To Choose The Right Lawyer

Whether you are drafting a trust or will, buying or selling property or going through a business dispute, it is important to choose the best lawyer for your situation. There are several factors to consider as you go about looking for the right lawyer to handle your case.

Many attorneys offer a consultation at no cost if you are seeing them for the first time. Take advantage of this and make sure to discuss the relevant issues about your case. Ask your questions and present any concerns you may have. Use the meeting to find out whether the lawyer is honest and forthcoming. You instinct should tell you about the person’s character right away, so make sure you pay attention to this and take note of any impressions you get.

For example, is the lawyer making eye contact as you discuss your case, or is he or she looking somewhere else Remember, people who don’t make eye contact as you have a discussion usually are not truthful. Also, inquire about the kind of cases the lawyer has handled in the past. Consider the lawyer’s legal fees, as well.

There are many lawyers in Brazil who have expertise in the area of law you need help with but you need to consider all of the above factors before choosing someone to represent you in a legal matter.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian lawyer, focusing on business and corporate law litigation. Mr Ricardo Tosto has been in practice for many years and has represented some of the most popular companies and professionals in Brazil. He is known all over the world and comes highlt recommended in the industry.

As a powerful litigation lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is hired to handle high profile cases. His clients come from a wide variety of industries and are always happy with the quality of service he provides. Ricardo Tosto has a very successful law practice in Brazil, and clients are always relieved once he steps in into the courtroom. Although he is a litigation specialist, Ricardo Tosto attempts to negotiate and gives the opposing party the opportunity to have a resolution before heading to trial.

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The Leadership Accomplishments and Investment Innovation of David Osio

Davos Real Estate Group

Davos Real Estate Group is a member affiliate of Davos financial group that was founded by David Osio. It is among the leading real estate service provider and financial consultancy firm in Latin America. Its scope of services is designed with a mission of providing an investment structure that suits particular needs of each client.


Recently, the group launched its first mobile application known as Davos CAP calculator. The calculator was introduced to help the organization’s customers in making calculations of their projected returns on real estate investments after a given investment period.


Davos CAP calculator could also be used as an interactive platform where real estate agents exchanged ideas with the group’s investors. Moreover, Davos CAP calculator could be used to calculate mortgage rates.


Davos Cap calculator was designed based on ideas brought forward by modern technology. It can be downloaded by phones supported by Android and iPhones. Davos Real Estate group is on the way to launch other mobile applications that help investors to identify properties and communicate with the Group’s agents. The team’s mobile application technology is to provide outstanding financial guidance and investment plans to their clients investing in real estate.


David Osio

The success of Davos Real estate group lies behind the strategic leadership of David Osio, a financial expert who founded Davos Financial Group an organization that provides financial services on property management and investment services. David Osio has a wealth of experience having served as a top executive member in many financial service provider companies such as Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International, whereby he led the company to achieve a higher international position.


Davos Financial Group

The company was established in 1993. The company provided consultancy services on finance and investments to its clients. Under the visionary leadership of David Osio, the company made a significant growth in revenue and expansion of its market in a short time. Besides, Davos Financial group led to the birth of other licensed financial companies in Geneva, New York, Miami, and Panama.


David Osio works to see that the companies affiliated to Davos Group provide standard services that match the needs of customers. Besides, he works to establish a strong client relationship by providing customized services that address the clients needs satisfactorily. His leadership has seen most companies affiliated to Davos group prosper in the finance industry.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Brings His Own Form Of Innovation To Coriant

The need for new and fresh ideas is always a major part of any change of leadership at a company, which is also the case with the emergence of Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO of the networking leader Coriant. Light Reading explains the transition from the leadership of CEO Pat DiPietro seems to have been in the pipeline for a number of months after Shaygan Kheradpir took the role of Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners as he looked to use his skills to develop a more profitable business from Coriant.

The Coriant brand was established in 2013 after Marlin Equity Partners created the company from Sycamore Networks, Tellabs, and various departments from Nokia Siemens. Coriant has looked to maintain continuity between the history of the Coriant company and its future, which has seen the retention of an office in Germany to reflect the history of the brand as part of Nokia Siemens. In 2013, Pat DiPietro moved from Marlin to become CEO of Coriant in a move that was always designed to be a short term solution to providing a solid link between the two companies; DiPietro will remain in place as Vice President of Coriant, but leave the day to day operations of the brand to Shaygan Kheradpir.

Those who have been working with Shaygan Kheradpir understand the level of innovation and desire to find new solutions to problems he brings to every role he undertakes. Kheradpir began his working life after leaving Cornell University by bringing his personal level of innovation to GTE Labs and Verizon, which included his decision to play a leading role in the introduction of the FiOS system to the U.S. and world as a whole.

Upon arriving at the Barclays financial institution Kheradpir was a key executive member of the team deployed to build the network that would link locations of the company in more than 50 companies worldwide with global links. The Transform program developed Barclays as the premier financial institution of the 21st century under the leadership and guidance of Shaygan Kheradpir.

As the CEO of Coriant Shaygan Kheradpir begins a new role with a company supplying products to nine of the top ten global internet service providers with a total of more than 500 customers worldwide. Kheradpir has developed a business sense that brings innovation and impressive negotiating skills to each company he has worked with.

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Sam Tabar’s Career So Far

Sam Tabar, a New York attorney and capital strategist, began his career as an Associate with Skadden Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. While there he helped advise clients about setting up hedge funds, investment management and private placements. He was there until 2004. He graduated with honors from Oxford University and Columbia Law School.

Sam moved on to business development and capital strategies. He was Managing Director & Co Head of Business Development at SPARX Group. He joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch next. He served as Head of Capital Strategy for Asia Pacific area while there. Sam was responsible for adding over 1,250 institutional investors while with the firm.

Tabar returned to the legal field, in 2013, when he joined the law firm Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP. While there he was a senior advisor to hedge funds. He left Schulte, Roth & Zabel in 2014. In 2015, Sam Tabar became Chief Operating Officer for FullCycle Energy Fund. The mission is to move away from high cost fuels that pollute the environment, to environmentally friendly forms of fuel that should be less expensive. He is one of the first venture capitalists to invest in Tribute and SheThinx, which is a company the focuses on the feminine hygiene industry.  This also inspired Sam to create a GoFundMe to continue helping African men and women.

FullCycle Energy Fund was founded in 2013. They finance the purchase or construction of profitable power generation plants, which convert from traditional fuel to MSW based syngas. The technology being used by FullCycle is recognized by markets around the world.

Marc Sparks, the Philanthropist behind Spark Tank

Originating from Dallas, Texas, Marc Sparks is a budding entrepreneur with a big philanthropic heart. Marc Sparks believes that if one is rich and successful, he or she should help the needy in his or her community with his or her financial and management skills.

Marc Sparks document every bit of his business journey and has published it in a book. The book is available across the world to entrepreneurs interested in reading about him and learning from him. His book is meant to influence entrepreneurs positively and motivate them to keep grinding. The book also gives a detailed introduction of the tough business world and offers tips on how to survive in it.

As posted in his Facebook wall, Marc believes that everyone has the potential to be great as long as he or she works towards his or her goals. He believes that his book has been and will be inspirational to many entrepreneurs. His book is like a gift from him to the people and it will help business people scale new heights.

Marc is a serial investor with stakes in various businesses across diverse industries. However, most of his significant investments are in the telecommunication industry. Marc has also been in the venture capitalism world for a significant time.

Venture capitalism is characterized by high risks and rewards. Most of the businesses proposed are new and speculative in nature. They often have nothing much to offer other than the research and projections done by the entrepreneur.

Success in venture capitalism depends on the correctness of the evaluation and due diligence carried out on the businesses seeking funding. Marc has been a successful speculator with most of his investments having paid off bringing him success, riches, and an enviable reputation.

Spark Tank was developed by Marc Sparks and his business partner Lynne to fund social-based ideas. The company’s creation was driven solely by Marc’s passion for social excellence and a burning urge to empower community members. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Spark Tank’s main goal is to get communities empowered through entrepreneurship. Persons with viable business ideas are trained on management and given grants to start operations. Spark Tank’s team works hard to ensure the new entrepreneurs get the help need to execute their projects successfully.

The rules and guidelines for joining the program are simple and clear. Candidates wishing to join must be classified as 501c3 organizations and must have been in operation for a minimum of two years. Arts-based organization and firms offering animal and human services are allowed to join the program.

There are factions that are not eligible for the program such as national and united ways charities. Political action committees and faith-based initiatives are also not allowed to join the program.

The first fruits of the Spark Tank program are already visible in Dallas through the various causes and projects that have been beneficiaries of the Tank’s funding.

IAP Worldwide: A Goal-Oriented Business and a Happy Employer

IAP Worldwide Services has been a trusted company throughout the US and other countries for efficient logistic services. They have partnered with the US Army numerous times to ensure that their missions, no matter how remote, have facilities with enough power to perform the many activities they need to perform.

The team has also made sure they have several plans in place that are ready to be enacted during stressful situations since a lot of their work is done in regions that could be dangerous. The services that they provide are reasonably priced and very reliable, which is partly the reason why they are now considered one of the leading global-scale logistics service providers. The company is now employing more than 2,000 of the brightest and most qualified employees. It has been their focus to ensure that every single one of their employees is ready to take on a job this serious where everyone matters since it is a service that relies on the efficiency of the entire team and not just a handful of individuals.

The culture of the team is very inclusive, making the team feel like they are part of a family. It should not be too surprising to find this company treating its employees so well since humility, trustworthiness, and openness are a big part of IAP Worldwide’s attitude regarding the business as a whole. Of course, when it came down to it, IAP Worldwide Services was also recognized as one of the leading employers in the United States. Yes, this means that many employees in the US would be a lot happier at IAP than anywhere else.

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IAP Worldwide Services Jobs

IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

The values of the company has also spilled over into the way the company conducts business. The honesty displayed by IAP Worldwide is perhaps one of the aspects of the company that is admired the most by some of their clients, including the US Army.

IAP Worldwide is also the kind of company that is hungry to grow and provide even more services, which should not be too surprising since they are always seeking to improve themselves. One recent change was the acquisition of aviation and aircraft repair company. This acquisition will give IAP an opportunity to grow their capabilities and logistics, which they hope to improve. Many who keep up with the logistics industry are very excited to see what IAP Worldwide has in mind. Still, it is clear to see that one can expect a lot more from the new Aviation & Engineering Solutions department.

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Great Rewards with Organo Gold

The rewards system as a preferred customer with Organo Gold will sure make their registered members happy knowing they will be first to receive promotional rewards and information about the products. Having hotline access to customer service and a support system is also a benefit that comes with this and helps you in case you run into any issues or problems.

Organo Gold is a company that makes organic coffee from ganoderma which is a mushroom used in many Asian countries like Japan and China for its proposed medicinal purposes. Mr. Bernardo Chua, CEO of Organo Gold, saw the potential in this and now it is distributed worldwide. Mr. Chua has spent a lot of time educating people about the many great benefits that ganoderma can provide. Starting with coffees and teas, he decided to give people a variety to choose from, so now Organo Gold offers hot chocolate along with green tea and other beverages. Ganoderma has also been added to some health care products and supplements.

Organo Gold is a company that focuses on the consumer and with this rewards system you are able to get more out of the company and continue to enjoy their products. You must be a registered member, but it doesn’t take long to register. Just go to the Organo website and sign up and then become a preferred customer so you can reap the many rewards of Organo Gold and its products along with receiving discounts and access to great customer service like never before.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Twitter for more information.