Eric Pulier: Success Personified

Some people just seem to get everything right as such is the case with Mr. Eric Pulier, a well-known Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. As a fourth-grader growing up in Teaneck, N. J., his entrepreneurial instincts were already in play as he began programming computers and later formed a database computer company while in high school.

His Educational Foundation

Amazing as this may seem, for Eric Pulier, this was only the beginning of a spiraling trajectory headed upwards. As an English and American literature major at Harvard in 1984, Mr. Pulier became an editor and columnist for The Harvard Crimson while taking further course studies MIT. A distinguished graduation followed as magna cum laude in 1988.

However, this was only the first step in many more to follow in the world of software development and other entrepreneurial launches.

Entrepreneurial Initiatives

As a recognized leader and innovator in government and enterprise technologies, his many achievements include the founding of People Doing Things (PDT). This venture addressed, among other things, health care and educational issues to which technological advances could be counted on to provide viable solutions.

By 1997, Eric Pulier had already been selected to not only establish but also direct the Presidential Technology Exhibition in the nation’s capital–“The Bridge to the 21st Century.” In addition to this distinguished appointment, Mr. Pulier continued with his other numerous projects and ventures going on to co-author a book on service-oriented architecture–“Understanding Enterprise SOA.”

As a popular public speaker and lecturer, he also bears the distinction of having been listed as one of 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business. That being said, Eric also forms part of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative and also serves as the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council.

His Philanthropic Initiatives

Matching his philanthropic inclinations with entrepreneurial expertise, Eric Pulier is also a contributor and donor to several non-profit organizations such as the X-Prize Foundation, The Painted Turtle, a camp for chronically ill children, and several other charitable organizations.

Whether as an author, entrepreneur or charitable contributor to numerous charities and their initiatives, Eric Pulier can easily be said to be a success at everything he sets his hand to do.

Foreign Trusts Increase in New Zealand

Geoffrey Cone is a renowned lawyer from New Zealand. Cone is a graduate of the University of Otago, and he has a lot of expertise in tax and trust laws. In the year 1999, Geoffrey started a law firm known as Cone Marshall, and it has done well under his leadership. The law firm specializes in international cases concerning trust and tax activities. Geoffrey works as a principal at Cone Marshall.


Just recently, Geoffrey explained to the world why foreign trusts had increased significantly in New Zealand. New Zealand media has been making a lot of coverage about foreign trusts, making it sound like an activity that is meant for the wealthy individuals. The media are also making people think that foreign trusts have complex financial deals that are not for the ordinary man. However, this coverage is far from the truth.


New Zealand has never been a tax haven, and this is one of the reasons foreign trusts are increasing each passing day. The OECD has a list of the nations that are considered to be tax havens, and New Zealand is not on this list. Countries in the list are known for several characteristic: they impose little or no taxes, they do not provide enough transparency, and the law governing tax and trusts do not encourage the exchange of information with any other government. The private banking industry is not secretive either.


The 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is the standard transparency used in New Zealand at the moment. The special agreement supports the exchange of vital information between different governments. New Zealand is one of the first countries to comply with the international tax standards.


New Zealand has also earned the trust of many investors from different parts of the world because of the tax transparency that is demonstrated in its leadership. The country has a special way of handling foreign trusts and any other requirement that is placed on the trustees. At the end of the day, New Zealand ensures that its regulations help other governments whenever they request for crucial information.


All the necessary records must be kept only in New Zealand, and they should be recorded in English. If this is not done, then there are serious penalties against the affected parties. This power ensures that everything runs the right way. Geoffrey Cone and his law firm have also been working hard to ensure that cases concerning foreign trusts are handled with care.

Avant-Garde Entrepreneur Divulges Economic Election Analysis


The current presidential election cycle has given Americans a bountiful range of rhetoric to explore. Fiery jabs fly as Clinton and Trump skillfully joust through debate after debate. Unfortunately, proper political pivoting has left questions constantly unanswered. Most voter conversation is concisely controversial; America’s collective stream of consciousness is focused on email and groping allegations to a far larger extent than issues of direct relevance like the economy, that is terrifying.


Fortunately, the CEO of Forefront Capital has a fix of information for those left feeling intellectually starved by the news cycle. Brad Reifler has analyzed policy proposal points from both candidates, ranging from capital gains to small business tax. Reifler’s involvement in companies includes the likes of Refco, Sino Mercury, and Pali Capital.


Starting with the stock market, the average American could be affected by Clinton’s plan of reshaping the capital gains tax to involve the duration an investment is held; although Clinton generally plans on incorporating higher taxes for millionaires, redistributing wealth through welfare and college tuition programs. On the other hand, Trump proposes a general simplification of the tax system, getting rid of various deductions and streamlining current brackets into broader classifications. Trump’s plan is essentially a variation on trickle-down, cutting some existing taxes for high earners to provide motivation for stimulation.


Reifler is currently (although not exclusively) an auditor at Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp. This position combined with a storied history of direct involvement in America’s economic landscape is sure to enhance any layman’s understanding of the current climate. Situational awareness is a critical aspect of Brad’s work. Why not benefit from this wisdom?


Brad Reifler points out that the most significant alteration to the existing system comes with Estate Tax. For the economically-ignorant, the Estate Tax is what is commonly referred to as the “death-tax”. Trump proposes a complete repeal of this tax, theoretically providing incentive for high-value individual American residency. Clinton, conversely, proposes modifying this tax by lowering the necessary minimum net-worth of application. Although, Brad Reifler clarifies that Clinton actually agrees with some aspects of Trump’s plan in this regard. The chosen candidate will certainly impact the economy, in a time of social unrest, this impact could make or break the nation. Brad makes similar points on Twitter, and is well known for his biting financial commentary there.   Also worth noting, for non-political commentary you can find Brad on, where he’s always breaking down the stock market in real time.


NTC Revamps their website and makes online ordering available

Title defects are an emerging problem that has been affecting the real estate business for a while now. The defaults are leading to complications such as unjustified foreclosures and breakdown of the process of transition, making otherwise simple processes in real estate very complicated. When the property records are available, there will be a speedy conveyance of title deeds. This could determine whether a property will be bought back or not after a foreclosure.

These are the statistics that have been given by the National Title Clearing executives. The NTC provides services that are related to the entire mortgage and real estate industry. They state that in those cases where a default has taken place, people who aren’t the true owners of a property come claiming it is theirs. This is common when:

  • The wording of the document is so wrong that it fails to comply with the regulations of the real estate industry.
  • Details such as signatures from spouses go missing from the document and the transaction cannot occur.
  • When the property has liens and encumbrances, which makes the titles less popular.
  • When the documents concerning real estate laws are not filled correctly.

The CEO to the NTC claims that for ones real estate experience to be positive, they have to be willing to look into all the issues connected with the title deed before the purchase. He has been on the forefront to try and help revolutionize the business. He has recently rolled out some new services for their website. These include assignment of verification reports, issuing of reports on tax returns, and reports giving information of the current property owner.

The information that is given regarding the clients is sourced from online and other places. It is checked carefully for authenticity and then presented to the prospective customer. The company studies the client and tries to think about the results that could be pleasant to them as this makes their experience with the site more positive and makes their property search easier.

Nationwide Tide Clearing Inc

The company, which is headed by John Hillman, has its headquarters in Palm Harbor, Florida. It is a private bond and mortgage company that has been in business for more than 2 decades. The company, which was initially a tiny agency has grown to a business entity that is worth half a billion dollars. It employs more than 250 people and offers the best solutions to real estate issues in Florida and other states.

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Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Files Lawsuit Over Unpaid Insurance

In early 2015, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC and the general manager of the team, Danny Ferry, agreed to part company. Ferry was midway through a six year contract for $18 million. The contract was settled for an undisclosed sum.

Under the direction of controlling partner Bruce Levenson, AHBE had purchased insurance to cover losses resulting from employee policy actions such as contract buyouts. The insurer was New Hampshire Insurance Company, also called AIG. Subsequently, AHBE sold the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise to an ownership group headed by Tony Roessler. Levenson and AHBE filed a claim for the cost of the Ferry buyout following these events. AIG has refused to acknowledge the claim. AHBE filed a lawsuit against AIG in September, 2016 The suit, which does not involve the new owners, seeks damages for bad faith insurance and breach of contract.

Bruce Levenson originally led a group of investors in the purchase of the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. He likely did not profit as much off the sale as he expected. According to Forbes, this is because the sale price was $730 million, lower than projections by Goldman Sachs that the team might be worth $1 billion. Still, Levenson is believed to have made a large profit, regardless of how this lawsuit is resolved.

Levenson has a long record of business success. In 1977 he co-founded United Communications Group. Initially, he worked out of his apartment, publishing a single newsletter called “Oil Express.” UCG has grown into one of the largest privately owned business communications firms in the world. The firm specializes in business communications and data analysis. Levenson is also known for his philanthropic activities. These include support for the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the I Have A Dream Foundation.


Fabulous and Fit Fabletics

Women love actress Kate Hudson. There is something so passionate, happy and good-natured about her. She may live an extraordinary life, but she also leads a normal routine when she’s not making movies in Hollywood on. Busy with two young boys, Kate Hudson knows what it’s like to have a full schedule 24/7 and the need to stay fit, grounded and healthy.


My Subscription Addiction

That’s one of the reasons the adorable star co-founded Fabletics with businessmen Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. She wants to inspire other women to keep active and moving and do it in stylish work-out gear.

The Fabletics brand has caught on globally, and in a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Kate Hudson revealed some great new numbers. The brand just celebrated its third anniversary and operates at an annual revenue rate of $250 million. That’s quite an achievement for an online subscription fashion retailer. The star credits the soaring success to a joint effort:

“”It’s about the team you create around you and who you have inside of your company running things,” Hudson tells Marie Claire. “You can only really be as strong and as together as the people that you have around you supporting you.”

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There are more than one million Fabletics VIP members located around the world, and they all share Kate Hudson’s passion for staying fit and looking fab while doing it. The company is based out in Los Angeles, and that is where the magic takes place, in-house. From the sketches to the final product, it’s all created there at their spacious headquarters.

Women like becoming VIP members, because Fabletics offers incredible savings and special deals. The quality and on-trend styling on YouTube are super and include yoga pants, crop tops, leggings, swimsuits and dresses. Kate Hudson delivers her signature sexy, casual style to each piece, and VIPs can even shop Kate’s closet each month.

Kate Hudson is also very excited about the brand’s all-inclusive attitude, now featuring extended sizes. She says the demand was there and believes that women of every size deserve to have beautiful choices when it comes to clothing, especially in the active wear category.

Fabletics is doing so well, that more brick and mortar stores are on the way in the near future. That way, women can shop both online and check out the Fabletics styles in person. They can see the colors, touch the fabrics and try them on.


Malini Saba: Conqueror of Worlds

Malini Saba is a name that you might not yet know, but once you hear about her great accomplishments, you can’t help but wonder why more people are not familiar with her. Malini Saba started off from the bottom and created one of the more successful investment firms around. She is also an avid philanthropist and extremely involved with her family. Overall, Malini is an extremely successful person.


Malini came to the United States from Asia with only $200 at the ripe age of 19 years old. She immediate started going to classes at Stanford with her husband, knowing that getting an education was the true road to success. While at Stanford, she sat in on business classes that interested her in the field, especially in the investments side of things. She wondered if she would be able to take her measly savings and start investing in things that she thought would do well in the future. She attempted to become a partner or associate at any venture capital firm that would take her, but having the little funds that she did and the background that she did, they were reluctant to sign her on. When she found out that getting a job was hopeless, she started her own company: Saban.


Now Saban is an extremely successful company that has investments all over the world in a variety of sectors and commodities, including things like oil, gas, technology, real estate, and rice. Malini believes in an investment strategy that looks five years down the road rather than recent trends. If you are not getting on board before the trend starts, then it is already too late and most of your profits are gone. She also believes in investing in extremely high risk locations. This was her impetus to get involved in the Indian market several years ago, a move that make her a great success.


Malini is also very involved with philanthropy. Knowing the plights that women go through in the “third world,” Malini started a nonprofit organization for women called Stree. This organization has the sole purpose of helping women get healthcare, teaching them about entrepreneurship, and empowering them to get involved in public policy. Malini also gives generously. After the tsunami disasters in 2004, she gave over $10 million of her own money to help with the relief efforts in India and Sri Lanka. Overall, Malini Saba has conquered the business and philanthropic world.