Facts About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking company. It is committed to excellence, integrity, service, and leadership in providing advisory advice in corporate finance to both private and public businesses. Madison Street Capital know that corporate finance is time sensitive. It reacts tenaciously and fast to opportunities once they come across them. They aim to establish corporate finance transactions in the case whereby there is a mutual benefit between investors and business owners. The firm can successfully match sellers and buyers through their relationships, experience, and knowledge. It also matches the correct capitalization and financing structure to suit situations of each client.


The methods used by Madison Street Capital reflects significant experience and skills in all fields of corporate finance such as specialized financing, mergers, acquisitions, valuation, market pricing, due diligence, deal structuring, as well as design and implementation of other strategies for the exit.


Madison Street Capital’s reputation is known over as a firm that is the top provider of financial advisory services, valuations, and M&A. The company has been in operation for very many years. It has assisted many clients in various industries to achieve their goals on time. The company has adopted a global view that offers emphasis equally to local business by setting up offices in Asia, North America, and Africa. The following are the fields of expertise that Madison Street Capital is involved in:


  • Corporate Advisory: Capital restructuring, M&A, bankruptcy services, private placements, reorganization services, ESOP advisory, and corporate governance.
  • Valuation for Financial Reporting: structured finance products, purchase price allocations, shared based compensation, and purchase price allocations.
  • Business valuation: tax compliance and company valuation.
  • Asset management industry focus: Mergers and acquisition advisory, restructuring services, portfolio valuation services, and financial sponsor coverage.
  • Financial opinions: solvency and capital adequacy as well as independent third-party fairness opinions.
  • Wealth preservation and tax planning: tax planning, build wealth, and business exit planning.


Madison Street Capital is committed to building powerful business communities all over the world. The experience that the company has gained over the years puts it in a good place to do everything within its power. The company has skilled professionals who know that every circumstance requires precise recommendations and careful analysis. Madison Street Capital is the go-to company for business owners who are seeking acquisitions, creating a real exit strategy, selling their business, or general matters of corporate governance. The company is known all over the world for its excellence and execution in the industry of investment banking. Madison Street Capital is also involved in philanthropic support for various organizations such as United Way which is involved in disaster efforts. The firm believes in giving back to both local and international communities.



Oncotarget: Electronic Cigarettes are Harmful

Just recently, Oncotarget published a study about the effects of using electronic cigarettes. According to the Journal, these new cigarettes are very harmful to its users. These cigarettes can easily damage one’s teeth and gum. Some of the users of these cigarettes suffer from mouth cancer, tooth loss, and gum diseases. According to the study on Oncotarget, e-cigarettes are not better than the traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are believed to have been introduced to consumer recently. They are battery operated, and they have a special cartridge and heating device. The cartridge is designed to hold the liquid, and the heating device is used for vaporizing the liquid when the smoker is puffing on the instrument. The user inhales the resulting vapor.

The electronic cigarette is used by many people in the current generation because of several reasons. It is considered to be more modern and fashionable, and it doesn’t contain tobacco. Many people believe that tobacco is a harmful substance, and it is the primary content in the traditional cigarette. These individuals, however, do not realize that the electronic cigarette they prefer to use every day contains some harmful chemicals like nicotine. The flavoring agents have some effects to the human body too.

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According to the respected Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more people are using electronic cigarettes in the modern times compared to the past. These devices are mostly loved by the young generation who have no idea about its effects. According to this organization, sixteen percent of the young people using the devices were high school students who did n’t know about its effects.

These young students believe that the new cigarettes have little or no harmful effects on the human body. The Oncotarget says that this is because the devices are new to these individuals, and most of them have not been educated about them. These students do not understand that the electronic cigarettes could have some serious long-term effects on their bodies, especially their oral health.

According to the Oncotarget Journal, individuals who use the flavored vapor in their e-cigarettes are exposed to far-reaching oral health problems. During the study, a group of people who used the flavored smoke developed some gum and mouth problems compared to people who used the tobacco vapor. Individuals who were using tobacco had fewer damages in their gum tissue cells. Although these devices were introduced to make smoking safer and more enjoyable, it has numerous effects on its users.

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Bruce Levenson’s Role In Sports Ownership

Antony Ressler is working in conjunction with the ownership group for the Atlanta Hawks regarding the sale of this team. Ressler is best known as an investor with access to equity in the billions.

The group Ressler is working with includes Grant Hill, a previous player with the NBA and Jesse Itzler. They are purchasing the Hawks from Bruce Levenson and other assorted investors for a total of $850 million dollars. The owners are expected to give their approval to the team’s sale.

Ressler made a statement saying becoming the Hawk’s new stewards is both an honor and absolutely thrilling. He fully respects the process the NBA goes through and is sending plenty of luck to the Hawk’s for the playoffs. The amount the team is selling for is said to be a very strong number in regards to the current market.

The NBA has an extremely strong product in todays market and are a reflection of what the market may become in the future. Levenson along with other individuals purchased not only the Hawks, but the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL and the rights to use Philips Arena for a total of $250 million back in 2004. They then sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million.

Ressler was interested in purchasing the Clippers from Los Angeles previously but Steve Ballmer’s price of $2 billion dollars was more than his team was willing to pay. Ressler also has a small ownership in the Brewers from Milwaukee. Hill decided he wanted to be a part of Ressler’s group and did join. It is believed Hill will also have a very small stake in the ownership but according to the NBA’s new rules it must be a minimum of one per cent.

For more details on Mr. Levenson’s career and work, visit his personal website at brucelevenson.com and Wiki page.

Life and Accomplishments of Hedge Fund Manager Sam Tabar

Businessman Sam Tabar is the general partner and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Full Cycle Fund, LLC. Sam has spent much of his career in the fund management sector. From his Facebook posts, you will note that he covers a wide array of topics. Sometimes he posts about art, his friends, developments in the fund history, or about an adventure he had during the day. His instagram posts, which feature photos and videos of himself or with friends and acquaintances, update his followers on his activities. Most of his tweets are however about business stuff.

His career

Sam’s experience and expertise in strategy fund management make him one of the top brains in the industry. In 2013, he served as the head of Strategy in the Merril Lynch. His task was to consult on operations, legal issues and help build back and front office teams. He was also an Associate Attorney for Zabel LLP, Skadden, Arps, Roth, and Schulte. Mr. Tabar’s background in law is an added advantage in the hedge fund management industry. He has also served as the head of Marketing for Sparx Group.

His Education

He earned a Masters from Columbia School of Law and a BA from Oxford University. His expertise in the industry has helped him manage some of the most successful hedge funds from some Asian Companies. One of his latest investments is in THINX, a startup which focuses on supporting women in Africa and Asia.

Mr. Tabar’s services also benefited PMA Investment Advisors LTD based in Hong Kong. While he was working for PMA, he helped create asset raising strategies which proved to be vital to the success of the company. In 2016, Sam Tabar was appointed the chief financial officer of Awearable Apparel, which is a company that manufactures children’s clothing fitted with devices which alert the parents or guardians if they get lost. He will be a key contributor in the company’s business strategy. His dedication to his career has seen him traverse the globe and learn to speak Japanese and French fluently.

Madison Street Capital and Their Services

A lot of business owners are well aware of what investments can do for them. Investing your hard-earned money can help you to grow over time and allow your business to be more successful because of this work that you have done. What you might not realize is how difficult it can be to invest in a more professional manner and know that what you are doing is going to bring in money as opposed to lose you money over time. Many business owners invest their money on their own and then struggle to make the investment back because of the fact that they have made a bad decision.


There was a company known as Madison Street Capital that has worked with a wide range of different business owners to help them make more sound financial decisions. The Madison Street Capital reputation has been one of success for so many individuals who have used this amazing company for their service options. One thing that you will find with Madison Street Capital is that they do not only offer Investment Banking options and services to their clients. They also help with tax issues that you might be dealing with at the moment or you can even go to them if you need help with wealth management or bankruptcy issues that you are facing. It is great to know that you have a team of professionals backing you up every step of the way no matter what you happen to be dealing with right now.


The problem that a lot of business owners face is that they simply do not have the knowledge or skills to deal with financial issues on their own. You probably are very passionate about your business and want to grow it to its full potential, but you do not have the knowledge and financial understanding that you need in order to get this done. This is why it is absolutely essential that you making so the company like Madison Street Capital where you can work with professional experts who are Professionals in the investment banking field. These experts have years of experience working with people in your exact situation and this is why you can feel confident using them for this specific service.


If you are currently struggling in your financial situation and are on the verge of bankruptcy because of your business, you need to contact Madison Street Capital to get yourself back on track and get the professional help that you desperately require. This is a team of experts who can work with you on a variety of different ways and different things that you might be dealing with at the current moment. It is nice to know that you have a team of professionals behind you when you are struggling to make it work each and every day in your own business life.

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Time is here for March Madness betting’s

March Madness has just hit the corner. The first weekend of March Madness was a huge hit and it has been regarded as one of the popular and most visited weekends of the year in the city of Las Vegas. The popularity it achieved surpassed the expectations and college betting has been on rise and we have seen a substantial increase in its activities. And just when Saint Patrick’s day is around the corner and the excitement of Christmas is underway this is the best time to visit one of the liveliest cities in America and with college betting are underway.

It is popularly believed that college basketball season doesn’t really get started until the conference play, but that doesn’t stop many tournaments taking place in holidays. These tournaments are very exciting and it allows college betting platforms and people to make good speculations due to the glimpse of these matches. It allows us to realize what the season holds for the participants. This also means it is a very active time on the internet as well, where college sports betting websites have lots of activities taking place. Covers.com is a great website for these type of activities and it is recommended to visit and place a bet on this page.

Because of the opening of T-Mobile Arena earlier this year, it is expected that we will see more holiday actions in the city of Las Vegas than the normal routine. It is also one of the most active days of college basketball betting as many people are free of it and can travel as well to their favorite destinations and enjoy one of the exciting basketball bet activities. Some of the holiday tournaments have already been announced so the time is just here to pack your bag and be a part of this live action. On December 15 Duke is going to be in action against University of Nevada-Las Vegas. It will be aired on CBS Sports classic and the battle is going to take place in the T-Mobile Arena. Then on December 17 UCLA will be up against Ohio State and on the same day North Carolina will be seen in action against Kentucky and these matches will be a part of South Point Holiday Hoops Classic.

These holiday tournaments take place during the perfect time of the year to visit Las Vegas. These dates affect Las Vegas as the place is considerably quiet and it is to the advantage of college basketball fans. Lack of crowds in Las vegas affects the hotel room prices and are generally tend to be found comparatively inexpensive. This also means nightclubs are more accessible and access to tickets is easier. Also, covers.com is a great website during this time of the year to place your bets.

Wen by Shaz Conditioner for Extra, Shine and Bounce

The Wen by Chaz hair products will give your hair more shine, body, and bounce. Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles-based stylist, has been in the hair field for more than two decades. Other than managing a celebrity client list in Hollywood, Dean founded WEN in 1993. Wen is a set of innovative hair treatments devised to fight the long-term effects of particular lathering shampoos. Today, the collection has a line of natural products including botanicals and natural herbs that help add moisture, sheen, luster and strength to your hair.

In a story posted on Bustle, a die-hard hair fanatic decided to try the WEN Cleansing Conditioner and confirm if it could transform her thin hair into luscious, healthy strands. If you have never tried the WEN cleansing conditioners, the products are typically an all-in-one shampoo, styling treatment, and conditioner. The brand boasts of the fact that these products work well with any hair type regardless of which formulation you try. The lady reached for the Sephora endorsed Fig version since it promised to give her hair moisture, shine, and bounce.

She divided her experiment into seven days. On the first day, she massaged the conditioner into her scalp as recommended on the product. She let the product soak for a few minutes before rinsing it off. While massaging, she noticed her hair felt almost thicker. She also saw fewer strands falling off mid-shower. The hair looked more bouncy and shiny after she had blow dried it.

After continuing with her experiment for seven days, she concluded that WEN Cleansing Conditioner is an excellent product for people with fine hair and who can make a routine of showering and styling their hair every morning. So, whenever you feel your hair craves a little extra shine, then you should reach out for the WEN Cleansing Conditioner.