The New Revolution In Modern Day Haircare

The Haircare Industry is one of the biggest and most popular industries in the world. There are hundreds if not thousands of haircare products on the market today which can make finding the perfect items impossible. Brands such as L’Oréal, Pantene, TRESemme, Sephora, and Aveda have dominated the scene for many years. These products are good in their home right, but they come from a synthetic base. Many of today’s haircare products have sulfates in them and these particular chemicals can be harmful if used to much. Even the very water you wash your hair with has chemicals and if you’re washing your hair more than three times per week, you’re sabotaging yourself.

Overwashing is one of the leading causes of creating excess sebum. This makes your extremely greasy and a bit slick. The scalp is actually stripped of it’s natural oils as well as moisture from this overzealous performance. Everyone has tap water in the home so try and limit the amount of use for better hair health. Have you ever heard of Chaz Dean ( How about WEN by Chaz. Chaz Dean is actually the creator/founder of the exclusive WEN Hair care Line. Mr. Dean has been in the business for many years as a professional haircare stylist and he knows all the tricks of the trade. He designed these products to help the user revitalize his/her hair.

WEN by Chaz has grown dramatically over the years and it has become one of the leading haircare brands today. Studies have shown that these products makes your hair more manageable in 95% of case studies as well as 100% more moisturized. It’s a win, win situation either way you go if you purchase the products from this extraordinary brand. WEN by Chaz is the present and future of modern day haircare.

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OSI Group’s Success Keeps Growing 100 Years After Its Founding

OSI Group is a premier supplier of custom food products the leading food service and retail food brands all over the world. They are one of the largest private companies in the country. OSI offers their clients many services including food product development, supply chain management, and processing and distribution.

OSI has more than 65 facilities around the globe, in 17 countries. Over 20,000 people work for OSI Group, maintaining their focus on creating high quality custom food products. These employees offer their clients exceptional culinary skill and use innovative research to help bring their clients’ ideas to life. The company holds unrivaled food safety and quality assurance practices, with a commitment to sustainability throughout their entire network.

Originally founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI was a family-owned meat market named Otto & Sons. The company grew as a trusted local business, becoming the first supplier of McDonald’s in 1955, which launched them into national success. In 1975, the family-owned business became OSI Industries and began expanding internationally.

In recent years, OSI has accomplished a lot to expand their business. In 2016, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe from the Flagship Food Group. Flagship Europe is a large supplier to the food service market in the UK, having a wide range of products like frozen poultry, pies, condiments, and sous vide products.

During the same year, OSI acquired the controlling stake of Baho Foods in a private Dutch company named Baho Food. Baho Food is involved in meat product manufacturing for both the food service and retail industries. The company currently operates in the Netherlands and Germany, having five subsidiary companies under its belt. Baho has been in business for over 60 years and currently serves clients in 18 European countries.

Also in 2016, OSI purchased a new food processing facility and storage warehouse. This new facility would sit in the company’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois. The new property is 200,000 square feet and previously owned by the company Tyson Foods. Because of its location, it will be able to provide support for the company’s continued success.

2016 brought a lot of success to the company. Towards the end of the year, OSI became the recipient of the prestigious Globe of Honour Award given by the British Safety Council. This award was given to OSI because of their exemplary management of environmental risks within the company. This award was given to only 18 international organizations, all of which have demonstrated excellence in the environmental management.

Investment Banking and General Banking Operations

Many people think of investment banking as being different from banking as a whole. The reality is that banking encompasses a variety of different services. Those that think of investments usually think of the stock market. Successful investment bankers are sometimes capable of winning the trust of clients through other measures. Possessing a proven track record is important for many investors. This is because they invest very large sums of money. The main purpose of an investment banker is to raise money for businesses. They may also help these clients invest in other stocks. Some also assist with business operations like mergers and acquisitions.

Becoming a successful investment banker is fairly difficult because acquiring capital for businesses often requires individual creativity. Investment bankers need to have a strong understanding of the market that they are working in. It is becoming increasingly important to understand how the global economy functions as a whole. This is because businesses are largely importing resources and outsourcing labor.

Some investors like Martin Lustgarten focus more on international investing. Some consider him to be the most trustworthy investment banker in Florida. He runs a private firm that helps clients pursue their projects to the best extent possible. Many business owners don’t have the slightest clue as to how to raise money for their business idea. Martin’s ability to work in international markets gives him extra leverage.

The modern investment banker should follow Martin Lustgarten’s example. Martin understands the basic fundamentals of investment banking very well. He knows that it is important for clients to invest their money correctly. He also understands that many clients don’t have any idea as to how to get their business operations running. People like Martin use their expert knowledge as a selling point to clients. Investment bankers need to be able to help a client sell their idea to people. Savvy investment bankers should have strong knowledge of the markets that they are working in. Martin works in international markets because he knows that each region offers unique resources. Any business owner that is looking to hire an investment banker is inevitably going to go with the one that is the most trusted and reputable.

Flavio Maluf Promises an Even Brighter Future for Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a popular name in Brazil. He being the president of two companies, namely Eucatex and GrandFood, some of the largest companies in the nation. Hard work, education, spirit of learning and great leadership skills have made Maluf who he is today.

Maluf studied at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. In the 80s, he moved to New York to further his studies, taking an administration course, at the New York University. Perhaps, in preparation of running a company someday.

In the year 1986, he moved back to Brazil and began working at Eucatex. His first worked in the trade sector of this company, before moving to the industrial department. His hard work made him get noticed, and, within a decade, the family decided to appoint him as the new president. In the year 1997, he became Eucatex president, succeeding his uncle.

Since assuming the role of the president of Eucatex, Maluf has been very instrumental in the growth of the company. He has grown Eucatex, to export in over 37 countries. Also, his leadership has been instrumental in Eucatex being rated as the second best manufacturer and distributer of wood fiber in the foreign market.

About Eucatex

Eucatex is the first producer of environmental-friendly and acoustic fiber, in Brazil, utilizing natural Eucalyptus. This family-owned company was founded in the year 1951, but launched their first factory in 1954. This was in Salto in San Paulo state. The company started business, producing ceiling linings and insulating materials that had thermal properties. Then, they would use low-density materials in the manufacture of their products.

Currently, the firm operates two major segments. They have a construction and furniture segment. Their construction segment manufactures and supplies paints, partitions, laminate floors, and doors. On the other hand, the furniture segment produces MDP, Tamburato, and wood fiber plates. They are marked as the largest producer for these furniture products, holding a 16% Brazilian market share for MDP and Tamburato.

Under the leadership of Maluf, the company has expanded to open a new plan in Salto, dealing in the production of T- HDF/MDF. They also, recently, opened another branch in Botucatu City.

EOS Lip Balm is on the Lips of Millennial Women

Inspired entrepreneurs saw the world of lip care in a slicker way than the traditional lip balms on the market. EOS Lip Balm (Evolution of Smooth), the creation of co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, is now the second most popular lip balm on the market.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Lip Balm was originally thought of as a practical, faintly medicinal, and totally unisex product. But focus groups showed a different trend. Women were the vast majority of consumers. Young women were ready for something that spoke to them. They knew what they wanted, and what they wanted was organic. Literally.

A Sense of Delight

With this new knowledge of the consumer base, EOS Lip Balm created a product that appealed to women. They desired an experience that delighted the senses. From the happy little click that closes the soft round plastic container to the pastel colors and fun flavors that enliven the senses, a part of daily personal care became an opportunity for a moment of pleasure. The EOS motto is “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

It Takes One Fan

A hurdle to overcome was product placement. Many buyers were men who didn’t understand EOS Lip Balm. But one female buyer from Walgreens was a fan and the lip balm gained traction.

Gliding Across the Lips of Celebrities

In the age of instant communication, social media stars such as Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift took a shine to EOS Lip Balm; beauty bloggers sang its praise with moist lips on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Millennial women listened. Fortunately, with its own production facilities, the company was able to keep up with the ballooning pace of demand.

The Future Looks Good

EOS Lip Balm currently sells 1 million units a week. With predictions of global lip care to increase to 2 billion by 2020, the future is worth smiling about.

Plans for EOS, which already introduced a sports shoe to coordinate with a flavored lip balm, include new lines of products and cross-marketing platforms.

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The Amazing Battle Between Fabletics and Amazon

Things are heating up with Fabletics and Amazon. These are two of the biggest clothing companies out there, and Fabletics is appealing in a huge way to many women. She has developed the type of company that is able to stand out as a force among huge companies like Amazon.


There is a place where Kate Hudson has shined online, but now she realizes that there is a better way to get access to customers that Amazon is missing. With more than 100 physical stores opening in the next week, it is going to be easier for Kate Hudson to get the Fabletics brand out to more people that do not shop online. This is a huge undertaking, but there is room for growth outside of the Internet. Amazon sells a little bit of everything, but there are no physical stores. This is what makes Fabletics an excellent competitor. People may be anxious to see how this competition is going to play out for Fabletics.


The core of the Fabletics audience right now is online, but there are already a few stores spread throughout the United States. These stores are profitable so it makes sense for Kate Hudson to pursue the possibility of more stores. The reality is that more people will interested in getting to try on the clothes for Fabletics when they can just go straight to the store. This is not something that Amazon has the ability to offer. This is where Fabletics has room to show up as a different company and present people with different options.


Amazon sells a variety of different clothes, and this online store could possibility offer more selections because this is a brick and mortar location. That is the competitive advantage that Amazon has. That is what has led this company to capture about 20% of the clothing market. There is strong potential for Fabletics to upset the nature of the Fabletics lead though, and it all has to do with the strength of these new stores that are opening.


All of the new stores will not open until right away, but there will be a chance for this company to grow and gain much more exposure as the new stores open. It will be about 5 years to get all the stores in place, but this a long 5 years that will gives the brand a lot of time to catch on with the customers that are still not doing much shopping online. It is a possible that this will become the leader in clothing for women that are interested in nice clothes that fit well. This is a company that has the ability to reach lots of women that are trying to get something to wear to the gym right away. That is the amazing thing about this brand. It caters to a crowd that has been waiting for a line of athleisure clothes that are stylish. This is a competitive advantage that Fabletics has over companies like Amazon.

The Studies of Sujit Choudhry

To study comparative law is to study not only history, but to also analyze the different legal systems all over the world in not only the past, but also in present day and to analyze what aspects of a legal system that has been implemented by dictators, democratic governments, and even my monarchies have worked in the past and create an efficient and healthy society with individuals that live a happy and healthy life. Comparative law studies the similarities as well as the differences in legal systems around the world that are based upon not only laws that have been created and implemented by governments, but also laws that are culturally created as well as laws that are implemented through religion. Comparative law is a growing area of study that was first discovered in the 18th century and continued on due to the interest in studying the interaction of individuals all over the world.

Of the many experts in present day that have an understanding in comparative law, one individual stands out not only due to his hard working demeanor, but also due to his ability to carefully analyze different legal systems around the world and to assess their functionality. This individual is known as Sujit Choudhry, an intellect who possesses several degree in the studies of law and who holds a passion for comparative law which has been demonstrated through the many research projects that he has created and that he continues to be involved with.

Sujit Choudhry is an individual who was born in India and who always wanted to receive the best education possible and to make his life a life that would also help others in the future. Sujit Choudhry has always been interested in globalization and hopes to continue his research to assess a new legal system that can be used across countries all over the world. As an Indian born, Sujit Choudhry has made his country proud as the first individual to be appointed as a dean to one of the top schools in the world that is located in the United States of America.

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