George Soros: Philanthropist and Change Maker

George Soros may be well known now as a billionaire supporter of progressive causes but his beginnings are much more humble. Born in 1930 in Budapest, he came from war-torn Hungry to become a staunch supporter of human rights.

After amassing a fortune, Soros decided to give back to society by financially supporting various initiatives that focused on making societies freer. He started by financially supporting political dissidents in Eastern Europe and Black students in South Africa who, at the time, were living under apartheid. In the early 1990’s, Soros created the Open Society Foundations (OSF). It is a network of various organizations which seeks to promote democracy, religious tolerance and freedom. With these goals in mind, OSF has helped to establish freedom of information laws, drug policy reform that focuses on decreasing demand, refugee assistance, gender equality, decreasing discrimination against Roma people in Europe, among many other endeavors.

Similarly, George Soros has supported various initiatives in the US. One piece of activism that the Washington Times reported on in 2015 was George Soros’ funding of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. According to the article by Kelly Riddell, financial records and discussions with important players indicated that Soros funded the organizations which held protests in Missouri and other US cities, protests that were speaking out against the police killing of black teen Micheal Brown.

However, as stated by Kenneth Zimmerman, the director the OSF’s US operations, although some of the organizations involved in the protests did get grant money from the foundation, OSF was not involved in bringing those groups to protest. Yet, according to Riddell, the organizations funded by Soros continued to keep the Ferguson protests in the news by posting news reports, and quoting each other and creating academic research and opinion pieces to keep the story in the public.

This work, according to Riddell, was also used to widen the scope of the Ferguson incident to more than just policing problems and discrimination, but also to highlight the interrelated issues, such as the criminalized of minorities via drug policy, according to Kassandra Frederique, the head of the Soro’s founded Drug Policy Alliance.

Such work has led to the false rumor that George Soros himself funded the protests and supported them. While OSF does provide funds to organizations involved with criminal justice reform, among other issues, neither he nor his organization, were personally responsible for the protests or directing them, according to David Mikkelson at the fact-checking site Snopes.

Despite funding lots of progressive causes over the years, Soros had been less active after spending over $20 million in 2004 to try to defeat Pres. George W. Bush’s re-election. However, during the 2016 presidential campaign, he once again started to make major donations, this time for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. His interest in supporting her most likely stemmed from his strong belief in Clinton as well as his strong desire to not see Trump as president, according to close associates of Mr. Soros. Learn more about his profile at


Brian Torchin: Providing Quality Medical And Legal Staffing Through HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is a talented, caring chiropractor with a degree from New York Chiropractic College. However, many more people know Torchin as the president of HCRC Staffing, a staffing company that provides experienced, well-qualified medical and legal professionals for medical offices and law firms all over the world.

The transformation from a focus on chiropractic care to staffing was an organic one for Torchin. While running his chiropractic practice, he became aware of how difficult it is to get quality workers for medical facilities and law firms facing large staff turnover. He knew he had the skills and connections to help address the issue.

Today HCRC Staffing is among the top full-service consulting and staffing firms serving the health care and legal industries. They have proven they have the ability to identify the right medical and legal staff for any company in as little as 72 hours.

Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing are able to customize their staffing solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients in the health care and legal fields. Their mission is to work to build long-term relationships with their clients by providing them with flexible staffing solutions that are based on respect, trust as well as the delivery of excellent results consistently.

The firm is able to provide its clients in the medical field with all types of medical professionals including doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, office managers, receptionists and more. For their legal clients, they deliver the top attorneys, paralegals, administrators, legal secretaries, office managers and billing specialists.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin has been CEO of HCRC Staffing since January 2007. He was Director of Medical Marketing for Practice Management Inc. for 7 years. In addition to his degree in chiropractic, he also earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware.

Brian Torchin is known for his personable nature, professionalism and unmatched recruiting and management consulting skills and excellent advice. Brian Torchin also writes revealing articles on staff burnout, toxic employees, conducting employee background checks, the value of personality tests in making better hiring decisions and tips for properly onboarding staff.

The Life History of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a senior vice president at Legendary Investments. He gave an interview on Ideamensch. He started by giving the background of his current company known as TDL Global Ventures. His advice to entrepreneurs was that they should work extra hard. He said that building a business required hard work, a lot of time, and effort. He advised them to review their goal when they felt like it was getting repetitive. One failure that he had gone through as an entrepreneur was when one of his business deals went sour. He explained that it hindered his progress and made him start again from scratch. Lubar was able to overcome this through persistence and self-assurance. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Lubar was asked to give a business idea to readers. He mentioned many sites that assist people to find houses. Lubar observed that many of them were clunky and did not do a good job of winning the trust of the user. He mentioned that there was a significant opportunity for a company to take over the space as Google had taken over ‘search.’ He said that his Fitbit device was the best $100 that he had spent recently. Lubar claimed that it helps him to stay in shape and keep him accountable on his fitness goals. He also liked the fact that he could compete with his co-workers.

Lubar recommended the community to read “The Magic of Thinking Big.” It was written by David Schwartz. He explained that the book challenges the reader to think big and to aim higher than they would dare. This has helped him to come up with a holistic perspective on life and how to balance between work and family. Todd Lubar studied at Syracuse University where earned a degree in Speech Communication. He joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation after graduation. He has worked for several other corporations including Charter Funding and the Legacy Financial Group. Lubar is the president and founder of TDL Global Ventures. He has exhibited expertise in the mortgage industry. He was recognized as one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the US.

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Cassio Audi And His Music Career

Cassio Audi has spent quite a long time in the business world, and he has learned many things about the industry that help him succeed. He started as a fine musician who still plays and enjoys music to this day. He has built a music career for himself that brings joy to many, and this article explains how he is helping people live fuller lives when listening to his music.

#1: Music Is An Escape

Cassio has used music as an escape for some time, and he knows how easy it is to create music that will bring joy to those around him. He has been writing for some time to ensure that the people of Brazil have nice music to listen to, and he still turns to music to make his life better.

#2: The Creative Side

The creative side of Cassio Audi is quite strong, and he knows that there are a number of people who will benefit from his creative side in business. The business side of Cassio is aided by the things that he has done in music, and he wants the people around him to enjoy his music while they work with him. There is a great connection between Cassio and the music world, and that connection makes him better at his job.

#3: His Concerts

As stated in this article, “Cassio Audi, Ivan Busic and Jean Dolabella: Brazil’s Heavy Metal Drummers”, Cassio Audi still gives concerts, and there are a number of people who will quite enjoy listening to him play. He shares his music with as many people as possible, and he shows people the side of himself that makes him more creative at work.

The music career of Cassio Audi is quite important, and it provides a glimpse of what he has been doing in the past few decades. Someone who wishes to work with Cassio Audi will be appreciative his music.

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The Work of Litigator Karl Heideck

Litigation is the process of settling disputes via the law. The process of litigation is one in which both parties involved may need to use the law as a means of getting the results they want. Many people find they need to have a litigator on hand in order to do things in their life such as get a divorce. The litigator is the person who will help them through all phases of the legal process. A litigator may do things such as pre-trial searches, pleadings on behalf of the plaintiff and showing up in court to make their point of view known to a judge.

The Work of Karl Heideck

In order to become a litigator, it is necessary to complete college and then attend law school. Litigators are expected to understand all aspects of the law. This is something that litigator Karl Heideck knows well. Karl Heideck earned his law degree from James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University in Philadelphia. Here, he realized that he wanted to be part of the process of litigation in order to help clients get access to justice. Karl Heideck specializes in litigation, compliance, and risk management. This is a field that he cares about passionately as he knows his clients rely on him for during any legal proceedings.

A Contract Attorney

Karl Heideck has served as a contract attorney in recent years for one of the most respected national firms. His work at Grant & Eisenhofer, in Pennsylvania has been about using skills and taking on many job responsibilities. During this time, his work here as a litigator means reviewing important legal discovery materials for company clients such as that pertaining to complex securities fraud efforts that require the help of a skilled attorney. His work for the firm also includes many different types of legal skills including that pertaining to banking litigation. In this role, he has been able to expand his legal skills and develop his career even further. He hopes to continue in this role in a field that he has come to love very much.

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Athleisure Wear is Fabletics Specialty And Available To All Shapes and Sizes

Athleisure wear is hot on the markets today. Many companies are jumping on board, trying to cash in. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics and became inspired by her career driven mother, Goldie Hawn and her hand in the Hawn Foundation. Fabletics entered the scene in 2013 and is proving to be a big competitor against the powerhouse activewear brands. It is apart of the Techstyle Fashion Group enterprise. There are many speculations when it comes to their VIP monthly membership but the numbers are proving that the monthly membership isn’t a problem. For $49, consumers get bottoms, a sports bra, and a top based on their preferences. This personalizes their service and it comes at a fraction of the competitor’s price.


Fabletics have an online store and 18 physical stores. Their success has come quickly with their revenue reaching $250 million. In the year 2016, their sales increased to 43%. But many wonder how Fabletics has come on to the scene and is doing so well. High end products aren’t defined liked they use to be. To be considered high end, the quality of the product had to be impeccable and the price of the product was on the higher end. But now, high end is defined by excellent customer experience, popularity of the brand, and exclusive designs specific to the company.


The strategy Fabletics uses is comparable to Apple and Warby Parker. And it is paying off for them so far. The subscription service is the start of the relationship with the consumer. It is during that time that the company gets familiar with the consumer and finds out what kind of products interest the consumer and the lifestyle the consumer has. Fabletics caters to all shapes and sizes because they wanted their products available to everyone. As the company is constantly competing with other companies, they still seem to come out on top because of how they do business.


Fabletics uses reverse showrooming, input from data, and the growth of the consumers and their cultures to strategically and successfully run their business. Those that shop in the physical stores are already members and those that are not members, leave as members before their shopping experience is over with. Data helps them stay on top of the trends and keeps them in the know on what is trending with the consumers. This lets them know what is working in the showrooms physically and online.

Julia Jackson: The Jackson Family Wines Spokesperson

Julia Jackson is a proprietor and spokesperson of the famous Jackson Family Wines founded by her late father, Jess Jackson. To Julia, having been born and brought up in a winemaking and selling business, wine ceased to be a mere expensive drink in the market and become her life. Since childhood until date, Julia holds fond memories of the wine selling business at heart and strives to achieve nothing but perfection when it comes to the business.

Despite having a passion for the wine business, Julia is also a scholar. She is a graduate of Scripps College where she undertook her degree in studio art. In addition to this, Julia has a certificate in General Management program from Stanford University that helps her carry her duties effectively in the family business.

Since the Jackson Family Wines was founded by her father, Julia believes that her mother is the brainchild behind all its success; this is even true thanks to the leadership of her mother since the demise of her father. As an honor not only to her mother but also to the different women in leadership, Julia works with the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment program to inspire hope to women in leadership. Under this program, Julian and the Jackson family supports community-based, not for profit organization with annual grants of up to $100,000 in support of their projects.

As a spokesperson, Julia Jackson has been able to achieve a lot for the family wine business. Thanks to her mastery of French, Julia has been able to market and distribute their wine brands to French-speaking nations. Julia maintains her Pinot Noir and Chardonnay brands as some of the best Sonoma wines in the market. Not only are thy sweet but also affordable.


Julia Jackson is the next big name in the wine making industry. The next time you enjoy your favorite Jackson Family Wine brand, keep in mind these facts about its proprietor Julia Jackson.

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U.S Money Reserve offers industry-leading gold buyback program

Many Americans are leery of purchasing gold or other precious coins, due to the reputation of the industry as a whole. The image of the gold coin industry as being something that plies it trade on late-night infomercials and in the back pages of racy magazines is not one that has helped its image with respectable investors.


But one company is seeking to change all of that. U.S. Money Reserve, the largest seller of gold coins in the United States today, has instituted an industry-leading gold buyback program the guarantees the satisfaction of all of its customers, with no questions asked. No matter how much gold is purchased from the company, the customer has the absolute right to send back all that they have purchased within the first 30-days. This can be for a good cause or for no reason at all, it doesn’t matter. U.S. Money Reserve will buy back the coins without inquiring as to why they’re being returned.


This is just one of the many things that U.S. Money Reserve has been doing in it’s hard work towards revamping the industry’s image as that on the same plane of respectability as other major investment forms such as stock index funds or the purchasing a bonds. In today’s turmoil-stricken markets, it is more important than ever that investors consider all possibilities available to them.


One of the best ways to robustly diversify ones investment portfolio is through the purchase of precious coins. This asset class has a track record, spanning millennia, of being able to weather the most extreme financial hardships and calamities that have ever befallen the human race. Before any stock market existed, there were gold coins. The Romans used them as a primary means of currency, as did many other civilizations. Today, a single gold Roman coin from that era is worth thousands of dollars, an indication of just how well gold holds its value.


But gold has also performed incredibly well during times of market downturns, such as through financial panics and stock market crashes. During the Great Depression, gold performed better than any other class of assets. This is a pattern that can be seen again and again throughout history. This provides ample evidence that gold and other precious metals are some of the best investments for those seeking to minimize their absolute exposure to risk.


In making great efforts to bring gold coin ownership to the broader American public, U.S. Money Reserve is doing everything it can to ensure today’s Americans have a healthy financial future.


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