Kim Dao And Sunnydahye Visit A Dog Café In Seoul

Kim Dao is back in South Korea with her best friend Sunnydahye. In one of her latest South Korean travel vlogs, Kim takes viewers to a cute dog café with Sunny’s dog Gamja. Kim called this vlog, “A Day in Seoul, Korea | Dog Cafe, Concert & Food ft. Sunnydahye.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao says she’s going to Gangnam Station to buy a power bank. She actually lost her original Pikachu power bank when she went on a trip to Copenhagen.


At Gangnam Station, Kim Dao gets her white iPhone power bank. She says her new power bank is 20,000 mah, which is a real upgrade from her last 10,000 mah power bank.


Next, Sunny and Kim relax for a traditional Korean lunch. When they finish lunch, Kim and Sunny head out to do a bit more shopping. Kim shows us around a store called Artbox.


A little bit later, Kim Dao introduces us to Gamja. Kim and Sunny get Gamja into Sunny’s car and head out to a local dog café. They order Gamja a cute doggie ice cream bar, but Gamja doesn’t want to eat it at first. Later on, however, Gamja eat the entire ice cream bar.


There are also ice cream desserts for humans at this dog café. Kim Dao orders a fancy avocado ice cream. Kim says the ice cream tastes really good.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao and Sunny go to a Compton To Seoul concert. Kim films a bit of the concert and then goes into the VIP area to meet the talented singers. Learn more:



Sujit Choudhry Participates in Talks Regarding the Challenges Facing the Ukraine Government’s Semi-Presidential System

Sujit Choudhry’s track record speaks for itself, as he has been involved as an advisor in several constitution building processes all over the world. Aside from that, he heads the Center for Constitutional Transitions. For these reasons, Sujit recently participated in discussions about the Ukraine government’s semi-presidential system alongside other constitutional professionals. The talks regarding the impediments facing the system took place on July 10th in Kiev.

For Sujit Choudhry, it was an honor to deliberate on executive powers in front of experts. He attributed several factors including the weak political parties, the legislature electoral system and the presidential power to the instability in Ukraine. Other notable personalities in the company of Sujit included Sumit Bisarya of the International IDEA, Thomas Sidelius of Dalarna University, Viktor Musiaka, the president representative in Supreme Court, as well as Sergi Holovatyi, sits on the constitutional commission of Ukraine among others.  Hit on and be updated with his latest work.

All the individuals present in the discussions boasts valuable knowledge and experience in the subject matter. Apart from being a renowned constitutional building process advisor, Sujit Choudhry has recently released a collection of classic articles, academic contributions on constitutional law dubbed Sujit Choudhry’s Constitutional Making.  Additional reading on

Sujit Choudhry in Brief

Sujit Choudhry is globally known for being an authority on both politics and comparative law. Previously, he worked at the University of Toronto as the Scholl Chairperson and as the professor of law at the New York University. Sujit Choudhry integrates a vast research agenda with his extensive field experience as a constitution building process advisor in countries like Yemen, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Egypt and Nepal among others.   For more related reading, check on this.

Sujit Choudhry holds several law degrees from internationally recognized universities like Toronto, Oxford, and Harvard. During his 20 years’ experience as a constitutional advisor, he has dealt with various contexts including political violence and ceasefires. In fact, his vast experience ranges from leading stakeholder consultations, training civil servants and bureaucrats, performing extensive advisory work with technical experts to drafting memoranda and reports in the field.  Click on to read more.   Additionally, Sujit Choudhry has served as a consultant to several international organizations like the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank Institute at the World Bank. For his contact info, hit on


Sujit Choudhry brains behind constitutional law

Sujit Choudhry is well-known for his expertise in the comparative constitutional law. He is currently the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He was part of the top legal experts in Kiev on July 10. They discussed the semi-presidential system of the Ukrainian government and talked about constitutional challenges the system is encountering. Sujit Choudhry and his team were hosted by the international institute for democracy and electorate assistance, intergovernmental organizations supporting democracy as well as the center of policy and legal reform. Sujit Choudhry was honored to discuss executive powers with other experts. He aired out that democracy has not been stable in Ukraine because the concentration of the presidency power, weak political parties, and the legislature electoral system has been the key factors in deterring democracy.

His team included notable personalities like Dalarna University`s Sibelius and International IDEA Sumit Bisarya, former president`s advisor, Sergyi Holovatyi, Viktor Musiaka president representative in Supreme Court, representative on human rights, representative of Center for Policy and Legal Reform among others. The team is versatile and knowledgeable on the matters at hand, and their expertise was highly of help.

Sujit Choudhry has lectured in various countries and worked in constitutional advisory process around the globe. He is also a proficient author and has written numerous articles and publications on constitutional law. He released the Constitutional Making which he gathered from different scholars who focuses on the democratic case studies.  Keep up-to-date with his latest work, click on

Sujit Choudhry believes that the Center of Constitutional Transitions is the fundamental change in generation and mobilization of knowledge that support constitutional building process. To come up with the transitions, it relies on the work of international experts who produces evidence based on the policy options. Handily with NGO`s, global multilateral organizations and Think Tank The Center of Constitutional Transitions has accomplished their mission.  Check

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Sujit Choudhry is a reputable dean and professor of Law at the University of California.   Sujit Choudhry holds masters in law from Harvard University and a law degree from the University of Oxford. His extensive knowledge and experience in law industry has earned him reputation in all corners of the world. He has been in constitutional building process in many countries.  To read more about his list of advisory works, visit

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Monitoring Solutions Being Provided By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the first name that comes to the mind of the jail authorities when I ask them about a company providing monitoring solutions to them. They also cite their reasons behind this. One of them is that safety is in the DNA of Securus Technologies. They are focused on providing comprehensive safety solutions to the Facilities.


Securus Technologies provides GPS as well as RF-based monitoring systems. This makes the Facilities safe. It has helped to reduce the crime rate inside the prisons too. Hence the authorities are very happy about it.


The fact remains that prison officials are very busy. They have to keep the prisons safe by avoiding any crimes from happening. Next, they have to resolve any unsolved cases too. Also, they have to track if any criminal activity is going to happen or already happening inside the Facility. Hence they need all the help that they can to manage their work.


Securus Technologies understands this well. Hence they are providing various support programs for them. Besides, they are also providing reporting services that would aid them in their supervision. This can also involve the tracking of location and movement of the adults as well as juveniles in the community. In this way, even the public spaces are being kept safe.


I am aware of several instances in which these monitoring solutions being provided by Securus Technologies are being used to track the movement of any contraband, liquor, arms or even money inside the facility. Many times corrupt officials have been caught this way. This has helped to catch such officials red-handed. Besides, all the contraband, currency and everything else is caught before it gets circulated inside the Facility making the environment unsafe for all. In this way, Securus Technologies has enhanced security inside prisons.


Sujit Choudhry: Why Comparative Constitutional Law is Important for the US

A constitution is an important tool that binds a people of a country together. Questions constantly arise during the implementation of a constitution in a political environment. Professionals such as Sujit Choudhry, the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, with a vast understanding of international political and legal systems are called upon to provide their insight on challenging constitutional matters. Recently, Lynn Fosse—the Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine—interviewed Choudhry. She sought Choudhry’s opinions on some issues including the role of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, emerging democracies, and his experiences from working for many nations.

For further reading, check on this.

When asked the role of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Choudhry answered that the center is a source of knowledge regarding constitutional building. The center in partnership with international experts, multilateral organizations, think tanks, and NGOs provide evidence –based policy options for consideration by decision makers and research institutions. He praises the center for having worked with over 25 countries and over 50 experts from those countries. One thing that Sujit Choudhry is proud of is the professional connections he created while working on projects involving international experts. He says that the professional networks he created are much alive today.  Keep abreast with his latest work, check on

As a citizen of the US and an advocate for the comparative constitutional law, he is of the opinion that the US will benefit her political and legal systems if she studies other democratic countries. He believes that the challenges facing liberal democratic constitutionalism in democratic countries are the same problems facing the US; she is no longer an exemption.

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Choudhry is a well-traveled professional. He pursued his higher education in three different nations: England, Canada, and the US. He is an immigrant in the US whose native home is India. When he graduated his work entailed a lot of traveling, and he believes that his globetrotting has influenced his professional success. Related article available on  He has met different people and worked well with them; he says the secret to working with people harmoniously is understanding their problems from their perspective. He encourages professionals like him to be flexible and use shortcomings to improve their approach to issues.  For his contact info, hit on

Have an in-depth look at Sujit’s profile, visit


The Rise of George Soros and Power of Philanthropy

The work that billionaire George Soros has been doing over the vast majority of his life has been something that will make him a man of history. Soros, a billionaire investor and noted philanthropist, has firmly entrenched himself as one of the most proactive and progressive people on the planet. While Soros is most well known for his work with the Soros Hedge Fund, it is his operations at the Open Society Foundation that will firmly plant his legacy in the history books. Soros was born and Hungary but he came to the United States in the ’50s in order to chase the American dream. In the years between those two events he saw some incredible and harrowing things that formulated his stance on life.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. When he was just 14 years old the Nazi Occupation of 1944 began in earnest. For the next year the Nazis would control Soros home, killing 500,000 Hungarian born Jews along the way. Soros saw firsthand the horrors of war being waged by a group of rabid nationalists who put their identity and faith in a ruler over the very foundations of humanity. Soros and his family would thankfully manage to escape by acquiring fake travel papers and thus they would emigrate to London. Before leaving George Soros and his family would help countless others follow in their footsteps to flee the country.

This experience, during Soros’ formative years as a young adult, would teach him several important lessons. Most of all, it would open his mind to the idea of an Open Society — where people were people and concepts like brutal nationalism would never be able to take hold. Soros would dig deep into the philosophy of Karl Popper and he’d become immersed in the book, “Open Society and Its Enemies”. Popper’s ultimate argument was that society would only flourish when granted the freedom of individual rights, free speech, and a fair and equitable democracy. These core concepts would lead to George Soros scribing his own work which detailed the dangers of modern capitalism and how crony capitalism was subverting the very nature of the world.

While George Soros’ work as an investor would rightfully take center stage after he moved to America in the ’50s, it is his work as a philanthropist that has him becoming world renowned. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in 1979 with the mission statement of giving back to communities in need around the world. In the years since the OSF was established they have given out over $12 billion to regions of the world that needed help more than ever. Now, George Soros is using his philanthropy to continue to help mould the world into a better place.

George Soros info:

Bruno Fagali: The Corporate Integrity Management Guru

     Versatility is an important trait to have in any career, most especially in those that are very competitive. The Brazilian legal industry is quite competitive. There are thousands of lawyers in the country each scrambling for the millions of clients in need of legal services. As such, having a grasp of various areas within the law increases a lawyer’s chances of landing many clients. Few have understood and exploited this concept as much as Bruno Fagali. The young, brilliant lawyer competently practices in the fields of urban law, administrative law, regulatory law, and compliance. Already in high demand from all sorts of clients, it is highly likely that in the coming years he will be among the biggest lawyers in the country.

Like most other lawyers, Bruno Fagali’s legal career has humble beginnings. After growing passionate about the law in his late teens, Mr. Fagali decided to attend the highly acclaimed Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo where he was awarded a law degree. He then worked for a number of law firms in Sao Paulo, including Tojal, Texeira, Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Associate Lawyers and Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. Soon after, his impressive legal mind caught the attention of Nova/sb, one of the fastest rising advertising agencies in Brazil. The company offered him the position of Corporate Integrity Management and tasked him with the responsibility of developing a corporate integrity program.

Bruno Fagali has won widespread admiration for his work at Nova/sb. The Corporate Integrity Program he created has greatly minimized the litigation risk that the company is exposed to when dealing with administrative contracts. He has also ensured that the plan remains current and relevant through continual and precise maintenance.

Despite being arguably one of the most brilliant lawyers in Sao Paulo, Bruno Fagali has never lost his passion for learning the law. In the years since receiving his law degree, Mr. Fagali has completed a number of certificate courses covering different areas of Brazilian law. He received his earliest certificate, in Administrative Law, from FGV-Gvlaw. Additionally, he only this year completed a Progressive State Law master’s degree program at the University of Sao Paulo.

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Sujit Choudhry: The Global Authoritative Constitutional Expert

Sujit Choudhry is a Constitution making expert who has advised various democracies around the globe. Countries such as Nepal, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and South Africa are beneficiaries of his knowledge on constitution making. Because of his vast knowledge of comparative constitutional law and politics, he is one of the experts in demand around the globe. His input in legal forums, such as his recent observations regarding the Ukrainian semi-presidential systems, is respected not only by his peers but also by the countries he is advising.   More to read about him on

Ukraine stands to benefit her democracy by adopting Choudhry’s advice to strengthen her political parties, spread power across all arms of government, and look into her legislature electoral system among other invaluable advice. Choudhry’s observation came in the wake of a conference held in Kiev and attended by other constitutional experts.

Choudhry’s efforts to aid the constitution making process around the globe are channeled through the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is the director of the center. For an up-to-date keeping of his latest work, click on  The center is a source of knowledge supporting constitutional building process, a role it accomplishes by being in touch with the leading constitutional experts in more than twenty-five countries. The experts are responsible for assisting decision makers as well as agenda setting research. The Center for Constitutional Transitions partners with NGOs, think tanks, and multilateral organizations to boost its team of experts.

Choudhry is always involved in research. Most of his research is based on constitutional law and politics. Currently, Sujit Choudhry is part of three collaborative research projects interested in territorial cleavages, security sector reforms, and democratic transitions. The findings of the projects are to be made public in future. His research projects dealing with the use of the Constitution as a bridge between undemocratic politics and democratic politics have yielded many publications. Constitutional experts use some of his books such as the “Constitution Making” when reviewing constitutions of different countries.  Check  Many Institutions of Higher Learning often use Choudhry’s publications as sources of authoritative knowledge on the law.  For added info, hit this useful link.

Choudhry is an American of Indian descent born in 1970. He pursued law in reputable institutions, and his work has attracted many awards and recognitions.  Refer to for related article.

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How Brown Agency Steps Away from the Norm

The Brown Agency, located in Austin, shows that what used to be the norm in the modeling world doesn’t have to be the way things are done now. Justin Brown certainly chose the right place to make the kind of impact that he’s looking for.

Staying true to the Austin trends, Justin Brown has some fresh faces joining his agency and they don’t look like your regular talent. The Brown Agency is proving that unique faces and different looks are perfectly adequate for doing what they do. From piercings to tattoos, new looks are showing up on the runway and the Brown Agency is in the right place with its talent to meet new standards in the industry.

While the Brown Agency has plenty going locally, Justin Brown is shooting for the stars with his talent and hoping to help them get top jobs around the nation. Many models and actors have been able to be a part of big-brand experiences with Louis Vuitton, Toyota, L’Oréal, and much more.

Justin Brown once worked as a model himself, but soon began to realize that he preferred being the man behind the talent, not the talent himself. Justin Brown has a degree in business management, so he decided to put it to good use in an industry that he enjoyed being in.

He originally started working with talent in California with different firms, but eventually moved to Texas, finally settling in Austin. While Austin has some agencies, Justin Brown felt that he could make an impact with Brown Agency’s way of doing things and his connections with agencies across the nation.

The Brown Agency has talent that works in modeling, commercials, film, and television. He’s proud to encourage and train the Austin models to dream big and to achieve success all over the country and fortunately for him and the talent, it’s working.

Whatever it is that Justin Brown is doing in Austin with his agency, it’s definitely working its magic. The Brown Agency is getting recognized in Austin as a great place for training and development and with good reason. For more info, visit

Sujit Choudhry Sharing his Suggestions on How to Diffuse Ukraines Political Unrest

Comparative law is a law that helps in finding differences and similarities in different laws practiced around the world. It helps in the search for a middle ground when two countries are dealing with each other and also helps in understanding if any amendments are to be made in the Constitution or the law of the country. Sujit Choudhry is an expert on comparative law and also the co-founder of the only organization that generates and mobilizes information and knowledge on comparative constitutional law.  For detailed info about him, head over to

Sujit Choudhry feels that the comparative law has the answers to many of the problems that the world is facing currently. It is because of his in-depth understanding of the comparative law that he is often asked to share his knowledge, experience, and wisdom on various associated topics.  Be updated with his latest work, hit on

Recently, Sujit Choudhry was invited to come over to Kiev, Ukraine, to share how he feels that the political and social unrest in the country can be calmed and what are the constitutional changes he suggests. Sujit Choudhry said at the event that for any country to function smoothly there has to be a strong political party that needs to be at the center of its political landscape. However, Sujit Choudhry said that in Ukraine, there is no strong political party and it is what has caused the political and social unrest to scale up at the level it has. Sujit Choudhry also talked about how the electoral process of the country hasn’t been changed over the years and can be easily tampered with. He believes that it is also one of the reasons why the country’s population doesn’t approve of current leadership or trust the government.  For his timeline activity updates, hit on

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Sujit Choudhry said that the semi-presidential system present in the country is also being blamed for all the problems it has been facing. He stated that Ukraine has a lot of potential to grow and prosper, but its constitution needs to be changed dramatically. Sujit Choudhry said that Ukraine would be able to revive itself slowly but surely if it can make constructive amends in the law and follow the changes in an efficient manner.  More to read on

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