Paul Mampilly’s Bold Prediction

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Profits unlimited, a newsletter under the umbrella of Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly joined Banyan Hill in 2016. He recently wrote a new article for the newsletter claiming he had knowledge of what could be the greatest medical breakthrough in history. Many think this is just a ploy from Mampilly in order to draw in more subscribers. So far though, he has been adamant in saying he’s identified the company leading the precision medicine revolution. Could there be any truth in what the former hedge fund manager is saying.

According to Mampilly, a company with an estimated value of $1.5 billion in getting ready to take the health care market by storm. Though he only provided teaser information he did disclose that it is involved in precision medicine. What is precision medicine? Well in layman’s terms think of having the ability to customize medicine in a way to fit a person’s unique genetic makeup. It may sound a bit like science fiction but in truth there are many companies involved with precision medicine. Precision medicine can not only treat illnesses it can also prevent them which is even more important.

The company Mampilly is supporting so strongly is Utah-based Myriad Genetis (MYGN). The company is a hilltop facility consisting of some of the top scientific minds and biotech pioneers in the industry. It is an industry leader when it comes to molecular diagnostic DNA sequencing. while the company’s stock has been doing well as of late it will be interesting to see if it makes the kind of impact Mampilly is predicting someday.

About Paul Mampilly

Before Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited he was thriving on Wall Street as an investor. During this time he also held high ranking positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. In 2006 he became the hedge fund manager of Kinetics Asset Management. At the time the firm was worth $6 billion. With Mampilly at the helm its assets quadrupled.

Paul left Wall Street when he realized he had a passion for helping others become financially free. He is still an investor he just no longer makes money for the ultra rich.

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Perry Mandera: Offering Electronic BoLs

Perry Mandera and his associates at The Custom Companies, Inc., take personalized, hands-on approaches to their business. They offer a full range of transportation services, and adhere to the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program. To ensure customers continue receiving these superior services, his company offers online features called an electronic bill of lading.


The bill of lading is an essential part of the shipping chain. They provide a receipt of goods, document title for the goods, and a contract of carriage. The bill of lading (BoL) is legally important. They are used in many litigation issues involving shipping. If the BoL is incorrectly filled out, carriers will be exposed to criminal prosecution.


With the BoL, it proves to any sellers that a carrier received the cargo that was shipped (Crunchbase). This document also shows that the cargo was received in the correct condition. It retains importance to buyers and sellers. The sellers can determine the issue being with the manufacturers or carriers. Conversely, the buyers won’t want a damaged product.


With an accurate bill of lading, the rights can be transferred to claim and move the cargo to another party if needed. It can help with negotiations, and carriers can keep the BoL until they have been paid. Or, the rights can be transferred to a third party for a clean delivery. Perry Mandera and his team have incorporated the electronic version of the BoL for such easy deliveries within the transportation system.


The Custom Companies, Inc., has been led by Perry Mandera since 1986. It is an Illinois based company offering land and air transportation solutions to North America. He is also the owner and president of the company. With more than four decades of experience, he adds plenty of knowledge and expertise in the transportation industry. Under his guidance, The Custom Company is able to offer wide ranges of services.


Jeff Yastine Explains Why RegTech is the Next Great Investment Opportunity

RegTech is an amalgam of the words regulatory and technology. By definition, RegTech is a method by which companies save on regulatory cost by utilizing certain technologies. These technologies include state-of-the-art-software, Blockchain, and AI. The editor of Banyan Hill Publishing’s “Total Wealth Insider” Jeff Yastine believes RegTech is worth investing in

What qualifies Jeff Yastine to proffer investment advice? His credentials start with devoting 20 years of his life to understanding the stock market. Jeff foresaw the 2008 bursting of the “housing bubble” that would lead to what has been called the “Great Recession”.

Jeff’s first job after graduating from the University of Florida was as a Sr. Correspondent for PBS’ “Nightly Business Report”. While reporting for the NBR he received a Business Emmy for a piece on the state of Cuba’s infrastructure.

The government imposes regulations on financial institutions. These regulations are intended to provide a fail-safe against graft and criminal acts like money laundering.

For banks, insurance companies and, etc. complying with these regulations costs $10 million. RegTech reduces those costs by 9,700,000 dollars. Multi-national banks are laying out $70 billion to stay within the rules. In the next 36 months, that amount will probably triple.

Change in the business world often spawns new regs which in turn spawn increased operating costs. One example would be a company having to expand its payroll to stay compliant.

A company might take on a Compliance Officer to create a Compliance Department. By employing RegTech companies can avoid the decrease in the value of their stock that often accompanies bigger expenditures.

As of this writing, there are around 100 RegTech companies like OnRule, Taxometry, and Comply Advantage. Some RegTech companies have made Initial Public Offerings and others have yet to issue any stock. More info at Talk Markets

For the time being, the market for RegTech is pretty much limited to banks and insurance companies. In time other industries will no doubt begin to see the value of RegTech.

Now that the government knows that RegTech exists it is contemplating seeking the input of RegTech specialist when formulating regulations. Two years ago, the Federal Government hinted that it might allow RegTechs to register as banks. Governmental acknowledgment bodes well for RegTech investors.

RegTech is the next great investment opportunity. It saves companies money on regulatory compliance costs. These savings can stabilize the value of a company’s stock. Governments around the world are recognizing the RegTech Industry. Visit:

Sahm Adranji’s Career in Business

Sahm Adrangi has earned an excellent reputation as an investment expert. He offers investment advice and management through a company that he started, but he used to work for other companies.

What Company Did He Start?

He started Kerrisdale Capital. The services that the company offers are familiar to investors all over the world. These are some examples of services that Kerrisdale Capital offers:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Small business stocks
  • Short selling
  • Research of small business stocks

His company was founded with less money than a lot of investment firms. His talent as an investor allowed the company to grow quickly.

Many new businesses offer stocks that can be a great opportunity for investors. However, it’s often difficult to know if it’s a good idea to invest in an up and coming business. The only way to know is to research the company, and Kerrisdale Capital is one of the best companies to choose for this research.

Who Are The Company’s Clients??

Almost any investor can benefit from the services of Kerrisdale Capital. Many of their clients are retired, but their services are also great for people who are still working. Clients have given Kerrisdale Capital positive reviews, and these reviews are published on multiple websites.

Sahm Adrangi’s Published Research:

Sahm Adrangi has published research papers on many investment strategies. He has published papers on short selling, hedge funds, and researching small business stocks.

Sahm Adrangi Believes In The Importance Of Ethical Business Practices:

He acted quickly once he saw unethical business practices in action. The unethical business practices that were used by China Biotics and China Education Alliance violated the law, and he ensured that the SEC was notified. They took the matter seriously and enforced the law.

Stream Energy; The Energy Provider that is Swiftly Taking Over the Global Market

Stream Energy is an American based enterprise and a leading provider of protective, energy and home services. Owing to its previous success, Stream Energy has been able to expand greatly. Recently, Stream Energy opened a branch at Navy Pier, Illinois. In order to ensure things run smoothly there, Stream Energy announced that Steve Fisher will be the Chief Sales Officer of the Illinois branch (GlassDoor).

Having been a founding leader of Stream, Steve Fisher has the necessary knowledge and understanding required to run the Illinois branch. Steve Fisher is one of Stream Energy’s top earners and has over the years worked tirelessly to rise to the top positions of the firm. Additionally, Steve Fisher is one of the best Independent associates at Stream Energy and has mentored many other independent associates. Before founding Stream, Mr. Fisher worked at American Airlines in one of the top managerial positions. At Illinois, Steve will coordinate the field activities and operations relating to Stream Energy. The firm is confident that Mr. Fisher will do a great job.

Stream Energy was founded in 2004 by Rob Synder and Pierre Koshajki after the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. In 2004, Stream Energy was just a retail electricity and natural gas providing enterprise. The company started to expand and get numerous customers in and outside Texas.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, Stream Energy is currently being led by Larry Mondry, the Chief Executive Officer ( Truly, Larry Mondry is doing an impeccable job in leading Stream Energy. This is mostly attributed to the fact that he is able to coordinate the company’s use of multi-level marketing.

It was in 2014 when Stream Energy decide to merge Ignite into the Stream Brand. Ignite was initially a separate multilevel marketing branch under Stream Energy. Multi-level marketing basically enables associates with Stream Energy to earn commissions by simply recruiting new associates and/or getting new customers for the firm. This has helped Stream Energy to grow. In fact, Stream Energy is now one of the biggest direct selling energy firms across the globe.


Jorge Moll Biography and Information

Dr. Jorge Moll, founder, and CEO for the D’Or Institute of Research and Education Center located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is an internationally acclaimed neurologist with 20 years of clinical and research experience in neuroscience. He is committed to his work and has devoted much of his life to research, education, and work in the neurosciences fields (VivendoDeBemComavida). His initial work led to the founding of the D’Or Institute for Research & Education which specializes in research and education in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics.


Upon finishing his studies in neurological sciences, Dr. Jorge Moll went into clinical practice but continued seeking success in research and education, which is why he founded the D’Or Institute for Research & Education where he holds several important charges.


With an extensive education in neurological sciences, Dr. Jorge Moll has gone on to clinical practice but followed his dream in research and education by founding the D’Or Institute for Research & Education where he has taken on several important roles.


Dr. Jorge Moll established the current D’Or Institute for Research & Education and is now the current CEO. He also heads other departments within the Institute primarily in investigative research (


An undergraduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Moll completed his Master’s degree in Neurology from the same university and later went on to obtain his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from the São Paulo University.


Over the course of his career, he has earned several awards and distinction. The latest being the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford Neuroscience division of Stanford University. Other awards include the Research Fellow NIH Award which he has held for several years. He is also a member of the elected governor’s for the International Neuroethics board and the elected governor’s board.


Dr. Jorge also remains an active lecturer and neuroscientific researcher. He speaks extensively at International symposiums and national lectures and classes. He is also involved in clinical care for people who have neurological issues and shares his knowledge, education and teaches modern clinical practices through his lectures and writings.

More about Jorge Moll at GloboPlay

Sujit Choudhry: Spreading Constitutional Awareness

Sujit Choudhry has been awarded lots of donations and grants for being the executive director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is using all of the gifts that he is receiving to further his agenda of persuading nations to shift into a democratic form of government. He is busy visiting countries like Egypt, Nepal, and Ukraine, and he is using the influence of 50 international experts whom he allied with. They will be helping him with his job, but every client state should be subject to massive interrogation instead. They would also point out the pros and cons of having a democratic form of government, and they will do everything that they can to make it simple for the public to understand how the government works.  Read an interesting article in this link on

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They have been participating actively, and the group has been involving themselves in hosting seminars and conventions and enlightening the public about the constitution. He is an expert in the field and has managed to earn his law degree from three countries. His knowledge about the laws and international relations have given him the edge in advising bodies about the importance of creating and amending the constitution, once they decided to change for the better. Sujit believes that the current political climate that has been sweeping the globe is endangering democracies, and he is offering his services for the United States to avert the total failure of democracy. He stated that the governments having a constitutional republic around the world are now under stress, and the United States must be able to cope with it and learn from its past how to adapt to a changing political environment. Additional article on

Being able to listen to anyone as well as being responsive is what Sujit Choudhry believes to be the key to understanding the point of view of different cultures and people from all over the world. Have a better insight on his career choices, hit on

In the end, he thinks that understanding the political point of view of a given nation is essential and that no one should assume that he already knows the truth without looking at all sides of the issue.  Check this to read more of his views on politically related issues.

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Stream Energys Women Retreat Ended with a High Note

Stream Energy, the prominent energy and cellular service provider, is known for many initiatives that are aimed to empower its women employees. Among the major initiatives, Women of Power retreat is a program that conducts every year to make them advanced through various programs. The fourth edition of the annual program concluded in the early weeks of November 2017, and it was hosted at the main office of the company located in Dallas, Texas. Women of Power is an initiative that was founded in the year 2010 which inspires and mentors the female associates of the firm to build a personal business. Follow Stream Energy on


Renée Hornbaker, the CFO of Stream Energy, confirmed that for each edition, the firm adopts a theme and this year, it was Shine. With that, the company wanted to give out a message of shining the true selves of everyone with confidence and inspire others to follow the same. The weekend, which the retreat conducted, saw renowned speakers addressing the audience. The speakers included Nicole Lapin, Karen Leland, Melissa Mark Garner, and more. While Nicole is a best-selling author and news correspondent, Karen is a prominent business leader, and Melissa, a wellness consultant to the corporates.


The workshops were focused on cultivating skills that are required for the business goals as well as building confidence in people. A session named “How to Become Your Own Boss,” provided personal branding tips, mindful exercises, and visualization. Chelsey Berend, the Events Director at Stream Energy, confirmed that the associates who participated the programs saw greater improvements in their business due to the resources provided. This time people walked away with a great set of valuable skills to be themselves of Women of Power.

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Stream Energy began its journey in 2005 with an innovative sales strategy – word of mouth. The direct selling energy supplier has generated an amazing $8 billion revenue in its 12 years run.


Apart from wireless and energy services, Stream Energy also provides home and protective services to its large customer base. While all other services are available across the country, energy services are currently limited to eight states and laid out plans to quickly expand to more states in the coming years. Read more about Stream Energy at Crunchbase.

Finance Writer and Business Expert Jeff Yastine Continues Accurately Predicting Market Trends

Jeff Yastine is an editor at Banyan Hill. Through his writing, Yastine specializes in locating market trends and advising investors accordingly. Generally, he is skilled at identifying economic trends and highlighting places of profit for investors. With over 20 years of experience as a stock market investor and finance writer, Yastine is a well-seasoned member of the finance world. He was well equipped to become editorial director at Banyan Hill in 2015. In addition to this expertise, Yastine earned an Emmy nomination for his work on television as an anchor and correspondent with PBS Nightly Business Report, where he worked for over 25 years before leaving in 2011. Perhaps most notably, Yastine pre-emptively warned the American public of the 2008 real-estate market crash. He also contributed to research on the financial impact of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In 2017, Jeff Yastine followed the growth of Amazon’s business and its plan to merge with Whole Foods. His thoughts and research on the matter have been written about extensively on Medium. In June of 2017, Yastine compared ways in which both companies treat their employees. He emphasized the differing practices of Amazon and Whole Foods to point out how the two might clash upon merging. He pointed out that while Amazon has a “tough,” “unforgiving,” and “corporate” work environment, Whole Foods has quite the opposite. For instance, Yastine writes, “the company’s success has always focused on squishy, very un-Amazonian ideals — such as employee happiness and workplace satisfaction.”

In December, Yastine followed-up on this in another Medium article. He confirmed his June analysis on the unlikelihood of the financial success of an Amazon-Whole Foods merger. Yastine remarks upon the realization that the companies have not delivered the promises that it made when they began merging. Yastine asks, “Where [are] the incredibly low prices Amazon promises?” In asking this, Yastine compares Amazon’s prices to Wal-mart’s consistently low prices and declares that Amazon will simply have to do better in terms of lowering prices with Whole Foods in order to be a serious prospect for investors.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see what Yastine predicts for investors who are interested in Amazon. The finance expert seems to be mapping his doubt of Amazon’s deal with Whole Foods over the long term.

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Igor Cornelsen Talks About Buying The Right Stocks in Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is always willing to share his advice with new investors on how to build the right investment portfolio and finding the right stocks to build your wealth. Cornelsen served many years at a big Brazilian bank and managed the portfolios of clients all around the world, but now he’s retired and offers most of his financial knowledge as an independent consultant. He often tells his followers that they should never skip out on the opportunity to invest because while some investments can be risky, saving up for your future is very important since once day you may not be able to work like you used to. Learn more Igor Cornelsen at Tumblr

Cornelsen says it’s not just any stock you want to invest in, but stocks that are well-researched and that have a history of performing well. In some cases, they may be damaged due to a recent overall market shift, but when the market turns upward again these stocks are most likely to rebound. Investors should also look at how the company they want to invest in is being run. If their executives have stayed in position for many years, it’s probably a good company stock to buy whereas if there’s been a lot of people leaving or getting terminated, it’s likely a company to stay away from.

Igor Cornelsen is also loyal to his own country Brazil and encourages investors to look into that when they diversify their portfolios. Investing in Brazil can be a little tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the country or new to foreign exchange, but Cornelsen says there are ways you can overcome the hurdles. He says it’s very helpful to get to know native Brazilians because they’re usually friendly towards foreigners, and they’ll usually know which companies down there are good investment choices. Cornelsen also says you should look out for legal regulations coming from the Ministry of Finance because with the devaluation of the Real and the way that former President Dilma Roussef had previously handled things, Brazil has changed. But once you’ve done this, the rewards for investing will be enormous.