Ian King Is a Member of Banyan Hill Publishing Company

Ian King is a member of Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He has had over 20 years worth of experience. During the course of his career, he has worked as both a traitor and an investment analysis. He has been able to enter prominence for his insights as a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He was brought on board as one of the first cryptocurrency investment advice analysts. He is one of the leading contributors to online investment information website Investopedia to the cryptocurrency subject. Follow Ian on Twitter.

Ian King was originally a hedge fund manager who was able to generate some significant profits on bitcoin due to the fact that he invested in the electronic currency during its infancy. As the bulrush occurred during December and January of last year, he was recognized for his insights in both the cryptocurrency world and as a traditional investment advisor. Banyan Hill Publishing Company decided to bring him on board due to the wealth of knowledge that he had at his disposal. He is known as the lead editor of the newsletter Crypto Profit Trader. In this newsletter, he gives out information to individuals regarding potential investment strategies for cryptocurrency investments.

Ian King was brought on board to Banyan Hill Publishing Company and 2017. Banyan Hill Publishing Company has been around for a lot longer than that, however. It was originally founded in 1998 as a separately named organization known as The Sovereign Society. It was able to quickly develop a reputation for being a leading producer for information regarding global asset protection and investment strategies. It was rebranded in 2016 as Banyan Hill Publishing Company in an effort to begin offering actionable advice on potential investment and entrepreneurship strategies. It has hired a number of leading experts for the world’s investment readers.

Today Banyan Hill Publishing Company has over 400,000 individuals who read the companies newsletters on a daily basis. The website as developed a number of newsletters that are targeting various investment vehicles such as commodities, natural resources, various types of stocks, and even cryptocurrencies.

Ian King is proud to be a member of and you know publishing company due to the fact that Banyan Hill Publishing Company is devoted towards providing information that you would not find on traditional investment advice forums. They like to pride themselves on the fact that they discover investments that are not typically popularized on Wall Street such as cryptocurrencies. View: http://releasefact.com/2018/02/ian-king-explains-arrival-cryptocorns/


Bruno Fagali Informs the Public on Ethics Compliance Developments in Brazil and Across The Globe

Bruno Fagali is an established lawyer and a crusader for the adoption of ethical rules in the corporate world. He has been honored severally for his efforts to promote a just and fair business environment that respects the rights of everyone. Bruno Fagali has also been actively involved in creating awareness regarding issues to do with ethics compliance. He started an online blog called FagasPress for the purpose of letting the public keep abreast about the latest issues touching in compliance.


SEC Pays for reporting Fraud in Bank System

In the latest updates by lawyers associated with Bruno Fagali through FagasPress, it has been reported that SEC has rewarded $33 for the reporting of a bank system fraud that has been happening for years. There is an American published bill to the effect that rewards will be given to foreigners who report fraudulent dealings by companies and individuals hiding stolen assets in foreign nations. The law is to be included in a US financial system code-named Cleptocracy Asset Recovery Program. In a recent case in Brazil, SEC granted huge rewards to three reporters of fraud in the bank of America. It is noted that the highest reward to have ever been given to a whistleblower has been $30 million. It was granted in 2014. However, the latest reward granted by SEC for reporting nonethical practice and blatant fraud in the Bank of America is $50 million. The reward is to be distributed equally among two individuals who reported the matter and another $33 million was granted to an individual whistleblower.


The Dodd-Frank Act

The Act provides for rewarding individuals who help SEC to investigate and or prevent fraudulent and non-ethical practice in business organizations. The rewards have no connection with violating the FCPA. They only touch on the violation of the rules of banking law. Both laws emanate from the crimes that were committed by the Bank of America and the subsequent payment of $ 415 million in exchange for an SEC agreement in 2016. According to the details provided by the whistleblowers, the crimes were initiated by Merrill Lynch. They were allowed to continue after their buying of the bank of America. Bruno Fagali updates that the reward is the highest in the ethical fines cases yet.


Sujit Choudhry- The Constitution Law Guru

The political world has changed tuning into a circus of disintegrating democracy according to Professor Sujit Choudhry who is a global scholar on matters about politics and law. Professor Sujit Choudhry addresses the spectrum of issues comparative to constitutional of a country including the democratic politics, divided societies, semi-presidential, federalism, secession and decentralization, bills of rights, constitutional courts and official language policy among others. He has used various methodological questions to come up with the compressive study of the comparative constitutional law.

Professor Sujit has written extensively on the constitutional law of Canada. His recent published a book chapter that touched on the crisis affecting the constitutional democracies, and it focuses more on the current matters happening in America.

A Political Analysis of an Issue on a Book Chapter

On the book chapter, Professor Sujit Choudhry commented on the several aspects that touch on the current political climates of different nations. He specified on the media alluding to the deterioration of the constitutional democracy globally and the presidents being an autocracy. According to Professor Sujit, the democracy threat evolved during the cold war with presidents of different companies undermining the efforts of the constitutional framework giving an excellent example to Poland. Choudhry states that the elimination of various obstacles by the dominant parties in Poland parliament has ensured they stay in power using the country constitutional electoral cycles.

Professor Sujit Choudhry discusses the impact capturing o the Constitutional Tribunal brings to a country by moving its democratic right in a backsliding motion. He also mentions that the current political climate worldwide is given the power to backslide through the changing of the constitution by greedy people. The chapter of the book begins with Choudhry discussing a tweet from the former Attorney General of America Eric Holder who termed any potential termination of Robert Mueller the current White House Special Counsels as an Absolute red line. For more of his views, check iconnectblog.com.

Professor Sujit Choudhry is the Law Professor who centers his career along the line of the constitution, and he is the founder of The Centers for Constitutionals Transitions. Sujit has provided constitutional advice for over two decades in various countries like South Africa, Yemen, Sri Lanka and others. Professor Choudhry is the World Banks Institute Consultant and member of the Mediation Roster of United States.

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How Ted Bauman Became a Successful Financial Writer

Ted Bauman is an entrepreneur and an investment guru. He is known for his spot on advice on investing and stocks. He currently publishes a newsletter for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the head of Alpha Stock Alert and The Plan B Club. His newsletter is called The Bauman Letter.

Ted was born in Washington, DC. However, he moved to South America when he was young. He studied in and graduated from the University of Cape Town. He consulted with governments all around the world, as well as with the United Nations.

In 2013, Bauman started publishing the Bauman Letter for Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses his platform to educate the public about how they can use the resources that they have available to them as Main Street Investors in order to make it big in the investing world. In an interview with Inspirery, an online magazine for entrepreneurs and small business owners, Ted Bauman explained some of the secrets to his success and why he did the things that he did. Visit Ted Bauman on Facebook for more updates

Bauman said that he always had an interest in helping people. He said that thanks to his background in finance, he was able to reach his goals and live the life of his dreams. His goals then changed to help others do the same and reach their own goals. He wanted to help every average citizen live a stable life financially and be protected from big government and regulations that can hurt them.

Ted Bauman explained that when he returned to the United States after living in South America, he joined a non profit organization. He worked there for a while. However, he soon got started with content writing on the subject of finances and stock investing. As someone with a lot of experience and education in finances, which he got during his time in South America, he was able to attract many fans pretty soon. His knowledge of economics really helped him out in that sense.

Ted Bauman says that part of his success is thanks to his father, who was also a financial writer. In that sense, he had an advantage because people who read content related to finances were already familiar with the name Bauman. Soon enough, his fame spread and he was able to get a job with Banyan Hill Publishing. Visit: http://thesovereigninvestor.com/precisionprofits/ted-bauman/


Penelope Kokkinides Tackles Puerto Rican Healthcare with help from the President

Penelope Kokkinides has built a career on solving healthcare‘s most challenging and relevant problems. With a funding crisis rocking Puerto Rico, she remains undaunted in uncharted waters. Her background and education have given her a solid foundation on which to tackle this issue, holding a BA in biology and classical languages, a master’s in social work, and an MPH from Columbia’s School of Public Health.


Kokkinides channeled her education into a series of important roles, working with government-administered health coverage. Her first position at United Healthcare allowed Kokkinides to develop and implement the company’s health model. She transitioned her successes at United to leadership roles for Aveta, Inc., Touchstone-Health, InnovaCare Health Services, and Centerlight Health System, eventually returning to InnovaCare where she now serves as its Chief Administrative Officer, alongside CEO Richard Shinto.


InnovaCare Health provides Medicaid and Medicare Advantage services to the population of Puerto Rico, and it is through her role at the company that Kokkinides found herself advocating for the people of the island territory to President Trump. She was invited to the White House in March of 2017, as a part of the Women in Healthcare Panel, a roundtable discussion with the President and CMS Administrator Seema Verma. Kokkinides used the opportunity to press the administration on the vital need for federal health programs in Puerto Rico.


The meeting pre-dated the public health meltdown Puerto Rico is now grappling with in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and even then, Penelope Kokkinides stressed the importance of health services for the island. Since 2011, Kokkinides noted, federal funding for Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico has dropped $1 billion annually, higher than the relative amounts cut on the mainland. Without help from CMS, President Trump and Seema Verma were reminded, the Medicaid system would collapse in Puerto Rico, sending a cascade of healthcare refugees to the mainland, where Medicaid operating costs are often quadruple that of the island.


InnovaCare Health serves more than 560,000 Puerto Ricans, almost a fifth of the population, its Medicare Advantage coverage among the most popular plans in the territory. While the panel discussion focused on the role of women in healthcare, earning praise from the President for the “vital and indispensable” work of females in the industry, InnovaCare should be proud of the voice Penelope Kokkinides gave to the people of Puerto Rico. In the days following the meeting, CMS acknowledged her recommendation with an increase in funding to the territory’s healthcare system.


Sujit Choudhry Using His Experience to Provide Legal Solution to Governments of Different Countries

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most sought-after legal scholars in the world when it comes to comparative and constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry has helped in the formation of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is a one of the kind organization that not only helps in generating the knowledge on the comparative law but also mobilizing it worldwide (constitutionaltransitions,org). Sujit Choudhry firmly believes that comparative law is the law that would guide the countries and its governments to pave the way forward for a peaceful transition from authoritarian regime to democracy, and so on. Many of the political situations and crisis can be addressed with the help of methodologies of comparative law.

A Much-Sought Speaker on Comparative Law

Sujit Choudhry has traveled in many countries trying to propagate the importance of comparative law. In an interview that he gave recently, he discussed how going to many countries during his teenage years due to the job of his parents helped him study the cultures in different countries. It also helped him understand the difference in the legal systems in different countries. It is what helped him know that comparative law can form the basis of building a uniform law going forward. Ukraine has been going through a political crisis for the past few years, and even when the governments of many countries are trying hard to diffuse the tensions and stabilize the country, nothing seems to be helping much.  Check patch.com for more reading.

In one of the conferences that were held at the capital of Ukraine in Kiev, Sujit Choudhry talked about how the country can take help from the methodologies of comparative law in diffusing the ongoing political crisis in the country. Sujit Choudhry believes that it is necessary for Ukraine to get rid of the semi-presidential system as it is what has caused problems with the decision making process in the government. Sujit Choudhry’s points were highly admired by the top legal scholars present in the event. Sujit Choudhry has years of experience studying and researching on the importance of comparative law, and he used his vast knowledge in finding the resolution for the political crisis in Ukraine. He also mentioned how the formation of a powerful political party in Ukraine could lead to a brighter future of the country.

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Please Meet Jeff Yastine: He’s A Person Who Provides Key Knowledge and Financial Insights Through His research to Help Other’s Succeed at Wealth Building.

Jeff Yastine provides over twenty years of education and important experiences concerning the economic milieu. Mr. Yastine has gleaned a large amount of information over the years as a financial journalist. Yastine has traveled the world and seen economic situations up close and personal. These experiences have been very valuable for Yastine, who is currently the editorial director of Total Wealth Insider. Yastine is an employee of Banyan Hill Publishing. Yastine is a credible resource based on the number of financial reports he has produced while working as a journalist and in his current position. Visit Bloomberg.com to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Yastine has been the Director of Financial Newsletters before being an employee of Banyan Hill Publishing. From 2013 to 2015, Jeff Yastine was an employee at Newsmax Media, Inc. As a senior correspondent at Nightly Business Report (NBR), he was part of a crew that won many awards for their informative, yet intriguing analysis included in their reports.

Yastine is the main contributor to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and the Sovereign Investor Daily, two publications that Yastine works hard to provide value in for his readership base. Yastine wants those new investors, and old investors comprehend key economic and business trends. Yastine truly wants current investors and new investors to make well-informed decisions.

In addition to his role as a respected writer and former journalist, Yastine was also an Emmy-nominated news correspondent and former TV anchor at the Nightly Business Report, a program created and broadcasted by Public Broadcasting Service. Yastine was a TV anchor role for 15 plus years. Yastine was lucky enough to have talked to world-renowned business people like Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson, Wayne Huizenga, Herb Kelleher, Frank Purdue, Steve Ballmer, and the “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffett. It was because of these journalistic experiences that Jeff Yastine was fortunate to have gathered key business insights and investing secrets from many successful financiers in the U.S. and other nations.

In addition to the Emmy that Yastine won, he also earned himself an award titled, the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Excellence. Mr. Yastine and a crew of journalists working for the Nightly Business Report won an Emmy award for a 30-minute report that discussed the U.S. bond market.

Mr. Yastine’s first job after graduating from the University of Florida was working as a local television reporter in Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Visit: https://kennedyaccounts.com/


Flavio Maluf’s View on Business Risk

Duratex is going to remain with the farm for the raw material production, which is behind the Itapetinga unit of Duratex. The main office of the business is estimated to cost R$60 million. The Botucatu plant houses 280 workers that have a projected manufacturing output of 200,000m3 yearly.

Duratex will be restarting its production in the Itapetinga factory, and the re-launching will take place on April of the present year.

Eucatex’s President, Flavio Maluf sent out a letter the past night, which notifies the company’s leaders and employees about the transaction with Duratex. Maluf however, stated that the deal must be approved by the CADE. He disclosed the purchase will increase Eucatex’s paper printing by 40%, paint capacity by 30%, and fiberboard by 70%. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Maluf’s notification to his employees generally stated that the company is going to have the leeway to improve its sales strategy and maintenance as well as lessen the losses on the process. Moreover, Eucatex will have the opportunity to reinforce its existence within the markets in Brazil or offshore where it still has no service office to cater to customers.

He similarly assured the employees that aside from the enhancement and expansion of their products, various job opportunities will be opened in the offices that will be built in and out of the country.

And to emphasize the viability of becoming an entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf explains that having your won venture is an attractive idea most especially for those who do not want to answer to a boss, or are not contented with their jobs. And to assist aspiring entrepreneurs, the economy portal of Uol has circulated numerous truths and myths in having a business.

According to Flavio Maluf’s report on Tales Andreassi of FGV, the notion that opening a business is highly risky is a myth, because good entrepreneurs often take risks but they are measured ones. It is also essential to note that risks are always present but they can be reduced to a reasonable degree. And to make this happen it is essential to consider positive and negative developments, analyze the effect of any actions that are to be taken, and assess the market along with the competition. Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=44205717&privcapId=877352


Bruno Fagali Talks About New Award Of $5 Million Being Offered By The Brazilian Government

During the past year, the Brazilian Government has introduced a number of changes with regards to the development of new laws and policies. The government is on a mission to improve business within the country and has started implementing a number of developments that are urging companies to stay within the country rather than going overseas.

Bruno Fagali, a well-known advocate from Brazil regularly posts content about the different happenings in the legal industry. Recently, he released an article outlining the new policies that the government has set into place to tackle the problem of corruption within businesses in the country. According to this new policy, anyone who reports an act of fraud that involves explicitly any money laundering which is taking place concerning the United States, that person would be given an award of $5 million.

Read more on Ibdee.org.br

The bill was drafted and is yet to be approved by members of the Secretariat. The main aim of the bill was to reduce the number of stolen assets that would otherwise be able to stay within the country, and also to reduce the amount of money that goes outside the country. All of the plans implemented are being done with the aim of improving the workings of the economy of Brazil. By doing this, the government hopes that businesses will choose to stay within the country, and not move to the United States through illicit means.

Even though the reward may seem appealing enough for someone to report a crime, the government will only offer the rewards if the information is of substantial value and is something that they haven’t already come by. In some cases, the government has stated that they will offer a higher compensatory amount if the information contents are of a higher value and work for the benefit of the country and the goals that the government is trying to achieve.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali stands as the head of Fagali Advocacia, a law firm that works to help corporates with issues relating to compliance and legal ethics, and also things regarding workplace legalities. He is a well known lawyer in Brazil. He graduated from University of Sao Paolo. He specializes in administrative law.

For more information about Bruno Fagali, just click here.