Meet the Driving Forces behind Innovacare Health: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

Health care sectors are improving every day. Many innovations have been made with an aim to help physicians deliver the best services to their clients. The government is as well playing a pivotal role in launching new programs which will lead to affordable healthcare services. Companies have evolved and are now providing the best possible services which best fit the different needs of their clients. Innovacare Health is among the best companies established to provide excellent services to its clients.


The success of any entity is always depended on the culture and caliber of the leaders behind that specific company. Hence the success of Innovacare Health can be traced through its leaders including Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Rick Shinto is the CEO and co-founder of the amazing Innovacare Health. Since the development of the company, Rick has been the most instrumental leader whose goal has been to see the firm offering the best and quality services ever.


His vast experience in clinical and operational healthcare is also beyond recognition. As a great expert in pulmonology and internal medicine, he has proved to be a significant figure in the entire sector setting a bar for the other professionals. In his career, Rick Shinto has been in various big positions in many companies such as NAMM, Cal-Optima Health Plan in Orange County, Aveta Inc, Medical Management for MedPartners just to mention a few. Besides, Rick is as well the president and CEO of MMM Holding, Inc. For more details visit



His Unbeatable Experience


Having worked with different companies, Rick Shinto takes pride in his over-two-decades experience. Since his enrollment in the Southern California in the position of a general internist and a pulmonologist, Rick has climbed up the ladder of positions to becoming the best leader in the healthcare sector not mentioning that he had a chance to serve as the CEO of Aveta Inc.


A Glimpse at His Partner Mr. Kokkinides


Penelope Kokkinides is the current chief administrative officer in the Innovacare Company. Before joining Innovacare, Kokkinides also worked with the Aveta Inc, as the chief operating officer for the firm. She later became the vice chairman in the Clinical Operations. Kokkinides boast 20 years of expertise and knowledge in various government programs such as the Medicaid and Medicare plans. For more details visit



About Innovacare Inc,


Innovacare is a well known North-American company which offers healthcare services to various clients. The corporation has two major divisions. These include the Medicare Advantage Programs and the provider Networks. The company utilizes technology to provide highly sustainable, innovative and most affordable healthcare products to its clients.



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OSI Group has Been in Business for Over One Hundred Years

OSI Group has been in business for over one hundred years. The company stood the test of time and is a shining example of what any organization can be with the right plan. OSI Group began as a meat market in the early 1900’s. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky. He called his organization Otto and Sons and established the business as a trusted provider of product to local food entities in the Chicago area.

Otto and Sons secured a contract with the McDonald’s Corporation in the 1950’s. McDonald’s was expanding throughout the Illinois area. Their executives chose Otto and Sons to be one of several hundred meat suppliers it was using at the time. The small family organization made many moves to help it stand out from his contemporaries. Eventually they were chosen to be McDonald’s sole supplier of product.

Otto & Sons built on this relationship by adding a number of different innovations to there operation. The company developed a state-of-the-art meat processing plant that featured the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. Each of these devices brought unique attributes to the table and saved McDonald’s a tremendous amount of a man hours. It also helped the restaurant giant maximize its money on the amount of product that was using.

OSI Group continued to push for growth after securing its relationship with McDonald’s. The company ventured out into international territory. A partnership with K&K Foods in Taiwan formed the OSI Asia Pacific Division. There have been other acquisitions made to spread OSI’s influence such as Tyson Foods, Baho Foods, Flagship Food Group and Turi Foods. Each of these organizations offer a unique set of skills that help OSI broaden its reach within the market.

There are currently 65 plants operating in 17 countries for OSI Group. The company has an international workforce that features the lowest turnover rate among companies in the industry. Leaders at OSI are proud of the fact that the team members they bring in are committed to staying with the company for the duration of their careers.

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Matt Badiali Uses His Experience in Geology to Promote Good Investing Choices

Matt Badiali is a geologist first and foremost which is what makes him such a reputable source of advice when it comes to investing in natural resources. Currently, he holds a Masters and Bachelors in geology and earth sciences from Florida Atlantic University and Penn State University. Though he may have planned to stay a full-time geologist for the entirety of his career, things change for Matt Badiali while he was pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina.

At this point, one of the close friends of Matt Badiali asked him for his advice on investing in oil and other natural resources due to his knowledge on the subject. Throughout his life, he had watched the problems that his father had experienced financially and agreed to help. It was then that he got into the career of publishing to help everyday people figure out the best ways to invest their money securely while getting considerable returns.

One of the most exciting investments that Matt Badiali has been informing his readers are about is Master Limited Partnerships. You may have heard of this potential goldmine by the name Freedom Checks. While Master Limited Partnerships are not a brand new concept, there have been recent changes in regulations that could lead to very good returns on investment without a large amount of risk.

When an investor puts money into a Master Limited Partnership, they are actually purchasing partial ownership of the company and are entitled to receive their portion of the profits every quarter and sometimes even every month. When Badiali recommends companies to his readers he doesn’t just research them on the internet. As a geologist, he knows exactly what to look for when it comes the sites that these natural resources are sourced from and will visit them himself.

For Matt Badiali it is important to keep learning and he enjoys reading as much as he can. While he may visit these sites personally, many times he gets inspired to go on these trips based on the information that he has found in different news sources. While he may have made mistakes in the past, he has learned that it is necessary to pick himself back up and try again.

Academy of Art University

Poppin’ Wheelies With The Academy of Art University

San Francisco’s very own Academy of Art University collection has seen fit to put on display seven classic automobiles at a special auction through popular vendor Mecum. The event will take place at the “Day Auction” in Monterey on August 23-25.

The university has been pretty much a family affair since its inception in 1929 by Richard Stephens and his wife Clara. Their son Richard succeeded his parents after they passed away and he, in turn, was succeeded by his daughter Elisa.

Elisa explained in a recent interview that most of the cars in the collection are pre-war vehicles and the ones being sold will make room for more contemporary cars that the current students will be more likely to identify with. Not only does the school offer automobile design courses but they also offer programs for vehicle restoration. While the vehicles of the past can certainly inspire today’s students, they still need to focus on more contemporary designs to ensure they can design cars for the future.

The university has grand plans to open up the collection to the public so the administration feels there is a need to add some more contemporary vehicles to appeal to a broader base.

The vehicles being put up for auction are part of a group display which has been previously designated as “Art On Wheels.” The vehicles to be included are as follows: 1929 Duesenberg Model J

1932 Packard Eight 902

1936 Packard Super Eight 1404

1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K

1940 Packard Super Eight

1940 Cadillac Series 75

1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE

More information can be found by contacting either the Academy of Art University or by contacting the auction house directly. No matter which way you learn about the cars, it is definite that they will fetch a pretty penny.

Ted Bauman Sees The Trade War Killing The Bullish Market

For a long time, President Trump threatened to throw down a trade war with China. He cited the fact that America is over $500 billion in the red concerning trade with China. The United States of America runs a $750 billion deficit in trade worldwide. But Ted Bauman, an author and economy expert, says that America actually runs in the black after you consider corporate profits.

Ted Bauman believes a trade war with China could be devastating to the American economy. He points to t

Ted Bauman believes that China will crackdown on regulations when it comes to trade. This could have devastating economic impacts on some of the biggest companies in the world. Apple is one of these companies. Increased regulation could make it more expensive to produce gadgets in China and to sell goods in Asia’s biggest market. This would cost many companies hundreds of millions of dollars.

China may resort to boycotting American products altogether. This would have devastating impacts on the entire American economy as China shuts the door on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods and services. This would throw the American economy into turmoil and the markets would be challenged.

China is also looking to set up new trade partners in an effort to avoid American tariffs. Ted Bauman believes this will take the trade war global as America would continue to shift its tariff schedule. Take Mexico, for instance. China could increase its exports to Mexico but America would simply raise tariffs on Mexico in a response. This could conflate the trade war even further.

Many of America’s strongest companies will not be affected as markets are challenged by the trade war. But the economy as a whole could come grinding to a halt. This is how a bullish market dies, according to Ted Bauman. There are sure to be some fireworks so let’s sit back and watch the show.

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Malcolm CasSelle Launches WAX Platform Amidst Crypto Trends

Malcolm CasSelle is a driven innovator with over twenty years of experience in the digital field. His work has taken him across the globe, hopscotching between various internet companies. He has worked in the fields of media production, payment solutions, social media, and gaming. At present he is the acting CIO for global in-game asset seller OPSkins. As an early stage investor in Zynga, Facebook, and bitcoin he has been on the forefront of technological advancement before. Now he plans on taking technological advancement to its next step.

CasSelle and OPSkins have announced the launch of new P2P platform Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is a trading platform operating in the decentralized zone, but it is player to player allowing cross game trades through the use of tokenization. Tokenization is the process of exchanging physical assets into digital currency. It allow different trade mediums to become one universal virtual money. This frees decentralized markets from the pit of fragmentation allowing transactions to occur at a faster more reliable rate. It also affords gamers an actual return of investment on digital assets acquired in-game.

According to CasSelle WAX could be the very thing that pushes cryptocurrency into the mainstream. Finally forcing big business to invest fully in virtualization of currency. As a trade medium the cryptocurrency market is going strong, and international transactions across decentralized zones are becoming more feasible. CasSelle, who is well acquainted with recent trends has seized the opportunity blockchain technology has created to safely produce WAX. CasSelles investment in bitcoin led OPSkins to become the largest bitcoin merchant on the planet, not with WAX he is taking OPSkins to new heights. CasSelle’s belief that WAX could start the domino chain is well founded, and his intent is sincere, He is opening up new opportunities for gamers and investors alike. WAX will only be eligible to games within its network, but its blockchain technology and WAX tokens are at the forefront of recent crypto technology.

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