Zeco Auriemo Has Accumulated The Reputation As Brazil’s Fashion Pioneer:

It was at only twenty-seven years of age that Jose Auriemo, well-known as Zeco Auriemo took over his family’s highly successful company that is known as JHSF. JHSF is a company that has become a household name in the country of Brazil due to the diverse areas that it works in. These include real estate development and the shopping mall business as well as the hotel industry. First founded during the year of 1972 by the Auriemo family, JHSF has become one of the driving companies in Brazil in terms of the growth of the fashion industry and Zeco Auriemo has been the motivating influence behind the successful firm.

A big part of the success formula that Zeco Auriemo has employed at JHSF has involved his development of Brazil’s famous Cidade Jardim. This top-flight shopping complex was launched under the guidance of Zeco Auriemo back in 2006. Cidade Jardim is also highly unique due to the fact that beyond the amazing shopping available there, it also has a residential area that features condominiums. The shopping mall may be most famous of all due to its standing as a center for fashion in Brazil. Zeco Auriemo has brought in some of the most prestigious names in fashion to Cidade Jardim through the years.

One of the biggest fashion industry honors that Zeco Auriemo has ever received was being named to the BoF 500. This index is one of the most sought-after lists to achieve a standing on for entrepreneurs involved in fashion. The eminent fashion publication The Business of Fashion is the annual compiler of the BoF 500 and its highly respected editors handle the nomination process. The dedication that Zeco Auriemo has shown to making Cidade Auriemo a fashion destination is the driving force behind his being named to the prestigious index of fashion icons.


OSI Food Solutions Purchases and Global Award

OSI Food Solutions believe employees are the success of the company. This company has developed an environment to offer employee opportunities that are rewarding, challenging and stimulating. OSI employs people around the world that believes in making a difference. The company offers Equal Employment Oppurtunity to anyone, and believes everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. OSI has career opportunities in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, U.K., Germany, Hungary, Poland and Spain.In 2016, OSI obtained Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats products and snacks.

Baho Food compliments the high quality brands OSI already has. OSI feels that Baho Food will help broaden the market to help better serve customers.OSI Food Solutions acquired Flagship Europe, also in 2016. Flagship Europe distributes mayonnaise, sauces, dressing, sous vide products, pies and frozen poultry to U.K. food service industry. Being connected to OSI, Flagship Europe has added new clientele with increased resources in a global market. These two companies joining together will complement each other’s strengths to evolve with the customers.Tyson Foods announced, in 2015, that the company was closing the doors to two facilities, one being in Chicago.

OSI already had a successful plant, but the former Tyson Foods facility was very close in proximity to it. So in 2016, OSI bought the 200,000 sq. ft. facility to allow the business to grow into that location.On November 25, 2016, OSI Food Solutions U.K. won the Globe of Honour Award for 2016 by the British Safety Council. OSI’s U.K. location produces beef and pork for restaurants. It was awarded for “exemplary management of environmental risks”. OSI Food Solutions was able to achieve five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit. To a panel of independent experts, OSI Food Solutions exhibited excellent environment management skills throughout the entire company.

Guilherme Paulus: The King Of Brazil’s Hospitality Industry

Since 1972, Guilherme Paulus’s name has been synonymous with Brazil’s hospitality industry. He has worked in the sector for close to fifty years, first as a salesman for a tour and travel company before co-founding one of Brazil’s leading travel agency in terms of annual revenue, operational footprint, and employee base.

Paulus has also served on Brazil’s National Tourism of Council for over fifteen years. He has also directed a significant amount of his company’s resources to sponsor the education of the next generation of Brazil’s tourism experts and entrepreneurs. He is also a successful hotelier who founded and successfully transformed a chain of star-rated and deluxe resorts and hotels into national dominance.

Guiding CVC towards Unparalleled Success

Currently, CVC occupies the enviable position as one of Brazil’s most successful and leading travel agencies with annual revenue exceeding $5 billion and new stores and vendor outlets springing up in their hundreds all across the country per year. Under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, who has served as the CVC’s president since its founding in 1972, the company’s value has increased manifolds. The $750 million paid for selling a majority stake in the company contrasted with its value when he co-founded the company. Despite being paid mega-dollars for his share, he is still serving as the company’s president as he still owns eight percent of the company. Guilherme Paulus is the brain behind the company’s strategic partnership with Omni Channel which is aimed at expanding its online vendor base to supplement CVC’s ever-growing brick and mortar stores.

Delving into New Sectors

Guilherme Paulus has an excellent track record corporate management. Drawing from his vast experience, Mr. Paulus has successfully diversified his investment to new sectors. In a move that has earned him multiple awards and recognition locally and internationally including Brazil’s Entrepreneur of the Year, he invested millions of dollars in a hotel chain, GJP Hotels & Resorts. The hotel network, established in 1995, currently has close to two dozen resorts to its name. In addition to investing in the hotel chain, Guilherme Paulus has also invested in Brazil’s industry with the purchase of WebJet Airline in 2006 and later sold it in 2011 after successfully turning around its fortunes.