What Exactly Are Freedom Checks?

Savvy investors always look for something new and innovative. The chance to discover a lucrative investment drives their search. Seeking out a new investment strategy may not even be necessary. A law passed in the 1980s opens the door to taking advantage of “freedom checks.” The term freedom checks makes everything sound out of the ordinary. True, the term may be routed in a bit of marketing lingo. Once you get past the marketing hype, a simple investment concept reveals itself. They’re not new investments, but they may be new to certain investors.

Freedom checks refer to dividend payments from a master limited partnership (MLP). An MLP isn’t anything obtuse. It’s a somewhat standard investment vehicle. MLPs aren’t as popular as other traditional investment ventures though. This is why many lack awareness about what MLPs involve or how they pay. Visit kennedyaccounts.com to know more about Freedom Checks.

Master limited partnerships fall under the description of business endeavors. They are similar to other limited partnerships with one major difference. Master limited partnerships trade publicly on an exchange. Investing in a master limited partnership delivers access to an investment as liquid as stocks or bonds. Tax obligations only come into play when receiving a distribution. Certain traits do define the type of businesses found in the MLP delineation. Not every type of business can become an MLP.

MLPs must derive 90% of their revenue from oil and gas endeavors. These oil and gas business ventures must be located in the United States. Foreign oil exploration cannot be counted towards the aforementioned 90% figure. MLPs accept the requirement to pay dividend checks to investors who put money into profitable ventures. Be aware these investments, like any other investment, do not come without risks. Dividends come from profits generated by the partnerships.

Why do MLPs seek investors? Like any other entity looking for investment capital, MLPs sell shares in order to raise money. The money procured from investors then goes into covering operational expenses. This isn’t much different than how and why a standard blue chip company tries to draw in investment capital.

What reason do investors look into MLP opportunities? They want to receive their freedom checks. If a lucrative endeavor pays off, the freedom check dividends might be significant. The payoffs from these checks would exceed traditional retirement payments from social security. Again, risk comes with MLP investing. Investors should perform research into MLP opportunities before making any decisions. Read more: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/34-6-billion-freedom-checks-paid-thanks-new-tax-plan/

Nick Vertucci Principles Towards Becoming A Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

Nick Vertucci was born and raised in a humble family. He was brought up by her mother after his dad died at the age of 10 years. At the point when Vertucci was eighteen years of age, he ended up living in his car. This motivated him to start a small shop for selling computer hardware parts, which gave him a fresh start to a new life. Nick later got married and was blessed with three beautiful daughters.

Vertucci enables students worldwide to accomplish their objectives in the real estate industry. His workshops and classes show students the best way to succeed, giving instruction on: Discount and flipping contracts, Purchasing and holding properties for long-haul income, Business speculations, Utilizing your IRA and 401K to support predictions and Resource insurance.

Nick Vertucci released his new book by the name Seven Figure Decisions which speaks about his principles relating to real estate venture and life challenges. Nick further explains how he associated these models to build related financial wealth and entrepreneurial opportunity. He underlines that you don’t become wealthy by not taking a risk. Nick plots the major choices you can make to go from white-collar class to a becoming a millionaire.

Vertucci characterizes the essential parts of his prosperity, particularly distinguishing the lessons he acquired and how he executed change to rectify past mistakes. A couple of lessons covered in this book include: Why it is essential to begin from a position of association for your customers at any cost and how this can empower you to achieve seven figures. Guidelines to push past sentiments of fear and modify your mentality to look after your dreams. Well ordered directions to raise your sights higher and how this can drastically change your master result.

Nick Vertucci classes give the information and critical factors on how real estate works. Enormous quantities of these edges are routinely neglected, which has led Nick Vertucci to become successful and wealthy by carefully paying attention and holding fast to the models he has created. The data that Nick Vertucci has expanded over the years working in real estate has given him a financial opportunity and also made augmentations for scholars he has worked with before.

Vertucci clarifies that when you see something you need, you require a reasonable vision to achieve it. The explanation behind most people disappointment is their absence of certainty and that they don’t have confidence in themselves. Individuals tend to have a false conviction that they can’t be extraordinary.

Wes Edens-Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is the co-founder and Chief Executive officer of Fortress Investment Group LLC and has been its Private Equity Chief Investment Officer, Principal, President of Private Equity, Head of Private Equity and Co-Chairman since August 2009. His job responsibility at the firm involves dealing with private equity and publicly traded alternative investment businesses. Apart from being a leader at fortress Investment Group, wes is also a lover of sports. Wes Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, along with Marc Lasry. He also owns the League of Legends team FlyQuest.

Present Boards and advisory roles

From 1999 to date, Wes Edens became the chairman and the chief executive officer at fortress registered investment trust. From 2002 to date he became the chairman at Drive Shark Inc. from 2004 to present and later became the board chairman of Mapeley Limited. From 2008 to date, he has been serving as the chairman of the board of directors at Florida East coast holdings corp.Edens became the chairman of the board of directors from 2010 at one central holdings Inc. In the same year, he also became the chairman of the board of directors at Spring leaf finance corporation and also the chairman of the board of directors at spring leaf finance Inc. He has been the chairman of the board of directors at New Media Investment Group since 2013 to date.

Educational Background and Career Achievements

Wes holds a degree in finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University. Before starting fortress, he was a partner and managing director at both Lehman Brothers and BlackRock companies.

Edens Passenger Train to serve Chicago

The co-founder of Fortress investment group never tires when it comes to investing. He bought a passenger train that is expected to carry passengers from Chicago to Miami but not through Milwaukee,

Wes Eden buys e-sports for $2.5 million

The investor and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks purchased the cloud nine challengers League championships series for $2.5 million. They changed the name to FlyQuest. The team utilises the business and sports expertise of Edens and his group to develop partnerships, sponsorships grow and compete successfully with their competitors. Wes Edens has an Adrenalin for investment. He is always on the watch out for new opportunities to invest. His experience at fortress investment has given him the investment skills to venture into the business world and make investments alone.

Jeff Yastine: Amazon and Antitrust

Jeff Yastine is one of the senior editorial directors at the Banyan Hill Publishing Company. His primary publication is an editorial titled Total Wealth Insider. He only joined Banyan Hill Publishing Company in 2015 after serving more than two decades working in the finance industry as both an investor and a journalist. His combination of both journalistic and financial expertise allows him to publish some of the highest quality financial editorials available. He first became prominent on the national scene as a correspondent on the PBS publication The Nightly Business Report from 1994 to 2010. He has won a number of awards for his work including a nomination for an Emmy award due to his reporting on America’s infrastructure in 2007. Visit the website jeffyastineguru.com to learn more.

Jeff Yastine has recently posted some of his advice in regards to potential competition to the Internet retail giant Amazon. Jeff Yastine believes that the best days of the Internet retail giant are behind it as there is growing competition in the Internet retail sector. It is not a popular stance to believe that Amazon will be challenged for dominance in the market but it is not something that should be taken lightly according to Jeff Yastine. He believes that this is due to a combination of factors including antitrust laws and global financial awareness.

Antitrust laws have been put into legislation as a result of a congressional move in order to promote ethical business practices. The legislation behind these laws has been designed in order to keep one company or entity from dominating an entire market. The history of the American economy has strong roots in free-trade. He believes that these laws have been custom-built for a case such as that of Amazon. Occasionally a company will grow to the point that it no longer is benefiting the consumer but begins to engage in practices that solely benefits itself.

Jeff Yastine has recently interviewed with several high-level individuals who believe that Amazon is engaging in practices that could be considered anticompetitive. Since Amazon is able to sell almost any product, it can do so at a cheaper price than almost any other competitor. Amazon has already had issues with antitrust government agencies and other nations. With activity already beginning to occur in other countries, it may seem like it is only a matter of time until the antitrust lawsuits begin to occur in the United States of America.Visit: https://kennedyaccounts.com/


End Citizens United vs. Rick Scott – Did Rick Scott Violate Campaign Finance Law?

End Citizens United was created a couple of years after a decision from the Supreme Court that changed the landscape of American politics. This decision made it possible, even probable, that corporations would purchase important elections in the future. Today, we are seeing the results of the 2010 decision: corporations are spending millions of dollars to get their preferred candidates elected.

End Citizens United, also known as ECU, is working to keep politicians that have been bought by corporations out of office. They work to accomplish this goal by selectively backing politicians that do not accept corporate money in exchange for promises and legislation.

This organization, led by Tiffany Muller, is currently opposing Rick Scott, who is being accused of misusing using campaign finances.

A complaint was filed by ECU concerning Rick Scott’s campaign finances with the Federal Election Commission. The complaint accused Scott of illegally using a super PAC during his campaign for Senate.

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The rules for PACs and their contribution towards a candidate is extremely clear. A candidate may not interact with the super PAC, and the PAC may contribute near endless amounts of money to a political candidate to be used for ad campaigns and events. As long as Rick Scott isn’t directly involved with the PAC he is not breaking the law, but End Citizens United claims Scott has been in contact with several people who are associated with New Republican.

The charges begin to make sense when coupled with the fact that Rick Scott used to work for the New Republican. In fact, he served as the chairman of the group before running for Senate. The details of the complaint with the FEC include accusations ranging from funneling money into the PAC himself and sidestepping finance laws for political campaigns.

Tiffany Muller is the current President of End Citizens United. She leads the organization in a different way than most PAC leaders. For example, End Citizens United can trace its roots to grassroots organizations, and the average contribution per person is only $14 dollars. Tiffany Muller is leading a company that is truly representing the common people of the United States.

See: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/12/05/democratic-pac-end-citizens-united-names-big-money-20-targets-2018/918680001/

A Glimpse Inside Sujit Choudhry’s New Publications

Sujit Choudhry, during his career, has been the dean of a university, a lawyer, and an adviser to developing countries (blogs.law.nyu.edu). He has also served in much smaller, but still important roles like serving as Law Clerk to Antonio Lamer, a Supreme Court Justice in Canada. In addition to serving as dean, Choudhry taught the students personally at the New York University, educating them in the field of law.  Choudhry has also edited and contributed to several textbooks on the subject of law.

Choudhry is well-rounded, even an expert in many areas. He is knowledgeable in democratic policy, constitutional design, secession, and transitioning from a less desirable government to a democracy (constitutionaltransitions.org)

Earlier this year a book featuring Choudhry was released concerning the modern strength of democratic governments. In particular, Choudhry’s chapter discussed a tweet from Eric Holder published in late 2017, check releasefact.com. The tweet managed to spark a lot of controversy for its vagueness and ambiguity. In his own chapter of Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?, Sujit Choudhry dismantles Eric Holder’s tweet, diving inside Holder’s mind and sharing his own ideas about Holder’s intention.

The tweet was suggestive in concerns to Trump’s authoritarian persona, calling on civil action should Trump overreach. Eric Holder lashed out at Trump, calling any attempt to dismantle or disrupt Robert Mueller’s investigation would be an “absolute red line.”

“If removed or meaningfully tampered with,” Holder began the tweet. “There must be mass, popular, peaceful support of both.”

Holder is clearly not suggesting a war in the streets, he is simply stating that should either side not get what they think is right, they must let their voices be heard. It is the people, not the courts, that will decide whether Donald Trump will be able to remain in office should he fire Bob Mueller.

Sujit Choudhry goes into detail on this perspective and others in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?

Related link:  http://sujitchoudhry.com/

CLASS DOJO – a new way to use social media in our classrooms

Social media is the way of our future and has transformed the way our society communicates. Technology is that much better when it has our teachers, parents and students working together. We are all now such a cell phone and computer addicted society, a new app began a new communication platform within our classrooms, teachers and schools. This amazing communication platform is called Class Dojo which is now used by 2 out of 3 schools.

Class Dojo is creating a community that shares and likes a classroom’s activities via video or photos. It involves teachers that can encourage or I showcase students work, values or activities via a picture or comment. Parents become engaged by viewing the teacher’s information and commenting on their child’s profile. The greatest part is that it gives students a voice to present their activities and hear the encouragement coming from a teacher.

Just recently I received a video with my son singing a self-written song while still practicing his “poetry in language arts”. I was thrilled watching him perform and listening to what he wrote in his lyrics. He even danced a little jig to “add to his grade and entertain everyone” he later said. Watching the video helped me feel connected to his classroom activity and made my son feel empowered to know the video would be sent home for us to view. At the end of the day, the teacher was able to complete the class assignment and share it with parents without having parent take time off work to attend an event.

This ground up change has created a positive culture with classrooms, schools and parents. The teachers can appreciate that the upfront set up will allow the opportunity to communicate to parents with a personal note or comment and share what is happening on any day in the classroom. Again it allows the parents to get updates on activities and happenings that they may never have seen on a report card or parent conference of their kids.

Technology has definitely come full circle and is helping our kids come closer to home.

Brief Information From Article Recap on DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani

The founder of real estate company called DAMAC Properties is Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani is from the location of Dubai. In this Sajwani assisted in the arrangement of one of the largest real estate booms featured in the world. In his college years he studied in the location of Baghdad. Then, in the year 1978 he traveled to Seattle, Washington to study the topics of economics and industrial engineering. A couple years later in 1982, Sajwani went back so he could begin a new job with a company called Dhabi Gas Industries. Then, two years after he found a catering venture that he owns to his day called “Global Logistics Services”. This became the biggest of itself in the territory.


The DAMAC owner in 1996 started on his property ventures with the building placed in Deira with the start of five hotels that were three-star. When a saturation point of the market there was a new rule that would influence Dubai forever would begin. In the year 2001 the government had made an agreement to let expats to receive leases of properties for ninety-nine years. Also, in May 2002 there was an order for foreigners that allowed them to purchase property on demote ownership. 2002 was also the year where the DAMAC owner founded DAMAC Properties and he was prepared to be a strong contender.


The first project was titled Marina Terrace. Sajwani has in his memory the date and the particular amount it was purchased for. The land for this project was purchased by Sajwani in May 2002. The amount purchased for this was AED16m. Quickly following there were Waves at Dubai Marina. Due to that, in 20014 Sajwani had increased the size in 2004, with Park Towers in DIFC. This had square feet amounting to one million in an area that was sellable. One year later, in 2005, DAMAC started being the first of the expansions in the areas of Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Finally, it should be noted that the company didn’t borrow ant money from anybody until in November 2013 when it met publicity.

Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties Transforms Dubai

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chief executive officer of Damac Properties and played a major role in one of the largest real estate booms the world has ever seen. And for good measure, immediately on the heels of a market crash in 2008, Sajwani did it again.


The DAMAC owner began his foray into the world of real estate development in 1996 when he had the first of five three-star hotels built in Deira. Sajwani says his philosophy was to build, lease, sell, then rinse and repeat until a change in rules transformed the market in Dubai for good.


Beginning in 2001, expats residing in the country were granted the permission to lease property for 99 year periods. A year later, this privilege was extended to allow for the outright purchase of properties. Sajwani founded DAMAC properties to meet the demand that these rule changes created.


The first building project developed by DAMAC was Marina Terrace in 2002. The Waves of Dubai was next before DAMAC made it most ambitious offering in 2004 when they began a property construction that would contain a million square feet of sellable property.


In 2005, DAMAC properties extended it operations area to include Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.


This all took place at a time when Hussain Sajwani was also having success with regional stocks, an insurance company located in Bahrain, and was the owner of an Oman ceramics factory.


The DAMAC owner says that his success in other business ventures caused him not to have to borrow money to fund DAMAC properties until the company went public in 2013.


When the crash arrived, DAMAC was hit exceptionally hard due to the fact that it had grown to be so large in such a short amount of time.


Residential prices in the emirate fell by approximately 50% in less than a year and Sajwani says that it was by first the worst experience of his 35 years in the business world.


Good decisions before the crash put DAMAC in a position to continue building and customers that had their projects canceled were offered other locations.


Five years later DAMAC became the first Middle Eastern real estate company to go public on the London Stock Exchange.

Forex Trading Company: AvaTrade Review

Choosing a Forex broker can be a difficult task for those who are looking to get started in trading foreign exchange currencies. Since there are many forex brokers on the internet, you can have a tough time choosing a broker that is ideal for you. However, one of the forex brokers that has emerged as one of the most legitimate is AvaTrade. This particular forex broker offers a wide range of financial securities that you can trade along with educational tools to help you succeed right away. With a number of educational tools, support, reasonable fees and a stellar reputation, AvaTrade is among the forex brokers that investors can trust.


AvaTrade customer reviews began operating in the year 2006 as this was when the firm was founded. Shortly after it was founded, it began to expand to other parts of the world. Today, the firm is located in Ireland, France, Italy, the British Virgin Islands, Japan and Australia. With a number of locations worldwide, investors will have close proximity to AvaTrade whenever they are looking to take advantage of its offerings. What makes this firm one of the most legitimate is its affiliation with regulatory institutions. The firm is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland along with financial regulation bodies in Australia, Japan and the British Virgin Islands.


One of the most appealing aspects of AvaTrade is the variety of software platforms that can be used. The most common trading platform that you can use is AvaTrader which can easily accommodate both beginner and experienced traders. There is also MetaTrader 4 which is one of the best in the industry. You can also take advantage of other software platforms such as the MacTrading option, the web trading option with browser extension, and the mobile version as well.


Like all other trading brokers, you will need to open up an account. Fortunately for investors, opening up an account with AvaTrade is quite simple. You will first need to choose a particular currency that you wish to trade in. Then you will need to decide how to receive money which can be done through PayPal, debit card, credit card and bank or wire transfer. Investors will also have to register data such as name and identifying information in order to open up an account.