Avant-Garde Entrepreneur Divulges Economic Election Analysis


The current presidential election cycle has given Americans a bountiful range of rhetoric to explore. Fiery jabs fly as Clinton and Trump skillfully joust through debate after debate. Unfortunately, proper political pivoting has left questions constantly unanswered. Most voter conversation is concisely controversial; America’s collective stream of consciousness is focused on email and groping allegations to a far larger extent than issues of direct relevance like the economy, that is terrifying.


Fortunately, the CEO of Forefront Capital has a fix of information for those left feeling intellectually starved by the news cycle. Brad Reifler has analyzed policy proposal points from both candidates, ranging from capital gains to small business tax. Reifler’s involvement in companies includes the likes of Refco, Sino Mercury, and Pali Capital.


Starting with the stock market, the average American could be affected by Clinton’s plan of reshaping the capital gains tax to involve the duration an investment is held; although Clinton generally plans on incorporating higher taxes for millionaires, redistributing wealth through welfare and college tuition programs. On the other hand, Trump proposes a general simplification of the tax system, getting rid of various deductions and streamlining current brackets into broader classifications. Trump’s plan is essentially a variation on trickle-down, cutting some existing taxes for high earners to provide motivation for stimulation.


Reifler is currently (although not exclusively) an auditor at Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp. This position combined with a storied history of direct involvement in America’s economic landscape is sure to enhance any layman’s understanding of the current climate. Situational awareness is a critical aspect of Brad’s work. Why not benefit from this wisdom?


Brad Reifler points out that the most significant alteration to the existing system comes with Estate Tax. For the economically-ignorant, the Estate Tax is what is commonly referred to as the “death-tax”. Trump proposes a complete repeal of this tax, theoretically providing incentive for high-value individual American residency. Clinton, conversely, proposes modifying this tax by lowering the necessary minimum net-worth of application. Although, Brad Reifler clarifies that Clinton actually agrees with some aspects of Trump’s plan in this regard. The chosen candidate will certainly impact the economy, in a time of social unrest, this impact could make or break the nation. Brad makes similar points on Twitter, and is well known for his biting financial commentary there.   Also worth noting, for non-political commentary you can find Brad on Investing.com, where he’s always breaking down the stock market in real time.