Brad Reifler Offers Five Investing Tips

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC., he founded the company in 2009. His company falls under the category of a “boutique” investment company, which means that the company is small in size, but this can also mean that clients are better taken care of in this type of investment company.

Reifler, recently, offered five tips for investors in a press release by Reuters.

Consider the risks of investing and the charges that the investor will accrue.

The second tip, also basic, is to be concerned about the safety of an investment. What is the risk an investor will face.

As indicated on his, Reifler’s third tip advises the investor to not put all his eggs in one basket. Diversification of investments is necessary. Do not concentrate on one position or on one sector, for example it is not diversification, if you have five or ten petroleum stocks and nothing else. One, only, has to look at what happened this year with the sagging price of petroleum to realize how badly petroleum stocks were affected.

Tip number four is to know your broker and to develop trust with him. It will be a long term relationship, as long as there is trust between the investor and the agent.

The last of the tips is to be aware of why you are investing. Is it for retirement, a larger house in the country, or a child’s education. Be cautious with your investments, but if you see something working, then add to that investment.

Reifler goes on to say that the world of investing is oriented to the 1 percent of the population and not the 99 percent of the population. The average investor is a small fish swimming among giant sharks.

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