Brazilian Financial Strategist And Infrastructure Expert Felipe Montoro Jens

After attending Getuilo Vargas Foundation , where he earned a degree in Business Administration, Felipe Montoro Jens began a career in the financial industry, later becoming a trusted business strategist who studies and reports on issues involving infrastructure when it comes to work projects in his native country of Brazil. In a recent study that was conducted by the National Confederation of Industry, also called the CNI, he shared his findings on why certain jobs in that nation have become stationary or paralyzed. Using data from the end of the previous year, he pointed out that 2,796 work projects had been stopped, 517 of which are due to problems within the infrastructure. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

Felipe Montoro Jens further stated that the jobs that were the most affected by this issue were the ones in sanitation, with 447 of them being interrupted while in the implementation phase. Other projects that were stalled, according to his report, were those involving airports, highways, railways, urban mobility, ports and waterways. He said that the reason that these works have been paralyzed is most likely due to the fact that Brazil has only invested 2% of its Gross Domestic Product in infrastructure. His advice for solving this matter would be to improve planning, get better equipped work teams, strengthen internal controls and design contracts that are more balanced.

The business strategist is also a graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, located on the campus of Arizona State University, as well as the University of California in Santa Barbara, and Oregon University, where he earned Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and History. He also received a Master’s degree in the scientific study of body movements, which is known as Kinesiology, and in Health Promotion. His industry research organization, the CNI, has its headquarters in Brasilia, and an additional office in Sao Paulo.

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