Bruno Fagali Talks About New Award Of $5 Million Being Offered By The Brazilian Government

During the past year, the Brazilian Government has introduced a number of changes with regards to the development of new laws and policies. The government is on a mission to improve business within the country and has started implementing a number of developments that are urging companies to stay within the country rather than going overseas.

Bruno Fagali, a well-known advocate from Brazil regularly posts content about the different happenings in the legal industry. Recently, he released an article outlining the new policies that the government has set into place to tackle the problem of corruption within businesses in the country. According to this new policy, anyone who reports an act of fraud that involves explicitly any money laundering which is taking place concerning the United States, that person would be given an award of $5 million.


The bill was drafted and is yet to be approved by members of the Secretariat. The main aim of the bill was to reduce the number of stolen assets that would otherwise be able to stay within the country, and also to reduce the amount of money that goes outside the country. All of the plans implemented are being done with the aim of improving the workings of the economy of Brazil. By doing this, the government hopes that businesses will choose to stay within the country, and not move to the United States through illicit means.

Even though the reward may seem appealing enough for someone to report a crime, the government will only offer the rewards if the information is of substantial value and is something that they haven’t already come by. In some cases, the government has stated that they will offer a higher compensatory amount if the information contents are of a higher value and work for the benefit of the country and the goals that the government is trying to achieve.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali stands as the head of Fagali Advocacia, a law firm that works to help corporates with issues relating to compliance and legal ethics, and also things regarding workplace legalities. He is a well known lawyer in Brazil. He graduated from University of Sao Paolo. He specializes in administrative law.

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