Bustle Blogger Reaches for WEN System to Transform Hot Mess Hair

For women, especially, their crowning glory is everything, and when your hair’s a hot mess, it ruins the rest of your day. Just ask blogger Emily McClure, who had practically given up on her sad, limp, frizzy hair. She was frustrated and hoping for a new change, so she decided to finally try out the WEN hair care system that has made the no-shampoo method famous around the world.
Beloved LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the WEN hair system of washing hair without lather shampoo, and his celebrity clientele were hooked. His unique cleansing conditioners come sulfate-free, so they can’t damage hair with nasty chemicals often found in regular shampoos and conditioners. See, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html.

WEN returns the strength, gloss and super body back to every hair type and hair condition on the planet. Emily McClure was intrigued and reached for the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner for her own 7-day WEN hair challenge for Bustle.

According to the Wen hair system, using a lot of his product is best for one’s hair, because it’s designed very differently from drugstore shampoos. That’s where Emily McClure made a key mistake in her 7-day challenge. She cut back on the amount of WEN for her shoulder length hair, saying it was “actual insanity” to use the 16-24 pumps of WEN product.

Still, every time she blow-dried and styled her locks after washing with WEN every morning, she looked great with healthy, shiny, big hair as her selfies all show. Plus, her friends were amazed at how fab her hair looked on WEN.

Emily admits she’s lazy for the WEN system, because she couldn’t keep up the routine due to a busy schedule. If she skipped a WEN daily wash, her hair went flat and oily.

Emily says WEN works best for those who use it every morning.

WEN Hair Care products are also available at Ebay.