Andy Wirth’s Extensive Ski Resort Expertise

Andy Wirth is the busy CEO for Squaw Valley Ski Holding. He, as a result, is also a pretty big name in the Lake Tahoe resort world. I recently caught an interview with him on the radio station KCRW. He was on a program called “Press Play With Madeleine Brand.” Brand of course was the interviewer.

She wanted to get his thoughts on the significant dry spells that had affected the ski resorts located in the Tahoe region over the last few years. Wirth, perhaps surprisingly enough, seemed rather hopeful about the whole situation.

He didn’t take a doom and gloom approach to the drought in any way. Although he stated at one point during the interview that the drought had indeed decreased profits for resorts in the area, he also stated that that didn’t deter him.

Minimal snowfall can understandably be a downer for operations of ski resorts but Andy Wirth seems more determined than ever to keep his businesses in tiptop shape. He told Brand that he’d be more than willing to assess and adapt his resorts’ business models.

He also said that he’d do what’s required to keep his resorts a great destination for skiers for a long time. Wirth’s resorts aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and that’s definitely a cause for celebration for Lake Tahoe recreation lovers. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Wirth mentioned the concept of flexibility in the interview. He said that he’d always look at running his ski resorts in a flexible manner and go from there. Businesses that are set in their ways and that don’t make key changes to accommodate things that are going on around them, after all, often get left behind in the dust.

It doesn’t seem like Wirth’s resorts are going to be left behind in the dust, drought or no doubt. Wirth understands the realities of working in a business that’s so connected to the weather. He also understands that unpredictability is basically inevitable for ski resorts. Ski resorts have no choice but to rely on rain and snowfall.

Andy Wirth is originally from Germany. He was born in the Western European nation back in 1963. He’s no stranger to the outdoors. His great-grandfather was Theodore Wirth, a man from Switzerland who was a prominent figure in the realm of park design.

His father was Conrad Wirth, yet another man who was extremely familiar with parks. Conrad served as the United States National Park Service’s director for some time. Wirth has been involved in resorts for more than a quarter of a century. He started working at northwestern Colorado’s Steamboat Ski Resort in 1986. He’s been working with Squaw Valley ever since 2010. Ski resorts and business aren’t Wirth’s sole passions in life. He’s also deeply involved in many philanthropic efforts.

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