CLASS DOJO – a new way to use social media in our classrooms

Social media is the way of our future and has transformed the way our society communicates. Technology is that much better when it has our teachers, parents and students working together. We are all now such a cell phone and computer addicted society, a new app began a new communication platform within our classrooms, teachers and schools. This amazing communication platform is called Class Dojo which is now used by 2 out of 3 schools.

Class Dojo is creating a community that shares and likes a classroom’s activities via video or photos. It involves teachers that can encourage or I showcase students work, values or activities via a picture or comment. Parents become engaged by viewing the teacher’s information and commenting on their child’s profile. The greatest part is that it gives students a voice to present their activities and hear the encouragement coming from a teacher.

Just recently I received a video with my son singing a self-written song while still practicing his “poetry in language arts”. I was thrilled watching him perform and listening to what he wrote in his lyrics. He even danced a little jig to “add to his grade and entertain everyone” he later said. Watching the video helped me feel connected to his classroom activity and made my son feel empowered to know the video would be sent home for us to view. At the end of the day, the teacher was able to complete the class assignment and share it with parents without having parent take time off work to attend an event.

This ground up change has created a positive culture with classrooms, schools and parents. The teachers can appreciate that the upfront set up will allow the opportunity to communicate to parents with a personal note or comment and share what is happening on any day in the classroom. Again it allows the parents to get updates on activities and happenings that they may never have seen on a report card or parent conference of their kids.

Technology has definitely come full circle and is helping our kids come closer to home.

The Leadership Accomplishments and Investment Innovation of David Osio

Davos Real Estate Group

Davos Real Estate Group is a member affiliate of Davos financial group that was founded by David Osio. It is among the leading real estate service provider and financial consultancy firm in Latin America. Its scope of services is designed with a mission of providing an investment structure that suits particular needs of each client.


Recently, the group launched its first mobile application known as Davos CAP calculator. The calculator was introduced to help the organization’s customers in making calculations of their projected returns on real estate investments after a given investment period.


Davos CAP calculator could also be used as an interactive platform where real estate agents exchanged ideas with the group’s investors. Moreover, Davos CAP calculator could be used to calculate mortgage rates.


Davos Cap calculator was designed based on ideas brought forward by modern technology. It can be downloaded by phones supported by Android and iPhones. Davos Real Estate group is on the way to launch other mobile applications that help investors to identify properties and communicate with the Group’s agents. The team’s mobile application technology is to provide outstanding financial guidance and investment plans to their clients investing in real estate.


David Osio

The success of Davos Real estate group lies behind the strategic leadership of David Osio, a financial expert who founded Davos Financial Group an organization that provides financial services on property management and investment services. David Osio has a wealth of experience having served as a top executive member in many financial service provider companies such as Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International, whereby he led the company to achieve a higher international position.


Davos Financial Group

The company was established in 1993. The company provided consultancy services on finance and investments to its clients. Under the visionary leadership of David Osio, the company made a significant growth in revenue and expansion of its market in a short time. Besides, Davos Financial group led to the birth of other licensed financial companies in Geneva, New York, Miami, and Panama.


David Osio works to see that the companies affiliated to Davos Group provide standard services that match the needs of customers. Besides, he works to establish a strong client relationship by providing customized services that address the clients needs satisfactorily. His leadership has seen most companies affiliated to Davos group prosper in the finance industry.

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ClassDojo Stirs Up The Education System

A new San Francisco startup company called ClassDojo is causing quite a stir in the education industry. There is so much interest in this new company that they have already raised over 21 Million dollars in a Series B round of funding. This puts the total amount of raised venture capital for this new firm at over 30 Million dollars. Some of the investors involved in funding this startup include General Catalyst, GSV, SignalFire, and Reach Capital. Why all the interest? This is mainly because ClassDojo is not just another piece of software that creates curriculum, or grade books or is a new type of testing platform, ClassDojo is a completely new idea.

For one it’s an application that runs on any mobile operating system. This means the application can run on your Apple or Android based phone, an Ipad, tablet, Kindle Fire and on any computer. An important part of this application is its security. The application has a built-in Privacy center that provides the users and their parents with how we protect their privacy and still give you control. One of the things we declare very clearly is what we do with the information we do collect from you. We also show you how , if you want you can change or delete that information. We are also committed as a company to never sell or rent any of your information or data to anyone including advertisers. Because of the concern of not only teachers but also the parents, every Class Dojo product is produced with a “security first” mindset. In fact, the company never keeps student information that it doesn’t need. After a period of time, the information expires and is deleted from the system.

Why this application has gained so much acceptance in the schools and with parents is that it allows the parents a way to communicate with their child’s school throughout the year. They can even do this daily if they need to so that they can be aware of what is going on not only at the school but with their child.

ClassDojo has proven to be so popular with parents and schools that it is now being used in over 85.000 schools in the United States and also in schools in over 180 countries. These schools include private schools, charter schools and even the largest public schools in the country.

ClassDojo is the brainchild of Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. It came to be as the result of Sam and Liam identifying the biggest problems faced by teachers on a daily basis. After interviewing hundreds of educators the problem finally emerged and it was managing student behavior. That’s when the Sam and Liam went to work and developed ClassDojo. Using the application is straightforward. Teachers assign an avatar to each student. Based on that student’s behavior the teacher can set out either positive point rewards for good behavior or negative point deductions for negative behavior. Sam and Liam expect revenue generation to be coming within the year based on new services that will be offered to owners of the applications.


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Residential Cleaning Company Handy

Handy is a cleaning service company for residential properties. It was founded in the year 2012 and offers people the opportunity to have their home cleaned by a professional. Over the years, this company has established itself as dependable cleaning service in a variety of places throughout the world. The company is based in the United States but also provides its services to residents in Canada and the United Kingdom as well. What makes Handy a leading cleaning service is a combination of its professionals, convenience and money back guarantee. With these features, customers will be sure to be working with a cleaning company that will make sure that they experience complete satisfaction.

One of the things that makes Handy a leading cleaning service is its variety of services. Handy offers customers a complete residential cleaning which entails a number of things such as mopping floors, vacuuming floors, dusting furniture, cleaning appliances as well as cleaning up bathrooms. With all of these services, customers will have what they need in order to help make their home comfortable to live in as well as helping its value.

Another aspect of Handy that makes it a leading cleaning service is the quality of its professionals. Handy hires and uses highly qualified and experienced cleaning professionals. With these professionals customers will have experts in the field who will do a very good job cleaning the home and maintaining it. The professionals are also very dependable and trustworthy and will make appointments on time on a regular basis. Therefore with trusted professionals Handy helps ensure that customers will have the help they need whenever its time to get their home a professional quality cleaning.

When working with Handy customers will have the opportunity to get next day appointments. This provides convenience and therefore allows people to have the help they need in a very timely manner. Handy allows customers to contact them and arrange for a professional cleaner to come to their home and begin working within 24 hours. As a result of this convenience, people who own homes will not have to wait weeks to get their home cleaned.

The cleaning company Handy offers a money back guarantee. Unlike a lot of other companies, Handy allows customers to get their money back in case they are not satisfied. This allows customers to ensure complete satisfaction. It also shows just how confident and sure that Handy is when it comes to cleaning a home and doing the best quality job possible.

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New Communication Possibilities Are Looking Endless With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is in the communications industry but it has created its own little niche. It was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who is now the Chief Executive Officer. Reina decided to not only make this company unique by giving it a one of a kind service, but he also decided to stretch it and make it a direct selling opportunity. This allows individuals from all different backgrounds to create an extra income by sharing the benefits they get from the video services of Talk Fusion. They can share the idea with family and friends so that a community of acquaintances can more easily share information and memories. But it is also a great piece of technology for businesses. This could open up opportunities for businesses in far away locations that were previously just too far off. Talk Fusion also likes to give back to the community so they are involved in a variety of different children’s charities and charities that help at risk animals and endangered species.

The benefits of Talk Fusion have been coming out in recent months in different news articles. Business For Home is one website that has covered Talk Fusion and their growth. The article states how one reason Talk Fusion is so popular is that it is compatible with ever device from tablets and phones to PCs and laptops. It is also compatible with both Android and Apple systems. The article went on to look at the company from Allison Roberts’ point of view. Roberts is the Vice President of Training and Development and she has explained that from the success of just the video chat app, people should see that Talk Fusion is going to be big and will be an application that everyone either has or knows about.

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Handy Covers All the Bases

There is nothing like having a cleaning service at your disposal. What Handy has done is make it easy for people to get their homes cleaned in a timely manner. It has been a long time coming, but Oisin Hanrahan is finally here. There are quite a few people that have become impressed with what Handy has been able to do, and this leaves room for a lot more growth.

Handy has managed to provide quite a few services that have helped the company gain a great level of exposure. This is an organization that has somehow managed to secure contractors that are experienced in plumbing, electrical work, painting, hanging pictures and mounting televisions.  That is a lot, but Handy seems to be increasing the level of services outside of the cleaning arena.

In the beginning the company was known as Handy Cleaning Services. The founder, Oisin Hanrahan, made this the name of a company that would be providing on-demand cleaning services. It was inspiration that was drawn from seeing a friend that had a messy room during his college days. As time progressed and more investors came on board, it became rather clear that this company could do more an be more for homeowners. The Handy Cleaning Services name was shortened to Handy, and the number of services were extended.

At the present moment services for calls outside of cleaning are about 20% of the business revenue. This is a great increase when one considers the time where this business was based on 100% of cleaning revenues. There have been some awesome changes that have allowed this company to make great strides in a short amount of time.

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