Lime Crime: New Products For A New Look

Recently, Lime Crime has announced that they would be releasing a multitude of new items — three new colors in their Diamond Crushers collection, and, finally, Unicorn Hair Dye! Unicorn Hair Dye has been in development for a number of years at Lime Crime, and is finally coming. Both of these new products come in a variety of unique, vibrant colors, in accordance with Lime Crime’s previous reputation.


For the Unicorn hair dye, Lime Crime plans on releasing Strawberry Jam and Dirty Mermaid in hair dye; a beautiful red and seafoam green respectively. As aforementioned, unicorn hair dye has been in development at Lime Crime for quite a few years, and is something many people have been anticipating. While an official release date has not been announced, it is speculated the unicorn hair dye line will drop in April, as the Lime Crime Instagram feed is littered with multiple photos from the collection.


On the lip gloss side of things, Lime Crime is releasing three new shades in their Diamond Crushers collection—one called Cleopatra, which will be a vibrant rose gold—another shade called Acid Fairy, which is intended to be a holographic liner of sorts—and finally, Black Unicorn, which will be a shimmering shade. This particular line is great for anyone looking for a way to express themselves uniquely through their lip gloss—as these lip glosses can be worn on their own, or on top of other lipstick to add an extra oomph to your lipstick game.