The Success of Eli Gershkovitch and the Steamworks Group

Not everyone has the courage to settle and do what they really love doing, even if that means not quite earning as much Money as your Family thinks you should.



This was not the case for Eli Gershkovitch, the man who graduated from the law school but didn’t even touch the career as a lawyer or even as a law clerk. Life had different plans for the man.



Eli Gershkovitch left the University granting himself a few honorable months to dedicate to his favorite things in life before settling in for the law profession. It was like a very big vacation time.



Right now, the entrepreneur is the owner of the famous restaurant in Gastown, Steamworks. There was a big gap from what he went to study and what he ended up doing in his life, although very successful.



Everything happened when Eli Gershkovitch got exposed to Belgian beer. The restaurant that he runs as the Chief Executive Officer, definitely has one of the best beers in the town. The Belgian beverage was first introduced to the businessman in Heidelberg, Germany, and since then, he’s been in love with the drink.



The brewery industry is definitely fit for the love of Eli Gershkovitch for alcoholic beverages (OttowaCitizen). He became the CEO of the Steamworks group of brewery companies, and for 21 years the group has become very successful in the industry.



Yes, the beverage expert’s been in the industry for 21 consecutive years, and he has definitely become one of the biggest specialists in beers in all of Germany and other countries as well.


His biggest deed was the creation of the Steamworks Brew Pub, in 1995, where his experience with beer really stood out and made his business a great success.



His formation in the law school never really gave him much of a help in the brewery business, but his love for the Belgian beer was the key component that introduced him to the industry and allowed him to be the CEO of one of the most successful company groups in the industry. The name of the Steamworks Brew Pub is known across the country, and the vicinity, and Eli Gershkovitch definitely followed his passion.