Fortress Investment Group is a financial giant that looks for investment opportunities to invest in. It has been very successful since its foundation. The principals of this institution are the main reason why Fortress’s endeavor has brought good fortunes to the company and the leaders as well. Randal Nardone is one of the founders of this company. He’s been a principal since the company’s inception in the late 90s and the Chief Executive Officer since 2013.

Other organizations have seen the leadership skills of Randal Nardone and brought him aboard. He holds executive positions in companies such as Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC, NCS 1 LLC, IMPAC Commercial Holdings, among numerous others. In Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Nardone is in charge of various projects by the company such as Fortress Investment Fund IV, Fortress Credit Corporation, Fortress Investment Fund V, Fortress Registered Investment Trust, among others.

Randal Nardone’s dedication to Fortress Investment Group has brought the company to new heights in the finance industry. One such instance is when Softbank, a Japanese multinational, purchased the company. This change in ownership was one of the most significant transactions of the company and its part of the reason why Fortress’s principals are so financial robust. Randal is valued at $1.8 billion bringing him to number 557 according to the Forbes List. His estimated pay annually is over $8.7 million. This amount comes from his $200,000 salary, over $7.7 million as a bonus, $700,000 in stock and over $100,000 in other forms of compensation. The purchase by Softbank didn’t affect the positions that Randal, Peter Briger and Wes Edens held in Fortress Investment Group. They still control the operations of the companies.

Randal Nardone’s success comes from the experience he has had while working in Fortress Investment Group and other organizations as well. Before Fortress, Nardone worked in various financial departments in companies such as Thacher Proffitt and Wood Law Firm, Blackrock Financial Management, and UBS. As a graduate from Boston University and Connecticut University, Nardone had the necessary equipment to work for all these companies. With the combined knowledge he got from working in these organizations was essential in creating the financial and asset managing firm that is Fortress Investment Group.

William Saito: Cybersecurity Preparation – How to Best Defend Against a Cyberattack

In today’s world, it is common knowledge that practically everyone in developed countries will be forever connected to each other by the Internet.


Data has become a sort of commodity that is bought, sold, collected, and traded as a product with intrinsic value. And for this reason, there are a variety of unscrupulous people in this world, who steal data with the intent of selling it to the highest bidder.


Fortunately, there are cyber-security experts like William Saito who possess the knowledge necessary to advise corporations, government entities, and other organizations on the best way to protect against cyber theft of data.


In recent years, there have been many high-profile examples of successful cyber-attacks that have affected millions of people, and the damage caused by these attacks has the potential of causing chaos in worldwide markets. William Saito is one of the top experts in the war against cyber-crime, and he has advised countless organizations on how to take steps to detect an infiltration before it’s damage is irreversible.

William Saito has literally been involved in the world of technology since he was a child. At the age of 10 years old he was selected to intern at a computer programming company. In college, he founded his own software company. This company developed software that was able to read the fingerprints of the user. This is just one example of a young man who was well ahead of his time, and it was obvious this was just the beginning of a stellar career.


Saito is a forward-thinker who has never accepted limitations in his life and career. He has the superior intellect that is needed in an area like internet technology, because of it’s ever-evolving nature where fresh ideas are a mandatory part of the process.


William Saito was raised in the Silicon Valley in the late 1970’s and the research and development opportunities were just beginning. At this time, startups like Apple were coming out with their first versions of personal computers. This was an exciting time for the Saito, and it is obvious today that he was inspired by the new technology. It was not long after that when he began his to make his mark as an IT genius.





Matt Badiali Uses His Experience in Geology to Promote Good Investing Choices

Matt Badiali is a geologist first and foremost which is what makes him such a reputable source of advice when it comes to investing in natural resources. Currently, he holds a Masters and Bachelors in geology and earth sciences from Florida Atlantic University and Penn State University. Though he may have planned to stay a full-time geologist for the entirety of his career, things change for Matt Badiali while he was pursuing his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina.

At this point, one of the close friends of Matt Badiali asked him for his advice on investing in oil and other natural resources due to his knowledge on the subject. Throughout his life, he had watched the problems that his father had experienced financially and agreed to help. It was then that he got into the career of publishing to help everyday people figure out the best ways to invest their money securely while getting considerable returns.

One of the most exciting investments that Matt Badiali has been informing his readers are about is Master Limited Partnerships. You may have heard of this potential goldmine by the name Freedom Checks. While Master Limited Partnerships are not a brand new concept, there have been recent changes in regulations that could lead to very good returns on investment without a large amount of risk.

When an investor puts money into a Master Limited Partnership, they are actually purchasing partial ownership of the company and are entitled to receive their portion of the profits every quarter and sometimes even every month. When Badiali recommends companies to his readers he doesn’t just research them on the internet. As a geologist, he knows exactly what to look for when it comes the sites that these natural resources are sourced from and will visit them himself.

For Matt Badiali it is important to keep learning and he enjoys reading as much as he can. While he may visit these sites personally, many times he gets inspired to go on these trips based on the information that he has found in different news sources. While he may have made mistakes in the past, he has learned that it is necessary to pick himself back up and try again.

Tony Petrello as CEO and Philanthropist

Tony Petrello is known as one of the best business executives in the United States. He is an accomplished executive who has assisted the company he is leading to become one of the best in the world. Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries the largest oil and gas drilling company in the world. This a company that he recorded tremendous growth in the last two decades through the leadership of Tony Petrello. Before he joined the form in 1991, it was struggling to maintain its operation but with his entry came a relief. He has taken the company through a streak of good results which have even led to him becoming one of the top-paid business executives in the world.

Tony Petrello has generated a lot of wealth from his role as CEO. For a man who has been into the list of top-paid CEOs on the globe, definitely, he has made enough for his personal use. Tony has been using the excess money he is creating to assist the needy in the community. He has been donating generously to charitable causes.

One of the causes that he is supporting is the development of a neurological research center for the children who are suffering from neurological disorders. The facility I located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. It is one of the facilities which have a high probability of making a breakthrough in the treatment of these disorders which up to now have no cure. Tony has also been donating to the Texas community in times of need-like when Hurricane Harvey struck Houston.

When Hurricane Harvey swept across Houston leaving behind massive destruction, there was an appeal by the government for businesses in the area to move in and contribute to the rescue mission. Nabors Industries is one of the companies which responded swiftly. Tony Petrello sent his employees to the fields so that they could take part in the rescue mission. The company also gave out money that went to the relief fund for the victim of the city. Today, Nabors Industries is also contributing to other relief programs in support of the needy in the community.

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/person/anthony-petrello#/entity

Dr. Jennifer Walden understands the patient’s needs

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an established cosmetic surgeon out of Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden is known for her caring and understanding for her patients.

Dr. Walden graduated from the University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio. She then went on to do her residence at the University of Texas Health System. After many years of experience in the cosmetic field, she now runs her own accredited AAAASF office in Austin.

The surgeon has received awards such as, Patient Choice Award in 2018 and some years before. She also received the Compassionate Doctor Recognition award in 2017. She won the On-Time Doctor Award in 2018. Dr. Walden believes in respecting the patient and their busy schedules. She is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Patients consider Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff confident in their knowledge in such things as,

  • Skin cancer issues
  • Breast reconstructions and other breast concerns
  • Facial cosmetic surgeries
  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Hair restoration
  • Dermabrasion

This is just a small list of the knowledge Dr. Walden’s office provides for their patients. The surgeon and her staff are fully equipped to answers any cosmetic questions and concerns a patient may have.

Dr. Walden not only prides herself as being very professional, but also demands it of her staff. She is highly requested for conferences and television to talk about new and more advanced procedures happening in the cosmetic surgery field. She also takes her knowledge and shares it in medical journals.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a surgeon to watch in the upcoming years. She is someone who is always looking out for her patient and finding the best ways to care for their needs.

A Career of Corporate Success for Lori Senecal:

Throughout her career in the business world, Lori Senecal has made it a habit of making whatever company she has worked with more successful. A perfect example of this is her time with kbs+. When she came on board to serve as its Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the company had 250 employees. Her leadership helped the company grow to 900 employees. kbs+ soon become one of the top advertising agencies around, and made the list of the best places to work in New York City. In addition, kbs+ was named to the Advertising Ages list for three straight years.


Senecal also helped MDC Partner Network achieve great success during her time there as President and CEO. She was responsible for improving the company’s working models and strategic visions, leading to more growth for MDC. That led to Senecal getting a leadership position at CP+B as its Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, with the responsibility of coordinating and expanding eight offices across the globe. Her efforts helped increase CP+B’s revenues by 21 percent. During her career in advertising, Senecal has worked with some of the most notable brand names in the world. These include Nabisco, Nestle, Sprint, Staples, Molson, and Weight Watchers. She also served as the Global Accountant Director for Coca Cola.


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Lori Senecal is the youngest of four sisters. She credits her drive to succeed to the motivation given to her by her three sisters while she was growing up. Senecal studied business and marketing at McGill University in Montreal. One of her first successes in the business world was the launch of TAG Ideation, a marketing unit aimed at young adults.


Senecal has earned numerous honors for her achievements in business. According to ideamensch.com, she received the Quantum Leap Award for her leadership skills in 2013. The next year, she was named the woman to watch in the advertising world. Fast Company named her the Most Creative Business Person in 2017. She also mentors young business people.





A Winner Among Winners Because Of His Employee

Louis Chenevert is bar far one of the best leaders in any industry, and this is for more than the career he has led. Briefly, he started out in at General Motors where he stayed for fourteen years. Afterward, Chenevert left GM to join Pratt & Whitney and finally United Technologies Corporation where he changed the aerospace industry. How did he do this you might ask, well, I will explain.

It starts with his position as CEO of UTC and Chenevert’s use of small strategic groups in small teams that also understood what their customers needed, a passion for delivering innovative products, in addition to making acquisitions that would bolster their portfolio. This strategy led to the F135 engine to redefine military propulsion. The GTF engine to change the game entirely with its improved fuel burn, reduced noise and use of fewer parts which in turn translated to lower cost over its life cycle. Chenevert and UTC were able to win over next Gulfstream orders for their next-gen G500 and G600 planes. They were also able to purchase Goodrich for $18 billion, which at the time was the most significant purchase in the industry.

To bring ideas like these to life, Chenevert remained focused on operation and engineering talent as they played important roles in the success of UTC. He also championed small groups and provided the leadership team with the tools, funds, and autonomy they needed to go after industry transforming products. Chenevert also maintained intense reviews across to board to make sure vital objectives were on track and accomplished.

Taking a step back from the organization as a whole, it is clear that Chenevert’s focus on people is what made a difference. For starters, UTC already had in place an Employee Scholar Program, which encouraged employees to seek out degrees of their choice. This program resulted in more than 39,000 degrees obtained by employees, of which, UTC paid for in full. That was more than $1 billion of investments in their people. It is only ironic that this practice aligned perfectly with Chenevert’s belief that no company can find success if it doesn’t invest in its employees.


How Hussain Sajwani Became An Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai businessman who is the founder, chief executive officer, and chairman of DAMAC Properties. He had developed this company into a real estate development firm that has built luxury residential properties throughout the Middle East as well as one in London. He is starting to pick out sites in Europe as well to put in luxury buildings, such as the coast of Spain.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani moved back home and soon thereafter launched a catering venture. Since he founded this company in 1982 it has expanded and it now supplies catered food in nations throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. He saw an opportunity develop in the United Arab Emirates real estate market in 2002 which is when he launched DAMAC Properties.

Today, DAMAC Properties has built luxury homes in cities like Dubai, Doha, Beirut, Riyadh, Jeddah, and more. He and his team have delivered almost 18,000 homes and their development portfolio includes another 44,000 that are in different stages of development. He has ably led this firm and it is his leadership ability that is largely credited for the huge success of his company.

Hussain Sajwani says that when he was a child he often worked at his father’s retail shop. He says this experience influenced him to be an entrepreneur himself once he got older. While he attended the UW he sold time-share apartments on the side in order to generate income. He saved quite a bit of this money and used it when he launched his catering venture.

As for his typical day of work, Hussain Sajwani says that he spends a good part of each day in business meetings. These often involve his management team who keep him informed about all of the different aspects of DAMAC Properties. He also has meetings with partners of his company as well as people in the business community. He says he has forged many professional contacts because that is how you get ahead in the real estate industry.

Why Joel Friant is Considered a Top Investor

For many people, a small business is an ultimate professional dream. One individual that has continued to be a very successful business owner and investor is Joel Friant. Joel Friant has had a very long career and has invested in a number of different Industries very successfully.


Joel Friant initially started his career working in the restaurant industry. After working his way up at a few different places, he ended up going out on his own and became very successful. Within just a few years, Friant was able to buy the land and building and started to become a commercial real estate investor as well.


While Friant was a very successful real estate investor he also always was looking for new places to place his capital. One investment that he considered to be very lucrative was Bitcoin. Starting in 2012, he started to buy small lots of Bitcoin and is now considered to be one of the most successful digital currency investors in the world. While it is unclear where his holdings will go with this investment in the future, he still believes there is a lot of potential in the currency.


While Joel Friant has been very successful in a number of different areas in his career, one of the most successful parts of his career has been his venture into consumer goods. While he was in the restaurant industry, Friant created a number of different products and spices that have continued to be very popular with consumers today. Of all of the products that he has introduced to the market, the most popular of all may be The Original Habanero Shake.


The Original Habanero Shake is a unique product that helps to bring the zest and spice of the habanero pepper to anywhere that you are. The shaker is essentially a standard shaker that is then filled with a unique mixture of dried peppers, including the dried habanero. Today, there are several different variations of the peppershaker, which means there is one option for everyone’s tastes. The Original Habanero Shake can be bought online directly through the online store as well as a range of other mediums.

Siteline Cabinetry, A Cabinet Maker Worth the Money

Siteline Cabinetry manufactures very quality cabinets in a variety of styles. Interior designers love to use them in bathrooms, kitchen, and office projects. The work of Siteline is by order and by the customized specifics of the customer. That is it does every project after an order is placed for it. Each project is tailor-made to the customized specifics of each client. The client can modify and accessorize the basic cabinet plans however they see fit.


There are also 289 different finishes and materials from which to choose. Each of these finish options has a number of choices within them. There are also 40 door style options in a number of colors. Siteline Cabinetry is led by its founder, Pat Corsi. It has since revolutionized the cabinet manufacturing industry with its entirely customizable services. If you are interested in making a custom ordered cabinet for your specific home project, get in contact with an authorized Siteline dealer today.


After your custom project is ordered, you are guaranteed is completion and delivery in record time. After the order is made, the authorized dealer will immediately send the specifics to Siteline’s manufacturing plant where they will get to work on your brainchild. Siteline can do cabinets in everything imaginable and even those things that haven’t ever been imagined. With this in mind, do not be afraid to dream big when you discuss things with the authorized dealer.


Siteline can even customize with utensils, pots, lids, and even stuff like tablets and cell phones in mind. With these latest technological gadgets in mind, you can also opt to add charging drawers. If you want, you can also create deep, ventilated drawers for your vegetables and bread. All you need to do to make the cabinet idea a reality is to contact Siteline right now.