Ronald Fowlkes work background places him ahead of the game at tactical operation matters

Experience is the best teacher they say, and Ronald Fowlkes can confidently boast of having his vast share from the many years of work with military gear and in tactical operations. These experiences have enabled him to carry out his duties successfully at Eagles Industries Unlimited where he is the current Business Development Manager, dealing with law enforcement and commercial products.


Fowlkes got his law enforcement skills from previously working with the police department in his current hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, United States. As a police officer, he garnered 13 years of experience, first working at St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for 10, then serving at St. Louis County Police Department for 3. Seven of those years Ronald spent working as part of the Hostage Rescue Team of the same department. It led to his promotion as team leader, a position he still holds and is tasked with the responsibilities of training personnel on such skills as SWAT/URBAN conflict tactics, defensive tactics, tactical rifle among others.


His four-year service with the Marine Corps of U.S. earned him the title of veteran of the First Gulf War. His received his training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry where he also took a basic course in engineering. Ronald Fowlkes also served in the United States Army in Iraq, where he was a contract worker for the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization of the Department of Defence. His military service did not end there. Fowlkes currently trains the army on rescuing hostages, analysis of explosives, interrogation of war detainees and several other tactical duties.


At Eagle Industries Unlimited, Fowlkes responsibilities comprise frequently keeping in touch with their clients who are spread out across the United States.Doing this ensures that their clients’ needs are met and also fosters a good business relationship with the company. He as well ensures that the firm’s sales agents, numbering over 150, are well informed and efficient, by educating them on their various products. Eagles Industries Unlimited Incorporation is a U.S based private company that manufactures several tactical gear equipment for the military and other law enforcement agencies. Their products range from weapon cases, harnesses and belts, chest rigs to different pouches, pockets, and bags for law enforcement personnel.


Last but not least of Fowlkes duties at Eagle is selecting products that need to be developed to improve their workability and those that should get sold.


As busy as Ronald Fowlkes might seem, he still sets aside time for family and other activities such as sports. He favorite is hockey, a sport he enjoys so much that he even coaches his son’s team.


Paul Mampilly’s Bold Prediction

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Profits unlimited, a newsletter under the umbrella of Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly joined Banyan Hill in 2016. He recently wrote a new article for the newsletter claiming he had knowledge of what could be the greatest medical breakthrough in history. Many think this is just a ploy from Mampilly in order to draw in more subscribers. So far though, he has been adamant in saying he’s identified the company leading the precision medicine revolution. Could there be any truth in what the former hedge fund manager is saying.

According to Mampilly, a company with an estimated value of $1.5 billion in getting ready to take the health care market by storm. Though he only provided teaser information he did disclose that it is involved in precision medicine. What is precision medicine? Well in layman’s terms think of having the ability to customize medicine in a way to fit a person’s unique genetic makeup. It may sound a bit like science fiction but in truth there are many companies involved with precision medicine. Precision medicine can not only treat illnesses it can also prevent them which is even more important.

The company Mampilly is supporting so strongly is Utah-based Myriad Genetis (MYGN). The company is a hilltop facility consisting of some of the top scientific minds and biotech pioneers in the industry. It is an industry leader when it comes to molecular diagnostic DNA sequencing. while the company’s stock has been doing well as of late it will be interesting to see if it makes the kind of impact Mampilly is predicting someday.

About Paul Mampilly

Before Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited he was thriving on Wall Street as an investor. During this time he also held high ranking positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. In 2006 he became the hedge fund manager of Kinetics Asset Management. At the time the firm was worth $6 billion. With Mampilly at the helm its assets quadrupled.

Paul left Wall Street when he realized he had a passion for helping others become financially free. He is still an investor he just no longer makes money for the ultra rich.

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Todd Lubar on Organization and Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar is an organized businessman. One of his tips for getting the most out of any day is exercising in the morning, which he says energizes him for the rest of the day. On Inspirery, he advises entrepreneurs to keep their eyes on the bigger picture and commit to seeing the idea come to life. Despite the many challenges entrepreneurs face, he is of the school of thought that without the will to implement your ideas, you will not meet your objectives.


Entrepreneurial Advice


To remain productive, Todd Lubar highlights that you have to be hyper organized and keep tabs with all the areas of your business. He also advises everyone to read “The Magic of Thinking Big,” which challenges people to think bigger and set higher expectations while getting the best out of family life, the community, and work. The book is written by David J. Schwartz, and helps you become better-rounded as a person. However, the people you surround yourself with will determine just how far you will go in achieving your goals in life. Additionally, he encourages entrepreneurs to foster a culture of trust and open communication in the business since this is crucial in the survival of any business. Todd adds that even if you fail, get up, dust yourself up and get back to the grind using a different strategy. The key is to never give up.


Work History


Given that Todd Lubar works in the real estate sector, he is currently excited about the incorporation of technology into real estate development. He is the owner and president of TDL Global Ventures, which he founded to help people eliminate barriers to receiving much-needed loans. He has been working in the real estate sector for more than two decades, and was for years ranked as one of the top mortgage originators in the country. Prior to joining the real estate industry, he worked in the finance and credit space for 20 years. He also has work experience in the entertainment, construction, and mortgage banking industries. Some of the companies he has worked with include Crestar Mortgage Corporation, legacy Financial Group, Legendary Properties, Charter Funding, and Legendary Financial LLC, among others. He currently lives in Bethesda Maryland and has two children. View Todd’s full profile on

Every Step of Roberto Santiago’s Journey to Success

What comes to your mind when you hear about investing? It is a project that helps you generate profit and become the most influential and prominent individual in the world. Did you know this doesn’t have to be your primary goal to achieve this? Roberto Santiago is an exception entrepreneur. He had a different motive for beginning his business. He still became the most successful business person in Brazil. He is considered the king of entertainment.

What was the primary goal of Santiago’s business? Santiago is a resident of Joao Pessoa. He was born here, grew up here and schooled in Joao Pessoa as well. During this time, he realized that his people never had leisure time. This is because there were no luxury facilities in their area. If you wanted to have fun, you had to travel to access fun joints. Some residents found this time consuming while others found this expensive. The incurred transport was the blocking factor. This is what triggered his dream.

To solve this problem, Roberto Santiago, decided to give his people a recreational facility that would have everything they needed to have fun. His journey wasn’t short, but with the skills he had, everything always fell into place.

Roberto Santiago began by attending Pio-X-Marist College and then the University of Joao Pessoa. He acquired skills in Business Administration. This was crucial to his venture. It could help him in his process of familiarizing with the concept of running a business.

After school, it was time to put these skills into practice. He began by working at Café Rosa, a home décor firm. To Santiago, every opportunity he has in life, counts and is crucial to his journey. He was keen to learn everything that happened in the company. After a while with the funds that he had raised and the knowledge he had acquired, he began his cartonnage company.

The Cartonnage Company began by building cardboards from cartons. Later, it extended to a complete decor company. In fact, it was the most prestigious home decor company.

Despite the success, Roberto remembered this was not his destiny. This is why in 1987, he purchased the land, on which the Roberto Santiago mall is built on today. He had a well-worked plan, by 1989, he launched the mall.

Today the people of Joao Pessoa are the hosts of entertainment. It is other people who come to experience fun at their place. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is a chilling spot for all ages. Families look forward to every weekend to go and bond there.

Roberto Santiago’s dream finally came true. His primary goal of improving the welfare of his people did not block his success. He is considered one of the most influential individuals in Brazil.


Logan Stout, IDLife’s CEO

Logan Stout is a successful entrepreneur. He is the owner of IDLife which is a health and wellness company. Stout has done a great job creating a unique company that specializes in personalized health supplements for customers. As of today, IDLife is a very successful company under stout’s leadership.

Stout has a family that includes sons and his wife. Stout is truly a family man, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, especially his sons. Stout is believes in God. He has dedicated his life to being a true believer and of great character.

Growing up Stout was an athlete, he has taken it upon himself to grow older and pay it forward. Stout is the founder of the baseball team, the Dallas Patriots. Stout also mentors members on the team to ensure that they are growing to be great young men.

In a recent interview, Stout reviled that he became a businessman because of his love for motivating others. After so long of encouraging other people to reach their goals, Stout developed an idea to start a line for supplements. The idea of IDLife seriously came to mind after Logan met with a man who had a vitamin program already. Since Stout was an athlete earlier in his career, he understands the importance of health an nutrition. After thinking this through, Stout finally decided to create his company, IDLife.

When business first began there were some hardships for Stout but he did not give up. Stout advises others not to measure their amount of wealth with success. Instead he encourages others to actually love what you invest your time and money in, work hard, and the wealth and success will eventually come.

Stout’s business is very successful because he doesn’t try to force his customers to purchase unnecessary products. Instead, he actually finds out what their needs are by giving them an assessment. After finding out their needs, he gives the customers a recommendation from IDLife’s product line. This makes customers feel very comfortable because the company truly understands their needs as a customer.

Stout believes that one of the main things that makes him successful is his mindset. He is aware that the world is constantly changing. With that it is very important to constantly continue to learn more and more each and everyday. Stout also believes in being as positive as possible. Having a positive mindset will give you a positive life!

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The excellent leadership of David McDonald in the OSI group

One of the biggest worldwide food processing company, OSI group celebrated two decades in China since opening its first food plant when the company began serving McDonald with food. In the Beijing Olympics, the team supplied 113 tons! Of products such as beef, chicken, pork, eggs and dehydrated onions, during the Olympics, the group only received positive receives, and it has since been the supplier for many brands including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa joins, Yum and many others. The company success narrows down to the stewardship of Mr. David G. McDonald. David capacity in the company is the president and the chief operating officer. David McDonald also serves in various roles such as chairman of the North America meat institute, an independent director of Marfig global foods S.A. David graduated from the Iowa state university in 1987 receiving the Wallace E Baron outstanding senior award and bachelor’s degree in animal science. He moved to the OSI group and climbed his way to his current position.

Aside from the company’s success in China, the group started expansion plans for the plant. The previous year company announced the opening of a modern mill in Shandong, which is the largest food processing plant. The company has also managed to expand to the Poland market. The group also announced a new factory in Geneva, iii. The plant produces frozen entrées. The team added another high facility in Hungary. The expansions have led to the company tripling its production capacity of chicken products to 22000 tons annually. According to David McDonald, the organization strives to meet the consumer demand be it organic or the tasty kind. The group also puts an effort in new innovative technology to produce more quality food products such as the x-ray machine they use to detect foreign particles in the food.

David spoke on the expansion of the company by acquiring Baho food; this is the part of the strategy to grow in Europe and extend their hand in the market. The investment complements the organization’s products in the market. Baho has various branches with plants in Germany and Netherlands .the companies include Q smart life, Bakx food, vital convenience, Genderland Frishwaren. The managing director of Baho group will be retained and work with OSI executives to develop a growth strategy for the new companies. With the combined effort of the two teams, it will help in expanding the company’s portfolio.

The company is yet to see more significant achievements, and with the high leadership in David McDonald, the company will scale greater heights

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