How Hussain Sajwani Became An Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai businessman who is the founder, chief executive officer, and chairman of DAMAC Properties. He had developed this company into a real estate development firm that has built luxury residential properties throughout the Middle East as well as one in London. He is starting to pick out sites in Europe as well to put in luxury buildings, such as the coast of Spain.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani moved back home and soon thereafter launched a catering venture. Since he founded this company in 1982 it has expanded and it now supplies catered food in nations throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. He saw an opportunity develop in the United Arab Emirates real estate market in 2002 which is when he launched DAMAC Properties.

Today, DAMAC Properties has built luxury homes in cities like Dubai, Doha, Beirut, Riyadh, Jeddah, and more. He and his team have delivered almost 18,000 homes and their development portfolio includes another 44,000 that are in different stages of development. He has ably led this firm and it is his leadership ability that is largely credited for the huge success of his company.

Hussain Sajwani says that when he was a child he often worked at his father’s retail shop. He says this experience influenced him to be an entrepreneur himself once he got older. While he attended the UW he sold time-share apartments on the side in order to generate income. He saved quite a bit of this money and used it when he launched his catering venture.

As for his typical day of work, Hussain Sajwani says that he spends a good part of each day in business meetings. These often involve his management team who keep him informed about all of the different aspects of DAMAC Properties. He also has meetings with partners of his company as well as people in the business community. He says he has forged many professional contacts because that is how you get ahead in the real estate industry.

Hussain Sajwani Leads DAMAC Properties in Launching Reva Apartments

DAMAC Properties is a leading real estate company based in Dubai. The company just launched a new, modern set of apartments. Reva Residences will be located in Business Bay. The apartment offers exquisite apartments with Dubai Canal as the view. Reva Residences provide exclusive as well as breathtaking views facing the canal. The premium luxury apartments come with modern social amenities. They are affordable and convenient.

Background Look

One bedroom apartments are priced at about AED 699,000. In Reva, you will discover the luxuries of healthy and wealthy dining. Entertainment is included in the package. For those who enjoy exploration, retail choices encompass these apartments. Reva Residences provide clients with finely, designed stores. The environment is comfortable to host in-house events. Additionally, the management has qualified staff to handle client’s preferences. The management also serves mouth-watering meals. Cuisines make the most of it.

Services Provided by DAMAC Properties

Business Bay is the new goldmine for Dubai-based entrepreneurs. The district provides high-end services inclusive of entertainment. Coupled with lavish lifestyle proposition, this environment promotes business in every aspect. According to Niall McLoughlin of DAMAC Properties, Reva Residences will amaze even the lowest-budget investors.


Behind the management of Reva Apartments is the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani founded DAMAC in 2002. He is the chief executive officer of the company. He established the firm when the government of UAE permitted land ownership. Hussain Sajwani went to Washington University. He studied economics and engineering. His success is attributed to his father’s entrepreneurial roots as he was a business professional. He imported goods from China.


Hussain’s first business was food catering. He served clients in Abu Dhabi. He also used his company to serve food to the hungry. Hussain loves people hence his donations. He has parted with $2 million in charity. Presently, he is ranked a top millionaire in the world. His real estate business is flourishing under his guidance.

Additional Information

Sajwani uses modern marketing strategies to sell properties. He believes in networking. That explains his partnership with President Donald Trump and the prominent golfer, Tiger Woods. Hussain won the construction project of the golf course. Since then, he has been discussing promising business deals with the duo.

Ronald Fowlkes work background places him ahead of the game at tactical operation matters

Experience is the best teacher they say, and Ronald Fowlkes can confidently boast of having his vast share from the many years of work with military gear and in tactical operations. These experiences have enabled him to carry out his duties successfully at Eagles Industries Unlimited where he is the current Business Development Manager, dealing with law enforcement and commercial products.


Fowlkes got his law enforcement skills from previously working with the police department in his current hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, United States. As a police officer, he garnered 13 years of experience, first working at St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for 10, then serving at St. Louis County Police Department for 3. Seven of those years Ronald spent working as part of the Hostage Rescue Team of the same department. It led to his promotion as team leader, a position he still holds and is tasked with the responsibilities of training personnel on such skills as SWAT/URBAN conflict tactics, defensive tactics, tactical rifle among others.


His four-year service with the Marine Corps of U.S. earned him the title of veteran of the First Gulf War. His received his training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry where he also took a basic course in engineering. Ronald Fowlkes also served in the United States Army in Iraq, where he was a contract worker for the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization of the Department of Defence. His military service did not end there. Fowlkes currently trains the army on rescuing hostages, analysis of explosives, interrogation of war detainees and several other tactical duties.


At Eagle Industries Unlimited, Fowlkes responsibilities comprise frequently keeping in touch with their clients who are spread out across the United States.Doing this ensures that their clients’ needs are met and also fosters a good business relationship with the company. He as well ensures that the firm’s sales agents, numbering over 150, are well informed and efficient, by educating them on their various products. Eagles Industries Unlimited Incorporation is a U.S based private company that manufactures several tactical gear equipment for the military and other law enforcement agencies. Their products range from weapon cases, harnesses and belts, chest rigs to different pouches, pockets, and bags for law enforcement personnel.


Last but not least of Fowlkes duties at Eagle is selecting products that need to be developed to improve their workability and those that should get sold.


As busy as Ronald Fowlkes might seem, he still sets aside time for family and other activities such as sports. He favorite is hockey, a sport he enjoys so much that he even coaches his son’s team.


Changing Perceptions like Sawyer Howitt

Today’s youth has a lot of challenges they have to overcome. Among the challenges that they have to be faced with is dealing with public perception. There are a lot of stereotypes that young people today are faced with which include being lazy, dishonest, and even entitled. It is very common for older professionals to have a dismissive at best look at the younger entrepreneur with a distrustful glare being one of the average ideas. Fortunately, there are some people that are doing everything in their power to challenge the public perception of the young person. Sawyer Howitt himself has overcome many of the stereotypes directed towards the young. Learn more:

Sawyer has a lot of experience as an entrepreneur at a very young age. He has started his successful business before college. He has learned a lot about the financial aspects of running a business. He has also figured out all of the marketing needs for his business so that he can attract the customers for his profits. In doing this, he has shown that younger people have a lot of value and can be looked to. He is also showing younger people how they can do this whether they are entrepreneurs or mere employees.

Sawyer Howitt has shown people that they don’t have to be employees in order to learn from him. He has plenty of valuable advice for entrepreneurs as well. Therefore, he is able to convince people on what needs to be done to gain the trust of their older peers and managers. After all, the business world and the work force can be very tough on the younger person because he has to work with all of the dismissive attitudes. Then there are the more questionable practices in the workforce.

One of the best things about Sawyer Howitt is that he promotes many of the virtues that are truly valuable. For instance, the virtues that he promotes are humility and honesty. When people live by these virtues, they can go very far in their lives. One of the reasons that they are really helpful is that they can keep customers from facing disappointment while at the same time, keep the worker from shame.

Julia Jackson: The Jackson Family Wines Spokesperson

Julia Jackson is a proprietor and spokesperson of the famous Jackson Family Wines founded by her late father, Jess Jackson. To Julia, having been born and brought up in a winemaking and selling business, wine ceased to be a mere expensive drink in the market and become her life. Since childhood until date, Julia holds fond memories of the wine selling business at heart and strives to achieve nothing but perfection when it comes to the business.

Despite having a passion for the wine business, Julia is also a scholar. She is a graduate of Scripps College where she undertook her degree in studio art. In addition to this, Julia has a certificate in General Management program from Stanford University that helps her carry her duties effectively in the family business.

Since the Jackson Family Wines was founded by her father, Julia believes that her mother is the brainchild behind all its success; this is even true thanks to the leadership of her mother since the demise of her father. As an honor not only to her mother but also to the different women in leadership, Julia works with the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment program to inspire hope to women in leadership. Under this program, Julian and the Jackson family supports community-based, not for profit organization with annual grants of up to $100,000 in support of their projects.

As a spokesperson, Julia Jackson has been able to achieve a lot for the family wine business. Thanks to her mastery of French, Julia has been able to market and distribute their wine brands to French-speaking nations. Julia maintains her Pinot Noir and Chardonnay brands as some of the best Sonoma wines in the market. Not only are thy sweet but also affordable.


Julia Jackson is the next big name in the wine making industry. The next time you enjoy your favorite Jackson Family Wine brand, keep in mind these facts about its proprietor Julia Jackson.

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Whitney Wolfe Ushers In The Era Of New Aged Dating Apps

Whitney Wolfe is a young professional that is gaining a lot of attention, and it all has to do with her innovative dating app called Bumble. She has managed to create an app that puts women in the driver’s seat, and she is receiving a lot of praise for this.

The dating app industry is essentially dominated by men. They have been the ones that have created the large majority of apps for dating. Men have been the ones that have directed the attention to this concept, and most men have made these apps somewhat beneficial to the male species. What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was create a new standard and give women the chance to have a little control over who they were actually encountering online.

Read more about Whitney Wolfe on Cosmopolitan.

This is a massive feet for someone that is so young. She has only been in the business for a short amount of time, but she clearly has a focus that is greater than what anyone would have imagined. This is actually her second dating app, and she has been successful with the implementation of both. Bumble, however, stands out because it is the app that has been designed to reach a crowd of millennials that would much rather have the say in who they contact first.

This was a risky thing for Whitney Wolfe as CEO to consider, but she had to be able to do something that will be different from the other apps that were out there.

What Whitney Wolfe has proven is that women can get control of their dating situation by utilizing an app like this. They don’t have to confine themselves to the conditions of the traditional dating apps. Whitney Wolfe wanted to provide a new experience, and most women agree that she has done this successfully.

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Roberto Santiago: The Visionary with an Idea (Manaira Shopping)

Roberto has been able to build the impressive mall that covers a very large floor space in the city of Joao, Pessao in Brazil. This big mall houses in it, a food court, eight cinemas, a leisure area that covers more than 10,000m2 of space and hundreds of other stores within it.

This alone makes it one of the biggest shopping centers where you can find virtually everything that you may need to buy. No need to go anywhere. If you want something, you can get it all under one roof. Literally, all you need from birth (diapers) to death (shroud) can be found here. Read more articles on

The Best Features of The Mall

  1. Domus Hall

This is one of the biggest concert halls that you can find in the vicinity of the shopping center. It was opened to the public in 2009 and has been used for numerous functions which include but are not exclusive to:

  • Fairs, they could include science or anything
  • Receptions for events
  • Theater performances
  • Art exhibitions

Basically, anything that can be done in a hall is done here. This Hall has two floors which have cabins, bathrooms, and bars making it an all-round house of entertainment.

  1. The Sheer Size

This one-stop shopping center offers the whole family experience which was what Roberto had in mind when he opened it. This makes it very huge to accommodate everything that a family would need. From areas of entertainment to the other areas of interest, it has it all.

  1. The Versatility

Fitting all that stuff under one roof would mean that when you walk in, you are spoilt for choice because there is diversity. To cater to the needs of the whole family, it would mean that everything that you could need will be found there.

  1. The Different Stores

With over 280 stores that include everything from cheese to fridges. The entertainment rooms have state of the art show equipment such as 3D movie theaters where you can have a good time.

In Conclusion

When you think of the word visionary, you see the man Roberto Santiago. He has shown what an idea can do. By starting out small and planning to expand and including everything you could need under one roof, he has taken the responsibility of catering for thousands of customers under his wings, and he has done a pretty excellent job of it.

Read more articles on his Blogspot.

Avant-Garde Entrepreneur Divulges Economic Election Analysis


The current presidential election cycle has given Americans a bountiful range of rhetoric to explore. Fiery jabs fly as Clinton and Trump skillfully joust through debate after debate. Unfortunately, proper political pivoting has left questions constantly unanswered. Most voter conversation is concisely controversial; America’s collective stream of consciousness is focused on email and groping allegations to a far larger extent than issues of direct relevance like the economy, that is terrifying.


Fortunately, the CEO of Forefront Capital has a fix of information for those left feeling intellectually starved by the news cycle. Brad Reifler has analyzed policy proposal points from both candidates, ranging from capital gains to small business tax. Reifler’s involvement in companies includes the likes of Refco, Sino Mercury, and Pali Capital.


Starting with the stock market, the average American could be affected by Clinton’s plan of reshaping the capital gains tax to involve the duration an investment is held; although Clinton generally plans on incorporating higher taxes for millionaires, redistributing wealth through welfare and college tuition programs. On the other hand, Trump proposes a general simplification of the tax system, getting rid of various deductions and streamlining current brackets into broader classifications. Trump’s plan is essentially a variation on trickle-down, cutting some existing taxes for high earners to provide motivation for stimulation.


Reifler is currently (although not exclusively) an auditor at Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp. This position combined with a storied history of direct involvement in America’s economic landscape is sure to enhance any layman’s understanding of the current climate. Situational awareness is a critical aspect of Brad’s work. Why not benefit from this wisdom?


Brad Reifler points out that the most significant alteration to the existing system comes with Estate Tax. For the economically-ignorant, the Estate Tax is what is commonly referred to as the “death-tax”. Trump proposes a complete repeal of this tax, theoretically providing incentive for high-value individual American residency. Clinton, conversely, proposes modifying this tax by lowering the necessary minimum net-worth of application. Although, Brad Reifler clarifies that Clinton actually agrees with some aspects of Trump’s plan in this regard. The chosen candidate will certainly impact the economy, in a time of social unrest, this impact could make or break the nation. Brad makes similar points on Twitter, and is well known for his biting financial commentary there.   Also worth noting, for non-political commentary you can find Brad on, where he’s always breaking down the stock market in real time.


Brazil’s Flavio Maluf and Eucatex Building and Home Improvement

Flavio Maluf, born 12/2/1961, earned his Mechanical Engineering Degree at FAAP – SP (Furdacao Armando Alvares Penteado). He also took specialization courses in People Management, Non-Accountant Accounting, Rural management, and Foreign Exchange Principles at the University of New York.

Mr. Maluf began his long career with Eucatex as an apprentice, in 1987. He now serves as CEO, Executive Board member, and Vice-Chairman of Eucatex SA Industrial. He became the CEO in 1997 and is currently concentrating on new innovations, products, and investments.

Eucatex is a Maluf family owned home improvement and building company that got its beginning in 1951. They are headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and are the first environmentally conscious manufacturer to implement eucalyptus wood as a material for making acoustical panels, tiles for ceilings, and other products. Their first mill was started in 1954 and is known today as the Fiberboard Industrial Unit, where they began making soft-boards, panels and ceiling tiles.

Following expansion plans, Eucatex opened offices in Germany, Holland, the UK, Mexico, and the USA. Being a forward-looking company and environment-friendly, they began buying land for reforestation of eucalyptus trees used by their factories. By the end of the 1980s, Eucatex was exporting products to over 50 Nations. Eucatex has marked their 60th year and now export their products to 37 countries, worldwide. To learn more go to

Our world is swiftly changing. There are new leaders vying for control of cities, states, and countries on a daily basis and most of them are only in it for what they can get out of it, usually money. Country boundaries change on a regular basis. Countries quickly change their way of living and their leaders. Take Brazil for example. They don’t have enough food, medical supplies, or good leadership for their cities. There are many countries like this around the globe. Countries that are experiencing economic upheaval, leadership struggles, and outright wars are rampant globally. We must work toward rebuilding economies, reign in inflation, and use ways that worked before everything went haywire for Brazil and the whole world. Maybe Flavio Maluf will help.

Marc Sparks, the Philanthropist behind Spark Tank

Originating from Dallas, Texas, Marc Sparks is a budding entrepreneur with a big philanthropic heart. Marc Sparks believes that if one is rich and successful, he or she should help the needy in his or her community with his or her financial and management skills.

Marc Sparks document every bit of his business journey and has published it in a book. The book is available across the world to entrepreneurs interested in reading about him and learning from him. His book is meant to influence entrepreneurs positively and motivate them to keep grinding. The book also gives a detailed introduction of the tough business world and offers tips on how to survive in it.

As posted in his Facebook wall, Marc believes that everyone has the potential to be great as long as he or she works towards his or her goals. He believes that his book has been and will be inspirational to many entrepreneurs. His book is like a gift from him to the people and it will help business people scale new heights.

Marc is a serial investor with stakes in various businesses across diverse industries. However, most of his significant investments are in the telecommunication industry. Marc has also been in the venture capitalism world for a significant time.

Venture capitalism is characterized by high risks and rewards. Most of the businesses proposed are new and speculative in nature. They often have nothing much to offer other than the research and projections done by the entrepreneur.

Success in venture capitalism depends on the correctness of the evaluation and due diligence carried out on the businesses seeking funding. Marc has been a successful speculator with most of his investments having paid off bringing him success, riches, and an enviable reputation.

Spark Tank was developed by Marc Sparks and his business partner Lynne to fund social-based ideas. The company’s creation was driven solely by Marc’s passion for social excellence and a burning urge to empower community members. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Spark Tank’s main goal is to get communities empowered through entrepreneurship. Persons with viable business ideas are trained on management and given grants to start operations. Spark Tank’s team works hard to ensure the new entrepreneurs get the help need to execute their projects successfully.

The rules and guidelines for joining the program are simple and clear. Candidates wishing to join must be classified as 501c3 organizations and must have been in operation for a minimum of two years. Arts-based organization and firms offering animal and human services are allowed to join the program.

There are factions that are not eligible for the program such as national and united ways charities. Political action committees and faith-based initiatives are also not allowed to join the program.

The first fruits of the Spark Tank program are already visible in Dallas through the various causes and projects that have been beneficiaries of the Tank’s funding.