Ted Bauman, the editor of The Bauman Newsletter, the Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club newsletters, has a lot of important financial advice to give his dedicated readers.

Ted Bauman is a writer with many years of financial experience who cares about the common people. Ted Bauman wants people to get interested in finding key ways to maintain and accrue wealth. In lieu of being the editorial director of The Bauman Letter, Bauman has had other roles, like trying to guiding people on ways to lead a sovereign existence — especially one without government oversight or corporate greed.

Ted Bauman has quite an important role as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club. These newsletters are part of Banyan Hill Publishing’s catalog. Bauman decided to join Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. His strengths include low-risk investing, asset protection, international migration concerns, taxation, and privacy.

The Bauman Letter is a 16-page, monthly newsletter that supplies readers with important advice, and key strategies that focus on personal wealth accrual. The Bauman Letter consists of just six sections, but it consists of wise, Bauman advices. The first section and second section of The Bauman Letter is written by Ted Bauman. The second section is named, “Forbidden Knowledge,” and the third section is titled, “Unfiltered Insider.” The second and third sections of The Bauman Letter are individually written by a different member of the Council of Experts. The fourth section, the “Chairmans Corner,” covers information from Ted Bauman’s father, Bob Bauman, the founder of the newsletter. The fifth section, “Your Voice,” comprises pertinent questions and comments received from newsletter subscribers. Ted Bauman also recaps each issue with his “Final Thoughts.” Visit Ted Bauman on Facebook for more updates

In addition to the writing pieces that Ted Bauman puts together for his three newsletters, he also writes blogs for Medium.com. Some of the topics of his blogs involve tax and investment advice. Bauman also critiques and discusses some of his stock picks, which include his returns on the stock picks that he recommended to his readers to buy. Ted Bauman quipped that he wanted to deliver value, so his subscribers read more.

Ted Bauman received post-graduate degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Bauman grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but was born in the Washington, D.C., area. Bauman migrated to South Africa, where he lived as a youth. He currently lives in Atlanta, Ga., with his family.

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Learning from Ian King, a King of Cryptomarket

Ian King is an accomplished cryptocurrency trader as well as an entrepreneur. He has more than 20 years of experience in trading and analyzing financial markets. He is the founder of the Intellicoins. He offers recommendations on how the daily investors can navigate the markets of the cryptocurrency.

Ian King graduated from Lafayette College with BS in Psychology. He worked in the Peahi Capital as a head trader for a decade. He began as a desk clerk and later he worked as the Credit Derivative Origination at Citigroup.

The passion he has in the cryptoassets market is one of the reasons he is the top contributor to the subject. It is also his passion that made him create a program to help the investors in ripple, bitcoin, monero and other cryptoassets.

In 2017, Ian King went to Banyan Hill Publishing to help the readers understand the crypto market. Now he contributes to the weekly Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily. Later in the year, he is looking to produce a crypto trading course as well as investment advisory that will serve the Banyan Hill readers.

In regards to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has received much press, but it is not the only one that utilizes blockchain technology. Currently, investors’ mentality has caused the market price of the bitcoin to rise more than it has ever done in the past. This boom has led to the startup of the CryptoCorn. In the last check, there were 41 blockchains valued at more than $ 1 billion. But last year, Bitcoin was the only verifiable CryptoCorn.

Altcoins which are alternative cryptocurrencies are also a big deal on the market. They came into existence when the ICO was introduced. With altcoins, the stock market can have a combination of the public offering and venture capital.

According to the coinmarketcap.com, there were 64 altcoins at the beginning of 2014, but in 2018, there are 1,398. In the financial industry, a unicorn is regarded as a startup venture that has a valuation of more than $ 1 billion. There are 276 of unicorn companies in the world. These companies are estimated at an investment of $ 200 billion. This valuation is equivalent to 400 percent gains, and it has only been a few years.

The 400 percent gains are not available for the average brokerage accounts. The returns are mainly for the venture capitalists as well as those with accounts that are worth millions and billions of dollars.

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Jed McCaleb, Technological Entrepreneur

For those who don’t know, Jed McCaleb is the founder of Mt Gox, which is the first Bitcoin ever in creation. In the year 2000, Jed and his cohort Sam Yagan created the first decentralized peer-to-peer file-sharing service called eDonkey. Fast forward to 4 years ago, and Jed has now been working on his latest project called Stellar with cohort Joyce Kim. He joined Stellar as a technical developer, because he noticed a serious flaw in the global financial system.


The general premise behind Stellar is utilizing and harnessing the technology of blockchain and Bitcoin to extend to other parts of the world. Stellar’s aim according to this article is to connect financial institutions together and be able to help lower income people: which purportedly amass to 2.5 billion in the world today.


Jed is also interested in artificial intelligence and believes that there is much more room for growth in the technological world outside of blockchain. It is because of this that Jed has joined MIRI as an advisor, which is the Machine Intelligence Research Institution.


He is the CTO of Stellar, and also created the Bitcoin named Ripple. Some of the success ingredients for Jed have been persistence, analyzing, and being comfortable with a certain degree of risk in order to achieve great feats with technology, as well as harnessing the possibilities of the universe with respect to file sharing and the sharing of finances. He believes in focusing on things that have a global impact, because they can make substantives changes which allow for great success in life. Along those lines, Jed is also a firm believer in focusing on the creation of the technology and its abilities, rather than marketing it. More information on Jed and all of his work can be found at his website, http://jedmccaleb.com/.

The Oxford Club Works Hard for Its Members

The Oxford Club is a private network of serious investors who help each other, and who are interested in continuing their financial educations so they both grow and protect their portfolios.


Helping its members have more money with which to enjoy life is the Oxford Club’s mission, starting with Chief Executive Officer Julia Guth. She has assembled an experienced team of experts in marketing, customer service, research, editing, publishing, sales and operations. She has also enlisted a team of business and investing experts in all the investment asset classes. These experts share their knowledge about income investing, cryptocurrencies, options, bonds and stocks with Club members.


The Oxford Club goes back to 1989, when its founder William Bonner started it up under the name The Passport Club. Bonner, the founder of the Agora financial research and publication company, wanted it to serve as a network for investors and small business people. He changed the name to the Oxford Club in 1991. He and the other founders believe the best investment opportunities come through personal networking and research. Strong personal connections trump the mainstream business press and brokers.


The experts of the Oxford Club spend a lot of time researching investment opportunities. They share only the most low-risk and high-reward opportunities with Club members. This happens on a regular basis through the Club’s special alerts and monthly newsletters. This gives Club members an edge over ordinary investors who are relying on brokers or mutual fund managers. Club members have sustained their wealth through all market conditions since 1989, including the financial crisis of 2008.


The Oxford Club investment philosophy also includes protecting members from taxes. Its experts help members construct portfolios that reduce tax obligations as much as possible. The Club’s investment services are aimed at investors at all levels of expertise, from beginners to financial traders.

Sahm Adranji’s Career in Business

Sahm Adrangi has earned an excellent reputation as an investment expert. He offers investment advice and management through a company that he started, but he used to work for other companies.

What Company Did He Start?

He started Kerrisdale Capital. The services that the company offers are familiar to investors all over the world. These are some examples of services that Kerrisdale Capital offers:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Small business stocks
  • Short selling
  • Research of small business stocks

His company was founded with less money than a lot of investment firms. His talent as an investor allowed the company to grow quickly.

Many new businesses offer stocks that can be a great opportunity for investors. However, it’s often difficult to know if it’s a good idea to invest in an up and coming business. The only way to know is to research the company, and Kerrisdale Capital is one of the best companies to choose for this research.

Who Are The Company’s Clients??

Almost any investor can benefit from the services of Kerrisdale Capital. Many of their clients are retired, but their services are also great for people who are still working. Clients have given Kerrisdale Capital positive reviews, and these reviews are published on multiple websites.

Sahm Adrangi’s Published Research:

Sahm Adrangi has published research papers on many investment strategies. He has published papers on short selling, hedge funds, and researching small business stocks.

Sahm Adrangi Believes In The Importance Of Ethical Business Practices:

He acted quickly once he saw unethical business practices in action. The unethical business practices that were used by China Biotics and China Education Alliance violated the law, and he ensured that the SEC was notified. They took the matter seriously and enforced the law.