The Amazing Battle Between Fabletics and Amazon

Things are heating up with Fabletics and Amazon. These are two of the biggest clothing companies out there, and Fabletics is appealing in a huge way to many women. She has developed the type of company that is able to stand out as a force among huge companies like Amazon.


There is a place where Kate Hudson has shined online, but now she realizes that there is a better way to get access to customers that Amazon is missing. With more than 100 physical stores opening in the next week, it is going to be easier for Kate Hudson to get the Fabletics brand out to more people that do not shop online. This is a huge undertaking, but there is room for growth outside of the Internet. Amazon sells a little bit of everything, but there are no physical stores. This is what makes Fabletics an excellent competitor. People may be anxious to see how this competition is going to play out for Fabletics.


The core of the Fabletics audience right now is online, but there are already a few stores spread throughout the United States. These stores are profitable so it makes sense for Kate Hudson to pursue the possibility of more stores. The reality is that more people will interested in getting to try on the clothes for Fabletics when they can just go straight to the store. This is not something that Amazon has the ability to offer. This is where Fabletics has room to show up as a different company and present people with different options.


Amazon sells a variety of different clothes, and this online store could possibility offer more selections because this is a brick and mortar location. That is the competitive advantage that Amazon has. That is what has led this company to capture about 20% of the clothing market. There is strong potential for Fabletics to upset the nature of the Fabletics lead though, and it all has to do with the strength of these new stores that are opening.


All of the new stores will not open until right away, but there will be a chance for this company to grow and gain much more exposure as the new stores open. It will be about 5 years to get all the stores in place, but this a long 5 years that will gives the brand a lot of time to catch on with the customers that are still not doing much shopping online. It is a possible that this will become the leader in clothing for women that are interested in nice clothes that fit well. This is a company that has the ability to reach lots of women that are trying to get something to wear to the gym right away. That is the amazing thing about this brand. It caters to a crowd that has been waiting for a line of athleisure clothes that are stylish. This is a competitive advantage that Fabletics has over companies like Amazon.

Fabulous and Fit Fabletics

Women love actress Kate Hudson. There is something so passionate, happy and good-natured about her. She may live an extraordinary life, but she also leads a normal routine when she’s not making movies in Hollywood on. Busy with two young boys, Kate Hudson knows what it’s like to have a full schedule 24/7 and the need to stay fit, grounded and healthy.


My Subscription Addiction

That’s one of the reasons the adorable star co-founded Fabletics with businessmen Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. She wants to inspire other women to keep active and moving and do it in stylish work-out gear.

The Fabletics brand has caught on globally, and in a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Kate Hudson revealed some great new numbers. The brand just celebrated its third anniversary and operates at an annual revenue rate of $250 million. That’s quite an achievement for an online subscription fashion retailer. The star credits the soaring success to a joint effort:

“”It’s about the team you create around you and who you have inside of your company running things,” Hudson tells Marie Claire. “You can only really be as strong and as together as the people that you have around you supporting you.”

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There are more than one million Fabletics VIP members located around the world, and they all share Kate Hudson’s passion for staying fit and looking fab while doing it. The company is based out in Los Angeles, and that is where the magic takes place, in-house. From the sketches to the final product, it’s all created there at their spacious headquarters.

Women like becoming VIP members, because Fabletics offers incredible savings and special deals. The quality and on-trend styling on YouTube are super and include yoga pants, crop tops, leggings, swimsuits and dresses. Kate Hudson delivers her signature sexy, casual style to each piece, and VIPs can even shop Kate’s closet each month.

Kate Hudson is also very excited about the brand’s all-inclusive attitude, now featuring extended sizes. She says the demand was there and believes that women of every size deserve to have beautiful choices when it comes to clothing, especially in the active wear category.

Fabletics is doing so well, that more brick and mortar stores are on the way in the near future. That way, women can shop both online and check out the Fabletics styles in person. They can see the colors, touch the fabrics and try them on.