Stream Energy; The Energy Provider that is Swiftly Taking Over the Global Market

Stream Energy is an American based enterprise and a leading provider of protective, energy and home services. Owing to its previous success, Stream Energy has been able to expand greatly. Recently, Stream Energy opened a branch at Navy Pier, Illinois. In order to ensure things run smoothly there, Stream Energy announced that Steve Fisher will be the Chief Sales Officer of the Illinois branch (GlassDoor).

Having been a founding leader of Stream, Steve Fisher has the necessary knowledge and understanding required to run the Illinois branch. Steve Fisher is one of Stream Energy’s top earners and has over the years worked tirelessly to rise to the top positions of the firm. Additionally, Steve Fisher is one of the best Independent associates at Stream Energy and has mentored many other independent associates. Before founding Stream, Mr. Fisher worked at American Airlines in one of the top managerial positions. At Illinois, Steve will coordinate the field activities and operations relating to Stream Energy. The firm is confident that Mr. Fisher will do a great job.

Stream Energy was founded in 2004 by Rob Synder and Pierre Koshajki after the deregulation of the electricity market in Texas. In 2004, Stream Energy was just a retail electricity and natural gas providing enterprise. The company started to expand and get numerous customers in and outside Texas.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, Stream Energy is currently being led by Larry Mondry, the Chief Executive Officer ( Truly, Larry Mondry is doing an impeccable job in leading Stream Energy. This is mostly attributed to the fact that he is able to coordinate the company’s use of multi-level marketing.

It was in 2014 when Stream Energy decide to merge Ignite into the Stream Brand. Ignite was initially a separate multilevel marketing branch under Stream Energy. Multi-level marketing basically enables associates with Stream Energy to earn commissions by simply recruiting new associates and/or getting new customers for the firm. This has helped Stream Energy to grow. In fact, Stream Energy is now one of the biggest direct selling energy firms across the globe.