How Brown Agency Steps Away from the Norm

The Brown Agency, located in Austin, shows that what used to be the norm in the modeling world doesn’t have to be the way things are done now. Justin Brown certainly chose the right place to make the kind of impact that he’s looking for.

Staying true to the Austin trends, Justin Brown has some fresh faces joining his agency and they don’t look like your regular talent. The Brown Agency is proving that unique faces and different looks are perfectly adequate for doing what they do. From piercings to tattoos, new looks are showing up on the runway and the Brown Agency is in the right place with its talent to meet new standards in the industry.

While the Brown Agency has plenty going locally, Justin Brown is shooting for the stars with his talent and hoping to help them get top jobs around the nation. Many models and actors have been able to be a part of big-brand experiences with Louis Vuitton, Toyota, L’Oréal, and much more.

Justin Brown once worked as a model himself, but soon began to realize that he preferred being the man behind the talent, not the talent himself. Justin Brown has a degree in business management, so he decided to put it to good use in an industry that he enjoyed being in.

He originally started working with talent in California with different firms, but eventually moved to Texas, finally settling in Austin. While Austin has some agencies, Justin Brown felt that he could make an impact with Brown Agency’s way of doing things and his connections with agencies across the nation.

The Brown Agency has talent that works in modeling, commercials, film, and television. He’s proud to encourage and train the Austin models to dream big and to achieve success all over the country and fortunately for him and the talent, it’s working.

Whatever it is that Justin Brown is doing in Austin with his agency, it’s definitely working its magic. The Brown Agency is getting recognized in Austin as a great place for training and development and with good reason. For more info, visit

Athleisure Wear is Fabletics Specialty And Available To All Shapes and Sizes

Athleisure wear is hot on the markets today. Many companies are jumping on board, trying to cash in. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics and became inspired by her career driven mother, Goldie Hawn and her hand in the Hawn Foundation. Fabletics entered the scene in 2013 and is proving to be a big competitor against the powerhouse activewear brands. It is apart of the Techstyle Fashion Group enterprise. There are many speculations when it comes to their VIP monthly membership but the numbers are proving that the monthly membership isn’t a problem. For $49, consumers get bottoms, a sports bra, and a top based on their preferences. This personalizes their service and it comes at a fraction of the competitor’s price.


Fabletics have an online store and 18 physical stores. Their success has come quickly with their revenue reaching $250 million. In the year 2016, their sales increased to 43%. But many wonder how Fabletics has come on to the scene and is doing so well. High end products aren’t defined liked they use to be. To be considered high end, the quality of the product had to be impeccable and the price of the product was on the higher end. But now, high end is defined by excellent customer experience, popularity of the brand, and exclusive designs specific to the company.


The strategy Fabletics uses is comparable to Apple and Warby Parker. And it is paying off for them so far. The subscription service is the start of the relationship with the consumer. It is during that time that the company gets familiar with the consumer and finds out what kind of products interest the consumer and the lifestyle the consumer has. Fabletics caters to all shapes and sizes because they wanted their products available to everyone. As the company is constantly competing with other companies, they still seem to come out on top because of how they do business.


Fabletics uses reverse showrooming, input from data, and the growth of the consumers and their cultures to strategically and successfully run their business. Those that shop in the physical stores are already members and those that are not members, leave as members before their shopping experience is over with. Data helps them stay on top of the trends and keeps them in the know on what is trending with the consumers. This lets them know what is working in the showrooms physically and online.

What Gives Fabletics a Competitive Edge?

People believe that establishing a working out lifestyle is one of the hardest thing. Well, it all depends on how motivated you are. As for me, I believe that how you feel plays a very big role on whether you will have the will to work out and if so, for how long you will be able to go. One secret to feeling good when working out is simply wearing comfortable sports attire that matches with your style and personality this will give you the confidence boost to keep working out longer. If you are yet to get a store that has stylish workout gear that fit your lifestyle, then you are yet to try Fabletics.


Fabletics was launched in the year 2013 and in the short time that this company has been in existence it has clearly shown signs of taking over this industry. Growing to over $250million dollars in three short years shows that the company is no joke. At this point, they are competing with the movers of the industry, including Amazon.


To be ahead of the game, Fabletics has established genius strategies that are backed up by extensive research. This strategies make Fabletics a winner, regardless of the direction that the market or clients may take. Let’s have a look at some of those strategies.


Advertising is one of the major reasons behind the success of Fabletics. Fabletics understand that in order for more people to be aware about their brand, they have to spend money in advertising. They have invested in celebrity advertising where they feature Kate Hudson in most commercials. Kate models most outfits and in some kind of way assure people that the Fabletics style is what any fashionable person would rock.


Other than advertising, Fabletics derives its success from data mined on social media. They do not take the opinion of their clients. They use the information obtained on social media to improve their products, both in their online and offline stores. Fabletics also utilize social media to give people insight on their future trends and products.


Today if you visited Fabletics’ online shop, they will give you the option of becoming a VIP member. You don’t have to pay anything to become a member. In facts, the perks of being a member are so many that you will feel as if you are being paid to be a member. As a VIP, your shopping experience becomes customized as you virtually interact with their professional designers. Next, you are privileged to purchase items at highly discounted prices. As a VIP, you are credited $49.95, every month. However, this is entirely up to you. If you don’t feel like shopping in a certain month, you can skip the month without incurring any charges.


Fabletics is also loved for the fabulousness if it’s designs. Their apparels are nothing near boring. They are made to encompass quality, comfort and style, all in one garment. And that is Fabletics for you.

Lime Crime: New Products For A New Look

Recently, Lime Crime has announced that they would be releasing a multitude of new items — three new colors in their Diamond Crushers collection, and, finally, Unicorn Hair Dye! Unicorn Hair Dye has been in development for a number of years at Lime Crime, and is finally coming. Both of these new products come in a variety of unique, vibrant colors, in accordance with Lime Crime’s previous reputation.


For the Unicorn hair dye, Lime Crime plans on releasing Strawberry Jam and Dirty Mermaid in hair dye; a beautiful red and seafoam green respectively. As aforementioned, unicorn hair dye has been in development at Lime Crime for quite a few years, and is something many people have been anticipating. While an official release date has not been announced, it is speculated the unicorn hair dye line will drop in April, as the Lime Crime Instagram feed is littered with multiple photos from the collection.


On the lip gloss side of things, Lime Crime is releasing three new shades in their Diamond Crushers collection—one called Cleopatra, which will be a vibrant rose gold—another shade called Acid Fairy, which is intended to be a holographic liner of sorts—and finally, Black Unicorn, which will be a shimmering shade. This particular line is great for anyone looking for a way to express themselves uniquely through their lip gloss—as these lip glosses can be worn on their own, or on top of other lipstick to add an extra oomph to your lipstick game.

Fabletics Increases Its Percentage Share Of The Market

Fabletics is a fitness apparel firm that is run by Kate Hudson. The company transacts with its customers on a monthly membership platform. If you register as a Very Important Member (VIP), your first fitness apparel will cost you $25, and in addition to that, you’ll also get a discount price on particular deodorants. As a member of Fabletics, you will not be forced to pay the monthly membership fees. But the main point of joining is that you get fitness clothing that is customized for you on a monthly basis at discounted prices such as 2 or 3 pieces for $49-$59 despite not paying the monthly subscription.


When one register as a member, you are required to take a survey about the types of workouts you perform and what styles of fitness clothing you would like i.e. tanks, shorts, capris, etc. Then at the start of every month, exercise apparels are selected according to your taste.


The quality of Fabletics clothes is good in comparison to the price paid. Their garments are durable compared to their competitor’s apparels sold at the same price. Fabletics also has a wide array of styles to match one’s workout plan. Their mode of fashion varies from bottoms with solid colors to very simple tanks, but in store, they’ve very fantastic fitness clothing with sheer fabrics, bold patterns, or cut-outs. No one can miss something to suit them at Fabletics.


Fabletics apparel’s value for money stands out above their competitors considering what one would get for $50 or less. So, if you do your calculations for what you would purchase at another online store for $50, you would notice the difference. Finally, Fabletics website has a beautiful theme as its homepage and is easy to use i.e. searching for specific clothing or adding your cart of your apparels.


About Fabletics

Don Ressler, the CEO of JustFab Incorporated and Adam Goldenberg, founded Fabletics alongside Kate Hudson. The company came up as a result of a gap that realized by the trio in the activewear market. The grouped pick pointed many luxury brands, but none of them sold high quality and stylish sports gear at an affordable price for men and women. That is why they pulled their resources together to build the Fabletics brand in October 2013.


Their motivation for making these apparels was to come up with clothes that motivate one to stay active in situations like sweating in the studio, chasing after your kids, or competing in an Ironman challenge. Fabletics designs are of high quality at fair prices. Their inspiration goes beyond their clothing; they foster a community of individuals who embrace their mantra of living their passion daily.


In July 2014, Fabletics ventured into the European market. The countries which it had won a marketplace are United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Later on, in September 2014, Fabletics got a new market in Canada. In October 2014, Fabletics celebrated one year in the market giving a run to its competitors. By January 2015, Fabletics had made shipments of one million. Currently, Fabletics stands in competition with big online stores like Amazon and eBay.

EOS Lip Balm is on the Lips of Millennial Women

Inspired entrepreneurs saw the world of lip care in a slicker way than the traditional lip balms on the market. EOS Lip Balm (Evolution of Smooth), the creation of co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, is now the second most popular lip balm on the market.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Lip Balm was originally thought of as a practical, faintly medicinal, and totally unisex product. But focus groups showed a different trend. Women were the vast majority of consumers. Young women were ready for something that spoke to them. They knew what they wanted, and what they wanted was organic. Literally.

A Sense of Delight

With this new knowledge of the consumer base, EOS Lip Balm created a product that appealed to women. They desired an experience that delighted the senses. From the happy little click that closes the soft round plastic container to the pastel colors and fun flavors that enliven the senses, a part of daily personal care became an opportunity for a moment of pleasure. The EOS motto is “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

It Takes One Fan

A hurdle to overcome was product placement. Many buyers were men who didn’t understand EOS Lip Balm. But one female buyer from Walgreens was a fan and the lip balm gained traction.

Gliding Across the Lips of Celebrities

In the age of instant communication, social media stars such as Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift took a shine to EOS Lip Balm; beauty bloggers sang its praise with moist lips on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Millennial women listened. Fortunately, with its own production facilities, the company was able to keep up with the ballooning pace of demand.

The Future Looks Good

EOS Lip Balm currently sells 1 million units a week. With predictions of global lip care to increase to 2 billion by 2020, the future is worth smiling about.

Plans for EOS, which already introduced a sports shoe to coordinate with a flavored lip balm, include new lines of products and cross-marketing platforms.

The Evolution of Smooth continues to evolve. Visit our website:






The Amazing Battle Between Fabletics and Amazon

Things are heating up with Fabletics and Amazon. These are two of the biggest clothing companies out there, and Fabletics is appealing in a huge way to many women. She has developed the type of company that is able to stand out as a force among huge companies like Amazon.


There is a place where Kate Hudson has shined online, but now she realizes that there is a better way to get access to customers that Amazon is missing. With more than 100 physical stores opening in the next week, it is going to be easier for Kate Hudson to get the Fabletics brand out to more people that do not shop online. This is a huge undertaking, but there is room for growth outside of the Internet. Amazon sells a little bit of everything, but there are no physical stores. This is what makes Fabletics an excellent competitor. People may be anxious to see how this competition is going to play out for Fabletics.


The core of the Fabletics audience right now is online, but there are already a few stores spread throughout the United States. These stores are profitable so it makes sense for Kate Hudson to pursue the possibility of more stores. The reality is that more people will interested in getting to try on the clothes for Fabletics when they can just go straight to the store. This is not something that Amazon has the ability to offer. This is where Fabletics has room to show up as a different company and present people with different options.


Amazon sells a variety of different clothes, and this online store could possibility offer more selections because this is a brick and mortar location. That is the competitive advantage that Amazon has. That is what has led this company to capture about 20% of the clothing market. There is strong potential for Fabletics to upset the nature of the Fabletics lead though, and it all has to do with the strength of these new stores that are opening.


All of the new stores will not open until right away, but there will be a chance for this company to grow and gain much more exposure as the new stores open. It will be about 5 years to get all the stores in place, but this a long 5 years that will gives the brand a lot of time to catch on with the customers that are still not doing much shopping online. It is a possible that this will become the leader in clothing for women that are interested in nice clothes that fit well. This is a company that has the ability to reach lots of women that are trying to get something to wear to the gym right away. That is the amazing thing about this brand. It caters to a crowd that has been waiting for a line of athleisure clothes that are stylish. This is a competitive advantage that Fabletics has over companies like Amazon.