Infinity Group Australia Helps Families Secure Their Future

Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker with a plan to help people get out of debt and look to a brighter future. They were ranked in The Australian Financial Review as the fifty-eight most innovative company. Graeme said he wanted to congratulate their team, “for their passion for doing things differently.” This is one thing he attributes to their great success in helping customers pay off their homes and other debt. They help Australians secure a better future by improving their finances per an article on


They were chosen from over a thousand companies so the honor is quite a big deal. The reason the company was founded was that Graeme Holm had been researching the Australian mortgage market for months. Having been in the financial industry for over fifteen years his passion was helping people through finances. He didn’t find that was an adequate amount of help for families seeking advice. Along with Rebecca Walker, he wanted to offer a service that would give a family a dedicated banker to help them pay off debt. Infinity Group Australia reviews from multiple customers site the attentive service they are given as one of the main reasons they would recommend Infinity Group to their friends and family.


They are very hands-on with their customers by sending them a monthly performance report and help to develop a budget they can follow. This helps make sure they are following the steps set forth by Infinity Group to truly get them out of debt. The company is based in Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney and continues to grow as they help more people pay off their debts.


According to an article on the website Infinity Group helps the everyday Australian in different ways than a normal broker would. They go in deep on household expenses figuring out what the family needs and how they can budget effectively. This includes things like traveling and entertainment on top of necessary bills and groceries. Once the loan is approved then they get to work helping them pay it back off.


One thing Graeme says in the interview is if you can’t pay for something with cash then you shouldn’t get it. They eliminate the credit card because it allows people to spend frivolously and interest adds up quickly. Infinity Group Australia reviews show the company has saved countless people money and helped them get out of debt quickly. Learn more :