Jed McCaleb, Technological Entrepreneur

For those who don’t know, Jed McCaleb is the founder of Mt Gox, which is the first Bitcoin ever in creation. In the year 2000, Jed and his cohort Sam Yagan created the first decentralized peer-to-peer file-sharing service called eDonkey. Fast forward to 4 years ago, and Jed has now been working on his latest project called Stellar with cohort Joyce Kim. He joined Stellar as a technical developer, because he noticed a serious flaw in the global financial system.


The general premise behind Stellar is utilizing and harnessing the technology of blockchain and Bitcoin to extend to other parts of the world. Stellar’s aim according to this article is to connect financial institutions together and be able to help lower income people: which purportedly amass to 2.5 billion in the world today.


Jed is also interested in artificial intelligence and believes that there is much more room for growth in the technological world outside of blockchain. It is because of this that Jed has joined MIRI as an advisor, which is the Machine Intelligence Research Institution.


He is the CTO of Stellar, and also created the Bitcoin named Ripple. Some of the success ingredients for Jed have been persistence, analyzing, and being comfortable with a certain degree of risk in order to achieve great feats with technology, as well as harnessing the possibilities of the universe with respect to file sharing and the sharing of finances. He believes in focusing on things that have a global impact, because they can make substantives changes which allow for great success in life. Along those lines, Jed is also a firm believer in focusing on the creation of the technology and its abilities, rather than marketing it. More information on Jed and all of his work can be found at his website,

Roberto Santiago: The Visionary with an Idea (Manaira Shopping)

Roberto has been able to build the impressive mall that covers a very large floor space in the city of Joao, Pessao in Brazil. This big mall houses in it, a food court, eight cinemas, a leisure area that covers more than 10,000m2 of space and hundreds of other stores within it.

This alone makes it one of the biggest shopping centers where you can find virtually everything that you may need to buy. No need to go anywhere. If you want something, you can get it all under one roof. Literally, all you need from birth (diapers) to death (shroud) can be found here. Read more articles on

The Best Features of The Mall

  1. Domus Hall

This is one of the biggest concert halls that you can find in the vicinity of the shopping center. It was opened to the public in 2009 and has been used for numerous functions which include but are not exclusive to:

  • Fairs, they could include science or anything
  • Receptions for events
  • Theater performances
  • Art exhibitions

Basically, anything that can be done in a hall is done here. This Hall has two floors which have cabins, bathrooms, and bars making it an all-round house of entertainment.

  1. The Sheer Size

This one-stop shopping center offers the whole family experience which was what Roberto had in mind when he opened it. This makes it very huge to accommodate everything that a family would need. From areas of entertainment to the other areas of interest, it has it all.

  1. The Versatility

Fitting all that stuff under one roof would mean that when you walk in, you are spoilt for choice because there is diversity. To cater to the needs of the whole family, it would mean that everything that you could need will be found there.

  1. The Different Stores

With over 280 stores that include everything from cheese to fridges. The entertainment rooms have state of the art show equipment such as 3D movie theaters where you can have a good time.

In Conclusion

When you think of the word visionary, you see the man Roberto Santiago. He has shown what an idea can do. By starting out small and planning to expand and including everything you could need under one roof, he has taken the responsibility of catering for thousands of customers under his wings, and he has done a pretty excellent job of it.

Read more articles on his Blogspot.

Investment Banking and General Banking Operations

Many people think of investment banking as being different from banking as a whole. The reality is that banking encompasses a variety of different services. Those that think of investments usually think of the stock market. Successful investment bankers are sometimes capable of winning the trust of clients through other measures. Possessing a proven track record is important for many investors. This is because they invest very large sums of money. The main purpose of an investment banker is to raise money for businesses. They may also help these clients invest in other stocks. Some also assist with business operations like mergers and acquisitions.

Becoming a successful investment banker is fairly difficult because acquiring capital for businesses often requires individual creativity. Investment bankers need to have a strong understanding of the market that they are working in. It is becoming increasingly important to understand how the global economy functions as a whole. This is because businesses are largely importing resources and outsourcing labor.

Some investors like Martin Lustgarten focus more on international investing. Some consider him to be the most trustworthy investment banker in Florida. He runs a private firm that helps clients pursue their projects to the best extent possible. Many business owners don’t have the slightest clue as to how to raise money for their business idea. Martin’s ability to work in international markets gives him extra leverage.

The modern investment banker should follow Martin Lustgarten’s example. Martin understands the basic fundamentals of investment banking very well. He knows that it is important for clients to invest their money correctly. He also understands that many clients don’t have any idea as to how to get their business operations running. People like Martin use their expert knowledge as a selling point to clients. Investment bankers need to be able to help a client sell their idea to people. Savvy investment bankers should have strong knowledge of the markets that they are working in. Martin works in international markets because he knows that each region offers unique resources. Any business owner that is looking to hire an investment banker is inevitably going to go with the one that is the most trusted and reputable.

Madison Street Capital and Reorganization Services

Madison Street Capital is an ever growing international investment banking firm that is traversing the world through its offices in various continents. They provide investment opportunities in America and globally, with customer satisfaction as the top priority in all their activities.

Their financial opinions are not limited to major corporations only. We are also concentrating our focus on the establishment of partnerships with middle market companies and engagement in result oriented transactions whose success is our pride. Madison Street Capital highly values and invests in the emerging markets as the core factor towards business development.

Madison Street Capital’s key services include financial opinions, corporate advisory, valuation of companies for financial reporting purposes to both public and privately owned firms within America and internationally in Asia and Africa. Through advisory on mergers and acquisition, financial sponsor coverage, services on portfolio valuation and business restructuring services, we focus on asset management. Madison commits to the values of excellence, leadership, and integrity in all our activities.

The effects of The Great Recession are adverse and still evident in business enterprises. Internal and external economic constraints that emanate from financial and operational implications can cause severe instability in a firm through liquidity incapacity. Madison Street Capital experts come in handy to structure the best strategies to salvage a business from such turbulence.

Madison revels in identifying the best approaches to stabilize and reorganize a business whose performance is fluctuating and blurred, exhaustively handling the concerns and interests of the firm’s lenders and creditors. Where bankruptcy filing is an option, their highly qualified professionals are experienced in exploring all the possible and viable pre-bankruptcy strategies and advice. Madison Street Capital’s team of experts always have a solution for the management of crisis and complicated situations.

They also regenerate business liquidity, restore the trust and working relationships with the key partners, and stabilize the operations of business enterprises. Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers free advice on how to maintain a business’ stability in the future to avoid a repeat of the risk of bankruptcy and liquidation. Madison has spearheaded timely achievement of goals to many clients in multiple industries since establishment.

It would be an injustice to speak of Madison Street Capital without paying tribute to Anthony Marsala, a founding partner, and the Chief Executive Officer. He represents an emerging group of young, vibrant and game-changing professionals in the sector. Anthony has made a name for himself due to his expertise and accomplishments over the last decade. This year, he received recognition from M&A Ad visor’s Annual Emerging Leaders Award forum. He took home the 7th edition of the award after beating an industries group of nominated executives as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

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Helane Morrison’s Integrity Challenges Businesses

Very few people can go through their careers and maintain their integrity like Helane Morrison did. As people go through their work career in any field and industry, they experience and witness the good, the bad and the ugly of various aspects of life. There are also plenty of temptations that are thrown at people in order to get them to fall off a good path. While many people do fall off, there are those who persevere to the end like Helane Morrison. As a result, she has shown that she has a strong character and is very ethical. It is only fitting, because in her line of work she has to make sure that businesses uphold an ethical environment that is also fair.

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer. Therefore, she has to make sure that she is keeping businesses in certain industries in check. She also works to keep herself in check and avoid falling into the same traps that other people are vulnerable to. She was part of the exposure of the way institutions were run at the onset of the major crisis of 2007. She was among the other offices that have exposed the unethical methods and behaviors that have plagued the institutions for so long that led up to the crisis. 

She worked for many law firms in San Francisco until she was appointed as an administrator for SEC. Among Helane’s plans when being appointed as administrator of SEC was to keep the local traders on alert.

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Jim Dondero’s Highland Capital To Buy Argentinian Securities

Argentina is coming back to the international bond market to make nearly 12 billion dollars. One company that is looking at buying a large portion of these securities is Highland Capital Management. This firm already oversees 19 billion dollars in emerging market credit funds, credit hedge funds and more.

As shown over the previous months, Highland Capital has been shaving down its holdings, but before it did that, it was the biggest hold of Argentinian notes that will be due in 2033. This type of confidence in Argentinian investment is good for the country because they are trying to sell of an unheard of amount of debt in order to pay off settlements. But because of their effort to pay off their settlements, many distressed debt investors will keep investing in Argentina.

James Dondero is excited for Argentina to put their debt up for sale. In a Bloomberg Business article, Dondero explained that he believes the price will be good, especially compared to other Latin American countries. The Finance Ministry of Argentine told their congress that they are planning on issuing almost 12 billion dollars of bonds, which will yield at 7.5 or 8 percent. They will sell a 5, 10 and 30 year bond maturity levels. They were presenting a debt bill in an attempt to clear the rest of the holdouts on the deal.

Highland Capital Management has been making these kinds of deals since it was founded in 1993. James Dondero founded the company after years of experience with various financial companies, including the Morgan Guaranty training program, American Express and a GIC subsidiary. He worked for over a decade for these various companies and then decided it was time to go out on his own.

All of these areas include further products and services such as managed CLOs, funds and separately managed accounts. Jim Dondero has managed to help the company receive the highly coveted Institutional Investor’s Rising Star of Mutual Funds Award and the Alt Credit Intelligence US Performance Award. Jim has been leading Highland Capital Management to success as its Co-Founder and its CEO for more than 20 years.

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Sam Tabar Partners With THINX Company To Improve The Hygiene Of Women In Africa

For a long time, Tabar did not know how to help the challenged until he was introduced by a friend to women running THINX. THINX and tribute are his new investments; Tabar does not just invest, but he goes for the best and logic too due to his experience. THINX has operations in Africa and Asia and carries its mission as empowering women all over the world through hygiene. The company designs specially made and reusable tampons and pads especially for the poor African women with no monthly income to buy them. Sam Tabar is also participating in a Go-Fund-Me campaign for an organization named Africa wellness initiative that focuses on making health care and health facilities accessible to the sick and vulnerable children in Africa.

Other than philanthropy Tabar is also known as a famous hedge fund advisor who has been operational all over Asia and Pacific. He is unique when it comes to hedge fund management because he has a keen eye of an attorney when looking at all investments and traders he handles. He was also a capital strategist at Merrill Lynch and has come up with good investment productions for hedge funds like pensions, funds of funds, family offices, endowments, and foundations. His skills have been very great for many hedge funds especially his efforts in global marketing.

Sam graduated from Oxford University with honors and joined Columbia Law School to pursue law. He graduated in 2001 and started his career by joining Skadden where his duty was advising hedge fund clients on investment management agreement, hedge fund formation, side letters, regulatory issues, compliance issues and employment issues. He has since then worked with many hedge funds as the manager and a global market advisers to even managing $2 billion for a hedge fund. shows the greatest hedge fund that Sam worked with is PMA Investment Advisors based in Hong Kong. He worked hard to providing the firm with over 2000 potential hedge fund investors who are qualified and introduced 400 investors. While at PMA the hedge fund made profits amounting to $1.2 billion. He is a good attorney and a marketer to his marketing strategies have made him become a fluent speaker of English, French and Japanese. Tabar remains to be the person with all the tricks relating to hedge fund management and compliance.

Newark’s Kevin Seawright Finds Jobs For Local Teens

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer, CFO, for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Summer of 2016 will quickly be upon us and Seawright is ensuring that the Newark Community Development Corporation has an integral role in finding employment for local teenagers. Jobs build character and having one during the summer instead of goofing off will surely teach these kids the responsibility they will need once they become adults.

It is going to be called the Summer Youth Employment Plan. During six weeks out of these kids’ summers they will receive paid work experience, job training, lectures of empowerment, and most importantly programs that help with college readiness. This year, youth is being encouraged to apply online. A new process that Seawright believes has expedited the program fairly well.

The new online application process has already provided the Summer Youth Employment Plan with 350 applicants. Seawright states to WorldClassMagazines that they have turned a six week ordeal into a 30 minute session. Last year, the Summer Youth Employment Plan was able to reel in nearly 3,000 summer jobs for teens. It is their hope to bypass that this year with a goal of 3,500 jobs.

Something unique to the program is the involvement of two local banks. Santander Bank and TD Bank are going to be providing financial literacy to the students. This will help them many years down the road when they join the adult professional work force. The Summer Youth Employment Plan is going to start on July 5th and run through August 16th. Participants will be paid minimum wage and receive the priceless experience of what it is like to be apart of the work force firsthand.

Seawright told on Twitter he believes the program he and his co workers created brings hope to the city. They are extremely proud to provide this opportunity to local youth. This article was originally written for KIIITV and can be read here.