Wikipedia Matters: Why You Need Your Own Wikipedia Article

For more than a decade Wikipedia has been educating the online masses and exposing it’s readers to new never-before-seen info. It’s position in our modern world is firm and vital. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, then you’re going to need to get an article of your own written up. While even football fans are editing Wikipedia these days, professional help is ideal in this area.
The aforementioned example of football fans shows just how complicated wikipedia articles can become within the context of online reputations. Fans of Irish football star Robbie Brady made 100 Wikipedia edits between the hours of 10:00 P.M and Midnight. While this case was flattering for Brady, it could’ve turned sour quickly. Perhaps some fans of the Italian team could’ve taken it upon themselves to trash his article with false claims or vandalism. Dangers such as that are why you will need some help when you make a Wikipedia article.

Learning to create, monitor and update a Wikipedia page is no task to take on alone. The wonderful folks at Get Your Wiki are your frontline defense against neerdowells wishing to ruin your reputation. Wikipedia is so much more than just an encyclopedia. It is the perfect platform for personal branding and promotion. There are strict rules you must abide by when creating Wikipedia articles. If the moderators of Wikipedia suspect you are simply using the website for personal profit they will quickly forbid you from using the service. This is why you should hire a Wikipedia writer in order to take full advantage of the encyclopedia.

When wikipedia started, it was fairly technical and oriented towards a sort of “geeky” crowd. As it’s articles expanded from dull scientific and academic topics to more popular subjects, there has been an explosion in it’s audience. Many companies now use Wikipedia to reach a massive audience and enjoy the benefits of the platform. Now it’s your turn to wiki your brand into the stratosphere.