Up Close and Personal with Wes Edens, Founder, and Chairman of Fortress Investment Group

Have you ever wondered what the one percent of people who become CEO’s, and successful entrepreneurs, do differently from everyone else? Well, according to Wes Edens, ranked number 369 of the wealthiest men on earth, the secret lies in attaining and projecting the right personality in everything a person does. Wes is the founder and CEO of the Fortress Investment Group. He served as the CEO of Newcastle Investments Limited before starting his company. Other positions that Wes has held include being the manager at the Union Bank. He is also a partner at the Milwaukee Bucks. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom about entrepreneurship and business leadership from Wes Edens. For one to be successful, there has to be some schedule that they adhere to on a day to day basis. Wes Eden confides that he always starts his day with meditation.

He elaborates that this is the activity which gives him an opportunity to visualize the entire day ahead of him, and the achievements that he is hoping to make. Wes Edens also states that the practice provides him with all the serenity and clarity of mind that he needs to carry out the day’s activities.

Sustaining a successful startup and even thriving depends on how well a business can adapt to the changing trends in the marketplace. When asked about the trend which is timeless to him, Wes states that he admires people who create a goal, set their sights towards achieving it, and stay on course until they have accomplished their desire. He believes that this innate sense of direction has always helped him strategize for the things he wanted and achieve them. The other trend that Wes Edens likes is connecting with like-minded individuals and brainstorming about entrepreneurship. He says that this has helped him refine business acumen.

Private Equities is an investment vehicle that has been around for a while, but people have been reluctant about warming up to it. Wes states that he has a lot of confidence in private equities because many people are figuring out the importance of diversifying their financial investment portfolio.

When Wes is not doing business, he relaxes with his family at his home or watches his team, the Milwaukee Bucks playing. He is a great inspiration for people who want to get into the world of investment and to build a legacy as entrepreneurs.

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What Exactly Are Freedom Checks?

Savvy investors always look for something new and innovative. The chance to discover a lucrative investment drives their search. Seeking out a new investment strategy may not even be necessary. A law passed in the 1980s opens the door to taking advantage of “freedom checks.” The term freedom checks makes everything sound out of the ordinary. True, the term may be routed in a bit of marketing lingo. Once you get past the marketing hype, a simple investment concept reveals itself. They’re not new investments, but they may be new to certain investors.

Freedom checks refer to dividend payments from a master limited partnership (MLP). An MLP isn’t anything obtuse. It’s a somewhat standard investment vehicle. MLPs aren’t as popular as other traditional investment ventures though. This is why many lack awareness about what MLPs involve or how they pay. Visit kennedyaccounts.com to know more about Freedom Checks.

Master limited partnerships fall under the description of business endeavors. They are similar to other limited partnerships with one major difference. Master limited partnerships trade publicly on an exchange. Investing in a master limited partnership delivers access to an investment as liquid as stocks or bonds. Tax obligations only come into play when receiving a distribution. Certain traits do define the type of businesses found in the MLP delineation. Not every type of business can become an MLP.

MLPs must derive 90% of their revenue from oil and gas endeavors. These oil and gas business ventures must be located in the United States. Foreign oil exploration cannot be counted towards the aforementioned 90% figure. MLPs accept the requirement to pay dividend checks to investors who put money into profitable ventures. Be aware these investments, like any other investment, do not come without risks. Dividends come from profits generated by the partnerships.

Why do MLPs seek investors? Like any other entity looking for investment capital, MLPs sell shares in order to raise money. The money procured from investors then goes into covering operational expenses. This isn’t much different than how and why a standard blue chip company tries to draw in investment capital.

What reason do investors look into MLP opportunities? They want to receive their freedom checks. If a lucrative endeavor pays off, the freedom check dividends might be significant. The payoffs from these checks would exceed traditional retirement payments from social security. Again, risk comes with MLP investing. Investors should perform research into MLP opportunities before making any decisions. Read more: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/34-6-billion-freedom-checks-paid-thanks-new-tax-plan/