Michael Hagele’s Advice On Mountain Biking

While many entrepreneurs choose to stay idle in their offices and homes during their free time, there is an exceptional man who opts to go a bit physical. As a well-established entrepreneur, Michael Hagele keeps on doing physical activities especially mountain and road biking to stimulate his creativity. Creativity is one factor that every aspiring entrepreneur must embrace to see their future brighten up.

He is widely consulted by various companies especially the ones in the technological field like the internet, defense, biotechnology, and aerospace. He is renowned for founding and investing in various firms especially the ones in restaurant and hospitality industry. Follow Michael on Instagram

He is well experienced when it comes to negotiating and closing technology deals. Besides the license distributions and aids in developing various development agreements in fields like software, internet, telecommunications, and hardware both domestically and globally. Michael Hagele has helped various companies in commercial agreements including purchasing intellectual rights.

Before being a general counsel of various internet companies, he was managing all matters that revolve around legal affairs like stock options, merger and acquisitions, corporate governance and employment issues. He has worked with Silicon Valley in the online commerce Group and also as an in-house attorney. He studied law at the University of California.

Into his mountain biking, Michael Hagele says that if you only have the right equipment and a positive mind and great physical orientation, you can be an expert mountain biker. You can start mountain biking locally without necessarily attending mountain biking camp for some skills, you just need a buddy who has a similar interest in the area.

There are several mountain biking parks like in Chicago and Atlanta where a beginner can learn how to change gears and overcome some obstacles. Offloads are great ways to get used to a variety of topography. You expect to encounter a whole lot of adventures like slippery grounds, intense sunshine, the canopy of leaves, fallen branches etc.

According to Michael Hagele, beginners should kick off by having a high quality and efficient equipment. They should have wide tires, sturdier, functional gearing system, hydraulic seat post dropper, disc braking and dual suspension system.

As a rider have a fitting helmet, great athletic shoes, lightweight clothing, hydrating fluids and ID card with you. You can also have gloves, backpack, and kit for backcountry adventures. Before taking a mountain bike, keep your body in good shape in the gym, do warm-ups, and take enough calories. Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/


Jeremy Goldstein gives free Advice to Companies in Regards to Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein, partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, recently offered some great advice for employers and company leaders: offer knock-out stock options.


During his time as a business lawyer, Goldstein has worked with company such as Verizon, ALLTEL, Goldman Sachs, Chevron Texaco, Kmart, Sears, and dozens of others. With his expertise in M&A(Mergers & Acquisitions), he has assisted in the mergers of many big companies. He worked on the Kmart & Sears deal, the Chevron Texaco & Unocal deal, and the Verizon & ALLTEL deal.


With his expertise in M&A, he found himself working with the American Bar Association as the Chairman of their Mergers & Acquisitions subcommittee.


His background in business law makes him a perfect candidate to give advice concerning stock options. Goldstein says it is becoming far too common for companies to not offer stock options. If businesses changed their plans for stock options, instead of cancelling them completely, they could benefit from a wide variety of benefits. For one, employees who are financially invested into the company will work harder to create improvement in the company. Second, the employee will be excited to hear the company doing better. This increases morale.


When a company goes through a financial crisis, companies may cancel their stock options. When the company improves financially, often times, they do not offer stock options again. According to Goldstein, this isn’t a good idea.


Goldstein educated his readers on a new stock option plan called knock out options. He warned that knock out options don’t sold all problems, but they do help with many obstacles surrounding stock-option based employee payment.


Knock-out options are stock options that are capped both ways and is time limited. For example, lets say an employee is given stocks at 20 dollars per stock. The stock is capped at 40 dollars and bottoms out at 10. If the stock ever falls below 10 dollars, the employee loses the stock;however, if the stock reaches 40 dollars, the employee must sell because this is the maximum profit. Goldstein advises not to terminate an employee’s stock unless the company’s price stays down for extended periods of time.


Advice like this is precisely why so many corporations come to Jeremy Goldstein for counsel. Learn more: https://www.quora.com/profile/Jeremy-Goldstein-20