The Rise of George Soros and Power of Philanthropy

The work that billionaire George Soros has been doing over the vast majority of his life has been something that will make him a man of history. Soros, a billionaire investor and noted philanthropist, has firmly entrenched himself as one of the most proactive and progressive people on the planet. While Soros is most well known for his work with the Soros Hedge Fund, it is his operations at the Open Society Foundation that will firmly plant his legacy in the history books. Soros was born and Hungary but he came to the United States in the ’50s in order to chase the American dream. In the years between those two events he saw some incredible and harrowing things that formulated his stance on life.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. When he was just 14 years old the Nazi Occupation of 1944 began in earnest. For the next year the Nazis would control Soros home, killing 500,000 Hungarian born Jews along the way. Soros saw firsthand the horrors of war being waged by a group of rabid nationalists who put their identity and faith in a ruler over the very foundations of humanity. Soros and his family would thankfully manage to escape by acquiring fake travel papers and thus they would emigrate to London. Before leaving George Soros and his family would help countless others follow in their footsteps to flee the country.

This experience, during Soros’ formative years as a young adult, would teach him several important lessons. Most of all, it would open his mind to the idea of an Open Society — where people were people and concepts like brutal nationalism would never be able to take hold. Soros would dig deep into the philosophy of Karl Popper and he’d become immersed in the book, “Open Society and Its Enemies”. Popper’s ultimate argument was that society would only flourish when granted the freedom of individual rights, free speech, and a fair and equitable democracy. These core concepts would lead to George Soros scribing his own work which detailed the dangers of modern capitalism and how crony capitalism was subverting the very nature of the world.

While George Soros’ work as an investor would rightfully take center stage after he moved to America in the ’50s, it is his work as a philanthropist that has him becoming world renowned. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in 1979 with the mission statement of giving back to communities in need around the world. In the years since the OSF was established they have given out over $12 billion to regions of the world that needed help more than ever. Now, George Soros is using his philanthropy to continue to help mould the world into a better place.

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George Soros: Philanthropist and Change Maker

George Soros may be well known now as a billionaire supporter of progressive causes but his beginnings are much more humble. Born in 1930 in Budapest, he came from war-torn Hungry to become a staunch supporter of human rights.

After amassing a fortune, Soros decided to give back to society by financially supporting various initiatives that focused on making societies freer. He started by financially supporting political dissidents in Eastern Europe and Black students in South Africa who, at the time, were living under apartheid. In the early 1990’s, Soros created the Open Society Foundations (OSF). It is a network of various organizations which seeks to promote democracy, religious tolerance and freedom. With these goals in mind, OSF has helped to establish freedom of information laws, drug policy reform that focuses on decreasing demand, refugee assistance, gender equality, decreasing discrimination against Roma people in Europe, among many other endeavors.

Similarly, George Soros has supported various initiatives in the US. One piece of activism that the Washington Times reported on in 2015 was George Soros’ funding of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. According to the article by Kelly Riddell, financial records and discussions with important players indicated that Soros funded the organizations which held protests in Missouri and other US cities, protests that were speaking out against the police killing of black teen Micheal Brown.

However, as stated by Kenneth Zimmerman, the director the OSF’s US operations, although some of the organizations involved in the protests did get grant money from the foundation, OSF was not involved in bringing those groups to protest. Yet, according to Riddell, the organizations funded by Soros continued to keep the Ferguson protests in the news by posting news reports, and quoting each other and creating academic research and opinion pieces to keep the story in the public.

This work, according to Riddell, was also used to widen the scope of the Ferguson incident to more than just policing problems and discrimination, but also to highlight the interrelated issues, such as the criminalized of minorities via drug policy, according to Kassandra Frederique, the head of the Soro’s founded Drug Policy Alliance.

Such work has led to the false rumor that George Soros himself funded the protests and supported them. While OSF does provide funds to organizations involved with criminal justice reform, among other issues, neither he nor his organization, were personally responsible for the protests or directing them, according to David Mikkelson at the fact-checking site Snopes.

Despite funding lots of progressive causes over the years, Soros had been less active after spending over $20 million in 2004 to try to defeat Pres. George W. Bush’s re-election. However, during the 2016 presidential campaign, he once again started to make major donations, this time for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. His interest in supporting her most likely stemmed from his strong belief in Clinton as well as his strong desire to not see Trump as president, according to close associates of Mr. Soros. Learn more about his profile at


A Taste of Class and Luxury with Hussain Sajwani

In 1956, a champion was born in UAE. Many years later, he has revolutionized the designing and building of high-end residential buildings. The properties include serviced hotel apartments and luxurious hospitality plus branded real estate. This has been the passion of Mr. Hussain since he was at the University of Washington pursuing Economics at degree level. He worked as a manager at GASCO and in 1982 he decided to set up his own business.



Successful Career Story



His first business was Draieh Management Service Co (DAMAC) LLC, which later became what is today known as DAMAC Group. He also has investments in DICO Invest, Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG, and Al Ahlia Insurance Company. By rising as a business magnate, his influence in the real estate sector has gained global popularity. Today, he serves as the chairman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of DAMAC Group. He established the company in 2002 as an unrivaled luxury real estate firm serving clients in the United Kingdom and the Middle East.



Over the years, DAMAC Group has been specializing in exclusive designs, which include Tiger Woods Design, Bugatti, Paramount Hotels and Resorts and Versace. The company continues to work in Dubai but it extends its wings in other countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Jordan.



Relationship with Donald Trump



Previously, when Donald Trump was president-elect of United States, he made a statement about a $2 billion dollar deal he had to turn down. However, he said he did not have to turn it down but he wanted no conflict of interest. The deal had been offered by Hussain Sajwani who is the CEO of DAMAC Properties. In 2015, the business mogul had worked with Trump in developing a golf resort, which cost $10 million. Sajwani and his family also attended Trump’s New Year eve party.



A Heart of Philanthropy



Hussain has been engaged in philanthropic work around the world. In 2015, he donated AED 1 million to UAE Red Crescent in a bid to help refugees. He has also donated Dh 1 million to a campaign labeled ‘Yemen We Care.’ Other donations amounting to AED 1 million have been made to #UAECompassion campaign to support refugees.




Changing of the Coriant Guard

Changes at any company are all but a certainty in the modern world, and what has transpired at Coriant is no different. Change can be a good thing, and having Shaygan Kheradpir on board will prove this sentiment to be true.

In September of 2015, Coriant, a telecommunications company, decided to appoint Shaygan Kheradpir to the role of CEO in the company. He first joined the company, which works in networking solutions, after spending much of his time working with and forming a working relationship with the senior management team. His experience in the telecom industry was a key factor in giving him the title of CEO, not just because he previously served as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners earlier that year but also because the demand for data-intensive applications is increasing. Kheradpir has succeeded Pat DiPietro, the former CEO, who will now serve as the vice chairman of the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a London native who spent his youth in Iran but moved to the United States to pursue an education at Cornell University. He eventually graduated from the school with his bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees in the field of electrical engineering. After finishing his college studies, he went on to take his first job at GTE Laboratories, where he worked as a network and routing manager for the company. His work proved to be very impressive for the company, to the point where he was eventually named the chief information officer (CIO) of GTE Laboratories.

It was in 2000 that GTE and Bell Atlantic had formed a merger and Verizon Communications was the end result of this. Kheradpir remained as the CIO of the company, and his prime responsibility was creating small teams that would be tasked with developing new and innovative ideas to market for Verizon. One of the contributions made to the company was the creation of Verizon’s FiOs fiber optic initiative, which changed the way digital video recording could be done. During the course of Kheradpir’s tenure at Verizon, he was responsible for the reduction of the information technology staff and budget by a significant amount. He was also able to lobby aggressively with vendors working with the company to prevent them from purchasing materials from failed franchises.


US Money Reserve: The New Online Face of The Company

The release from the US Money Reserve on its new online platform is aimed at increasing its public awareness and sensitization the public on trading in precious metals. The website is informative in the sense that customers and potential customers are in a position to get all the relevant information with regards to the business of gold, silver and platinum coin purchasing. One will equally get up to date information on gold, silver and other precious metals. Information with regards to coin minting, grading and purchasing together with updates on the precious metal’s market is well explained on the website.

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On the website, US money reserve offers one on one client consultation on their queries together with purchasing assistance. A client or a potential client is simply required to open an online account on the first visitation to the website which will not take more than one minute. Then one can without much trouble familiarize with the website by going through some of the services being offered by the US money reserve. The website equally offers an insightful explanation on how the buyback guarantee works.

A client who purchases the gold is open to return the gold so long as one does so within 30 days of the purchase and the coins are still in the same condition they were purchased. This article is accessed by following the link. The US money reserve. The US money reserve was founded in 2001 for the distribution of the US government issued coins to the public.

The company is headed by the former United States Mint Director, Philip N Diehl. The company is primarily built on trust and transparency and aims at all-time issuing its clients with the best coins in the market so that one can confidently purchase the coins for a profit.

The company has got the most competent and experienced professionals in the business who have helped clients make the sounded decisions on gold, silver and platinum ever since its inception. This has earned the client’s trust and confidence as they continue to make profits from the purchase of the coins.

This has enabled the company to grow to be the largest distributor of both US government and foreign coins and expanded its client-base outside the United States. The company equally boasts of the highest retention of customers in the market because of the customer satisfactory services it offered to its clients.

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Our Team Uses Talk Fusion Video Chat All The Time

My team does not come together in person by once a year. We are then together for the duration of the summer, and we still need to talk for the rest of the year. I grabbed Talk Fusion when I first read an interview with Bob Reina, and I realized that he had the best idea in video chat. I really needed a video chat service, and I noticed that Bob Reina made video chat and video email possible for my team.

We are in the process of sharing ideas all the time, and they are really abstract when you start to type them out. I got Talk Fusion for everyone, and it was smart because I was able to get everyone on video chat calls that make it easy for us to talk about our ideas. The ideas that we have are coming to live in every talk we have, and we can send video emails when we need to. It is very easy to use, and we can watch the videos more than once if we have to.

I was wondering how we would share all our ideas with each other, and I found the best ways to do that with Talk Fusion. I use it just like a regular inbox, and I can make videos for everyone at any time. I get video emails often that I can watch and digest before our next meeting, and then I will be able to share more ideas in the video chats we have. We can act like we are all working in the same office even though we are not.

I was so happy to find Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. I know that he is going to keep the system up to date, and I will be able to use video chats and emails every day to get work done. He brought our whole team together without anyone having to move. We rely on Talk Fusion every day, and we make sure that we share our ideas over video so that there is no confusion about what is going on.

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Bob Reina – The Man Behind the Million Dollar Gift

Brad Reifler Offers Five Investing Tips

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC., he founded the company in 2009. His company falls under the category of a “boutique” investment company, which means that the company is small in size, but this can also mean that clients are better taken care of in this type of investment company.

Reifler, recently, offered five tips for investors in a press release by Reuters.

Consider the risks of investing and the charges that the investor will accrue.

The second tip, also basic, is to be concerned about the safety of an investment. What is the risk an investor will face.

As indicated on his, Reifler’s third tip advises the investor to not put all his eggs in one basket. Diversification of investments is necessary. Do not concentrate on one position or on one sector, for example it is not diversification, if you have five or ten petroleum stocks and nothing else. One, only, has to look at what happened this year with the sagging price of petroleum to realize how badly petroleum stocks were affected.

Tip number four is to know your broker and to develop trust with him. It will be a long term relationship, as long as there is trust between the investor and the agent.

The last of the tips is to be aware of why you are investing. Is it for retirement, a larger house in the country, or a child’s education. Be cautious with your investments, but if you see something working, then add to that investment.

Reifler goes on to say that the world of investing is oriented to the 1 percent of the population and not the 99 percent of the population. The average investor is a small fish swimming among giant sharks.

Martin Lustgarten is Focused on Investment Banking

Investment banking involves a particular section of the banking industry whereby capital is created for the government and other companies. The investment banks, however, have the responsibility of aiding in selling securities, facilitating the mergers and acquisitions, reorganizing and broker trades as well as underwriting new debt and the equity securities for several corporations. Additionally, you can seek advice from investment banks on the placement of stock.
Investment bankers are often hired by the investment banks to help individuals, the government and other companies in managing their commercial projects. They are expected to know which is the best project that would help their clients make the best of their financial input. In this case, they need to know what risk their client is willing to undertake and hence maneuver around to find a strategy that will work for the customer considering the economic state at the time.
When you put money into an investment project through the bank, they ensure that they place your money in a strategic position to enable it to attract maximum profits. With time, you get to enjoy dividends that are released annually till they mature, or you gain a compounded interest at the end of your investment policy.
In America, Martin Lustgarten is among the best investment bankers you could come across. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten, Martin Investment Company that is located in Florida. His firm has managed to close some of the best business deals for a variety of companies in America. This success has attracted even more traffic to his firm boosting its reputation.
He has received numerous awards and recognition in the banking industry hence encouraging him to expand his firm and career as well. Additionally, Martin I equally a social and family man. He is active in social media and enjoys to spend ample time with his children.