Marc Sparks, the Philanthropist behind Spark Tank

Originating from Dallas, Texas, Marc Sparks is a budding entrepreneur with a big philanthropic heart. Marc Sparks believes that if one is rich and successful, he or she should help the needy in his or her community with his or her financial and management skills.

Marc Sparks document every bit of his business journey and has published it in a book. The book is available across the world to entrepreneurs interested in reading about him and learning from him. His book is meant to influence entrepreneurs positively and motivate them to keep grinding. The book also gives a detailed introduction of the tough business world and offers tips on how to survive in it.

As posted in his Facebook wall, Marc believes that everyone has the potential to be great as long as he or she works towards his or her goals. He believes that his book has been and will be inspirational to many entrepreneurs. His book is like a gift from him to the people and it will help business people scale new heights.

Marc is a serial investor with stakes in various businesses across diverse industries. However, most of his significant investments are in the telecommunication industry. Marc has also been in the venture capitalism world for a significant time.

Venture capitalism is characterized by high risks and rewards. Most of the businesses proposed are new and speculative in nature. They often have nothing much to offer other than the research and projections done by the entrepreneur.

Success in venture capitalism depends on the correctness of the evaluation and due diligence carried out on the businesses seeking funding. Marc has been a successful speculator with most of his investments having paid off bringing him success, riches, and an enviable reputation.

Spark Tank was developed by Marc Sparks and his business partner Lynne to fund social-based ideas. The company’s creation was driven solely by Marc’s passion for social excellence and a burning urge to empower community members. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Spark Tank’s main goal is to get communities empowered through entrepreneurship. Persons with viable business ideas are trained on management and given grants to start operations. Spark Tank’s team works hard to ensure the new entrepreneurs get the help need to execute their projects successfully.

The rules and guidelines for joining the program are simple and clear. Candidates wishing to join must be classified as 501c3 organizations and must have been in operation for a minimum of two years. Arts-based organization and firms offering animal and human services are allowed to join the program.

There are factions that are not eligible for the program such as national and united ways charities. Political action committees and faith-based initiatives are also not allowed to join the program.

The first fruits of the Spark Tank program are already visible in Dallas through the various causes and projects that have been beneficiaries of the Tank’s funding.