Dr. David Samadi Develops New Procedure For Prostate Removal

Dr. David Samadi serves as the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. The New York based doctor is also a board-certified urologist. As such, he specializes in treating kidney disease, urologic illnesses, prostate cancer, and cancer of the bladder.Additionally, Dr. Samadi has always had an interest in robotics, which is why he maintains his position as the chief of robotic surgery in addition to his other duties. Working in this area, Dr. Samadi developed his SMART surgery, or the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. The procedure is designed to successfully remove the prostate. The new procedure replaces the more traditional nerve sparing prostate surgery, which is still commonly practiced.

The side effects of the traditional surgery, which involves splicing away the nerves, before removing the prostate, can include impotence and incontinence.Since Dr. Samadi’s procedure separates the nerves microscopically, damage is minimized. The technique is still in testing phases, but David feels confident that it will be approved in the near future. He says men won’t need to fear the procedure the way that they fear the current nerve sparing prostate operation. The robotic technique will significantly reduce the risk of damage to the nerves and sphincter.In his interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Samadi was asked how he develops his ideas, such as the concept for his SMART procedure. David says he’s always had a very photographic memory and a talent for drawing. When he gets an idea, the first thing he does is to sketch it out on paper.

This is helpful, because an idea can come at anytime. Even if it’s three in the morning, David will get up and make a sketch of his idea. He says he’ll likely forget the idea later, so it helps to have that sketch to rely upon. Later, when he has time to plot out the best way to implement the idea, he can develop plans for picking a team to help him. He selects his team members based on their energies, as much as on their qualifications. Dr. Samadi likes to limit negative emotions as much as possible, so he’ll stay away from those who display tendencies for jealousy and envy. Instead, he looks for those who share his results-driven nature.Dr. David Samadi is especially excited to see how robotics will change the field of healthcare. Already, it’s showing promise and the field of robotics is constantly evolving. He suggests keeping an eye on future developments, because he’s certain robotics will change the face of surgery.

Oncotarget: Electronic Cigarettes are Harmful

Just recently, Oncotarget published a study about the effects of using electronic cigarettes. According to the Journal, these new cigarettes are very harmful to its users. These cigarettes can easily damage one’s teeth and gum. Some of the users of these cigarettes suffer from mouth cancer, tooth loss, and gum diseases. According to the study on Oncotarget, e-cigarettes are not better than the traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are believed to have been introduced to consumer recently. They are battery operated, and they have a special cartridge and heating device. The cartridge is designed to hold the liquid, and the heating device is used for vaporizing the liquid when the smoker is puffing on the instrument. The user inhales the resulting vapor.

The electronic cigarette is used by many people in the current generation because of several reasons. It is considered to be more modern and fashionable, and it doesn’t contain tobacco. Many people believe that tobacco is a harmful substance, and it is the primary content in the traditional cigarette. These individuals, however, do not realize that the electronic cigarette they prefer to use every day contains some harmful chemicals like nicotine. The flavoring agents have some effects to the human body too.

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According to the respected Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more people are using electronic cigarettes in the modern times compared to the past. These devices are mostly loved by the young generation who have no idea about its effects. According to this organization, sixteen percent of the young people using the devices were high school students who did n’t know about its effects.

These young students believe that the new cigarettes have little or no harmful effects on the human body. The Oncotarget says that this is because the devices are new to these individuals, and most of them have not been educated about them. These students do not understand that the electronic cigarettes could have some serious long-term effects on their bodies, especially their oral health.

According to the Oncotarget Journal, individuals who use the flavored vapor in their e-cigarettes are exposed to far-reaching oral health problems. During the study, a group of people who used the flavored smoke developed some gum and mouth problems compared to people who used the tobacco vapor. Individuals who were using tobacco had fewer damages in their gum tissue cells. Although these devices were introduced to make smoking safer and more enjoyable, it has numerous effects on its users.

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