Recent Crime Spree Rocks the Quincy

The formerly quiet Quincy community of New Brunswick has experienced a crime spree in recent years. The Quincy first made headlines after the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man in the area in 2012, then with a non-fatal shooting in 2015.


A New Brunswick pizza shop received a delivery call on November 30, 2012, supposedly from a resident in the N building of an apartment complex on Quincy Circle. When the delivery man arrived at the given apartment, the resident said that he did not order pizza. On returning to his van, the delivery man came into contact with the three male suspects, who claimed that they had ordered the pizza. When he reached into the van to get it, one of the men held a gun to his head. The suspects stole the pizza as well as the delivery man’s wallet. New Brunswick police arrested ringleader Parysh Wood, 21, on May 7, 2013, using cell phone data that placed him at the scene of the crime. Wood also goes under the street names “P Gun” and “Pistol.”


On October 5, 2015, Quincy again experienced turbulence in its normally quiet world when shots rang out at the Quincy New Brunswick Apartments at 33 Commercial Ave. Police reported gunfire in the vicinity of building #1 of the apartment complex, and that the male victim then received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Police said the suspect wore a hoodie and headed toward Neilson Street following the shooting, but they have made no arrests so far.


The NBPD continue to investigate both crimes.