Michael Phelps Teams Up With The Talkspace Therapy Mobile App

It was year of 2014 when the gold medalist Michael Phelps felt the immense effects of depression. His experience with the unpleasant condition left him secluded in his room for 5 days while he wondered if life was worth living. Michael soon realized that he needed to speak with someone about the experience that he was having. His story of getting support from someone was one of courage and not weakness. This is why Michael Phelps decided to team up with the creators of the Talkspace mobile app.

The point at which Michael Phelps knew that he needed to seek help was when he realized that he couldn’t depression and anxiety on his own. This is the decision that he credits with saving his life. Michael knew that he wasn’t the only one that experiences these kinds of situations and decided to help as many people as possible through the partnership he made with the Talkspace mobile app. He wants to share his experience with as many people as possible in the hopes that his story can inspire those that are going through what he went through to seek out help.

The majority of people that have gotten help through the use of the Talkspace mobile app are those that have experienced negative work related situations. The app offers people a convenient and affordable method of seeking out and finding professional help. Anyone can receive help for their problems with a therapy professional with their mobile device. The benefits of using the app include the ability to communicate with a professional through audio, picture, and video. The Talkspace mobile app can also guarantee complete confidentiality.

Many of the work place related issues that the Talkspace mobile app has helped people get through include are now known as “microagressions”. These microagressions include office bullying, prejudices, and sexual harassment. Many people encounter slights and indignities. Many people suffer the effects of these situations while others are completely unaware that they are doing them. Through the use of the mobile app, Talkspace has helped many people resolve their problems by having someone available to guide them through the negative experiences.