District Attorney, George Gascón, a Disgrace to the City of San Francisco

Recently, San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascòn and two of his staff members have been charged with illegally soliciting donations from city employees. Ethics Commission Chairman, Paul Renne, stated that they were unaware of the violation; however, Gascòn has attended ethics training, so he should have been aware of his mistake.
George Gascòn didn’t respond with a comment.
Gascòn was fined $4,000 and Assistant District Attorney, Micheal Swart, and Chief of Staff, Cristine Soto DeBerry were fined $1,400 each.
Gascòn has a history of misbehavior, not fit for a District Attorney and former Police Chief. San Francisco Police Department claims that, six years ago, at a police union dinner in Cambridge, MA, George Gascòn got drunk and made offensive remarks disparaging minorities about his time as Chief of LAPD. At the time he was Chief of SFPD.
Under penalty of perjury, Gary Delagnes (former Police Officer Association) claimed, “He became so loud and animated that an African American patron approached Gascòn and asked him to restrain himself, because his behavior was offending his family.”
Spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office denied the event,”what Delagnes lacks in credibility, he makes up for in imagination.”
The Police Union and Gascòn have been feuding over the District Attorney’s convening of the Blue Ribbon Panel, a three-person panel in charge of seeking out bias in the police department.
The Union released public statements declaring Gascòn a hypocrite, that he should be the last person who should have handpicked a panel meant to look into police misconduct.
Again in 2010, during a breakfast celebrating the passing an earthquake safety bond measure. Gascòn reportedly said the Hall of Justice is vulnerable not to earthquakes, but to the city’s Middle-Eastern community parking a van out front and blowing it up.
The reasons why and how George Gascòn went into public service are beyond logic. He should step down before he digs his grave so deep that he takes his entire staff with him.


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