The Remarkable Contribution of Dick DeVos to the Society

One of the most prolific personalities in the entrepreneurial realm is without any doubt Dick DeVos; this is in respect of the immense contribution that he has brought to the sphere while at the helm of several multinational companies in America. Not only is he a business mogul but also a refined author and philanthropist who is currently married to Betsy DeVos, the current US Secretary of Education.


Dick DeVos’ massive contribution in the society was exhibited in a publication on The Philanthropy Roundtable where his wife shed some light on a myriad of philanthropic activities and education reform programs in which they had engaged in. In this publication, Betsy DeVos delves into various issues including the excellent success that their family foundation and some of their charitable organizations have achieved over the past years.


One of the salient aspects that stirred my intuition from the publication was the incredible number of children that had benefited from the School Choice program—over 250,000 students across 17 states. She also explained that the biggest success that they have ever had was in Florida which she attributes to the tax-credit scholarship program that has enabled over 50,000 students to attend schools of their families’ choice.


Dick DeVos’ remarkable set of leadership skills that has made him resoundingly popular can not only be attributed to the nurturing by his father but also from his commendable educational background. He is an alumnus of the Forest Hills Schools. He also graduated from Northwood University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Moreover, he is a recipient of an honorary doctorate from Central Michigan University.


Born on 21st October, 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dick DeVos kicked off his business career at a young age as he took part in running his family business. It suffices for me to assert that his career has since grown quite flamboyantly since he has been serving in diverse world-class companies, such as Amway Corporation where he served as a President in 1986; Orlando Magic where he has been a co-owner since October 2005; and currently serves as the chairman of the Windquest Group.


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George Soros: Philanthropist and Change Maker

George Soros may be well known now as a billionaire supporter of progressive causes but his beginnings are much more humble. Born in 1930 in Budapest, he came from war-torn Hungry to become a staunch supporter of human rights.

After amassing a fortune, Soros decided to give back to society by financially supporting various initiatives that focused on making societies freer. He started by financially supporting political dissidents in Eastern Europe and Black students in South Africa who, at the time, were living under apartheid. In the early 1990’s, Soros created the Open Society Foundations (OSF). It is a network of various organizations which seeks to promote democracy, religious tolerance and freedom. With these goals in mind, OSF has helped to establish freedom of information laws, drug policy reform that focuses on decreasing demand, refugee assistance, gender equality, decreasing discrimination against Roma people in Europe, among many other endeavors.

Similarly, George Soros has supported various initiatives in the US. One piece of activism that the Washington Times reported on in 2015 was George Soros’ funding of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. According to the article by Kelly Riddell, financial records and discussions with important players indicated that Soros funded the organizations which held protests in Missouri and other US cities, protests that were speaking out against the police killing of black teen Micheal Brown.

However, as stated by Kenneth Zimmerman, the director the OSF’s US operations, although some of the organizations involved in the protests did get grant money from the foundation, OSF was not involved in bringing those groups to protest. Yet, according to Riddell, the organizations funded by Soros continued to keep the Ferguson protests in the news by posting news reports, and quoting each other and creating academic research and opinion pieces to keep the story in the public.

This work, according to Riddell, was also used to widen the scope of the Ferguson incident to more than just policing problems and discrimination, but also to highlight the interrelated issues, such as the criminalized of minorities via drug policy, according to Kassandra Frederique, the head of the Soro’s founded Drug Policy Alliance.

Such work has led to the false rumor that George Soros himself funded the protests and supported them. While OSF does provide funds to organizations involved with criminal justice reform, among other issues, neither he nor his organization, were personally responsible for the protests or directing them, according to David Mikkelson at the fact-checking site Snopes.

Despite funding lots of progressive causes over the years, Soros had been less active after spending over $20 million in 2004 to try to defeat Pres. George W. Bush’s re-election. However, during the 2016 presidential campaign, he once again started to make major donations, this time for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. His interest in supporting her most likely stemmed from his strong belief in Clinton as well as his strong desire to not see Trump as president, according to close associates of Mr. Soros. Learn more about his profile at


The Myths Surrounding the Koch Brothers

Awareness of the Koch brothers is growing and will soon be a household phrase, “The Koch Brothers.” Charles and David. Until lately, the political interests of the brothers were not publicized, and their involvement was rather secret before their political enthusiasm in 2010 surfaced. As children, the Koch brothers were raised to appreciate everything they received. Nothing was ever handed to them that they hadn’t earned. Charles Koch said, “My father wanted me to work as if I was the poorest person in the world.” The boys were well-educated with extensive training in economics and matters of finance, which accounts for their successful lives and financial power today.

Since 2010, the Koch brothers have been ridiculed by the Democrats for their political spending support. Mythical Facts continue to appear but are only mythical facts taken out of context, but are still myths. Rather than print hearsay, mythical rumblings, we need to look at the actual misconceptions tap dancing around about the Koch brothers.

Myth No. 1 – “The Koch network is a recent reaction to the Obama presidency.”
The Koch brothers began to react to situations when Obama took office, but that is a myth. Charles Koch is not a newcomer to the political arena. The brothers have worked to change politics in America since the 70’s and have provided funding for free-market, and libertarian think tanks. It was in the 1980’s the brothers became active in the Libertarian Party.

Myth No. 2 – “The Koch network is a personal pet project of the brothers themselves.”
The Koch brothers invest in political causes, and the entire family involvement is constantly batted around. Charles and David are inordinately rich, and the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans last year placed them in the fifth position. Their contributions are probably equal to, or less than many other wealthy contributors.

Myth No. 3 –“The Koch network is little more than a corporate front.”
The left apparently feels they need to view the Koch network as a political front. The left feels this is a front for policies backed by Charles Koch, but what is not reported is philanthropic endeavors of the Koch brothers donating to nonprofit organizations for research in many fields.

Myth No. 4 – “The Koch network scatters big money to hundreds of conservative groups.”
Yes, the Koch brothers scatter big money to many groups. The IRS documentation acknowledges they donate money to such groups as Freedom Partners giving grants to dozens of groups. One, $3 million donation made in 2012 was to the US Chamber of Commerce. The Koch network is an ever-changing set of core organizations created by the brothers and managed by close associates.

Myth No. 5 – “The Koch network is virtually a third US political party.”
Although the Koch brothers may disagree from time to time with the Republicans, they hope that their management capabilities and financial support will draw GOP candidates and officeholders toward the Koch network.