The Ideas of investing in Real Estate as Suggested by Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

The one quality that separates the true investors from the rest of the people is their ability to see a gap in the market and their innovativeness in filling that gap. To be successful as an investor, you also have to be willing to do some gambling. When you have done your due diligence, knowing that there is still a chance of failure in whatever initiative you are taking part in gives the investors that fear factor that they need to be successful in business.


Jason Halpern started his investment journey several decades ago working for his father’s real estate company. He decided to quit and go work on his own company a few years later. He is now one of the most sought after developers and his busy schedule includes travelling from New York to Miami on an almost daily basis. The company that he started with a meager capital bse is now worth half a billion dollars.

He has made collaborations with several other businesses to create real estate property. These include his current project to take the Wild Turkey Bourbon and make condo units out of it. The deal is to try and get 338 condos out of the project. Another project that he was part of is the conversion of the Madison Heights Cinema into condos, a project that was done in conjunction with Madison. The madden real estate company is another partner that he has invested with in the past.

Jason with his Colleague

He admits that failing is part of the investment process. He gives an example of a time that he thought a deal had come together only for it to fall apart at the eleventh hour, costing him a lot. He says that the mistakes have helped him be sharper in business and to always hope for the best while expecting anything.

Jason Halpern with Wife

Jason comes from a home of real estate developers. When he is not busy at work he likes to relax with his family and other friends and business associates. The success that he has had in real estate makes him very smart investor.



New Jersey Real Estate Developer Sam Boraie Is A Community Driven Man

New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in the union. But New Jersey is the 11th most populated state. New Jersey attracts people because it lies within the combined statistical areas of Philadelphia, and New York. Jersey is also the third wealthiest state based on per capita income. The cities that get the most attention in the state are Atlantic City, Newark, and Trenton. But other cities in New Jersey have more to offer residents in terms of quality of life, entertainment, and peace of mind. One of those cities is New Brunswick,

New Brunswick is a quiet, but energetic, hub for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Johnson and Johnson is one of New Brunswick’s shining stars, reports the NY Times. The privately held, consumer driven, company has helped attract other pharmaceutical and medical related businesses to the downtown area. Rutgers University is another pillar of the community. The Rutgers University Hospital is well known for cancer research. But New Brunswick wasn’t always a magnet for big companies. The city was in shambles in the 1970s. Downtown New Brunswick was in bad shape. City officials didn’t know how to turn the city around. But that changed when Omar Boraie came on the scene. Boraie decided to return New Brunswick to its original glory. Boraie bought more than 20 properties downtown. His real estate development company went to work building new office and residential buildings.

Omar’s sons Wasseem and Sam, as well as daughter Hiam, joined the family business after completing their education. Sam Boraie became the face of the family business and a strong community leader. Sam is known for his non-profit work with Elijah’s Promise and his dedication to the New Brunswick State Theater. Elijah’s Promise feeds the hungry, and the New Brunswick State theater educates and entertains New Jersey residents. Even though Sam spends a great deal of time as a board member of those organizations, he is also part of Newark’s urban renewal project. Sam and basketball legend Shaq O’Neil joined forces, and they built the One Riverview residential building in Newark. That building was the catalyst for other new construction projects in Newark.

The other major project that the Boraie family is proud of is their Atlantic City residential project. The Beach at South Inlet residential project is Atlantic City’s first luxury apartment complex. The 250-unit complex is under construction. Atlantic City is back in the news again because of the positive changes which are taking place in and around the city. Sam Boraie and his family business are doing their best to help Atlantic City move past the casino debacle. The city wants to attract Millennial businesses and residents, and the Boraie complex is one of the first steps in that process.

Even though Sam Boraie ventured out of the New Brunswick city limits to help other New Jersey cities, he is still loyal to New Brunswick. He is a regular patron of the New Brunswick State Theater, and he can be spotted at Elijah’s Promise fundraisers, or in the soup kitchen or café talking about the non-profit’s mission.