Bruno Fagali: The Corporate Integrity Management Guru

     Versatility is an important trait to have in any career, most especially in those that are very competitive. The Brazilian legal industry is quite competitive. There are thousands of lawyers in the country each scrambling for the millions of clients in need of legal services. As such, having a grasp of various areas within the law increases a lawyer’s chances of landing many clients. Few have understood and exploited this concept as much as Bruno Fagali. The young, brilliant lawyer competently practices in the fields of urban law, administrative law, regulatory law, and compliance. Already in high demand from all sorts of clients, it is highly likely that in the coming years he will be among the biggest lawyers in the country.

Like most other lawyers, Bruno Fagali’s legal career has humble beginnings. After growing passionate about the law in his late teens, Mr. Fagali decided to attend the highly acclaimed Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo where he was awarded a law degree. He then worked for a number of law firms in Sao Paulo, including Tojal, Texeira, Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Associate Lawyers and Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. Soon after, his impressive legal mind caught the attention of Nova/sb, one of the fastest rising advertising agencies in Brazil. The company offered him the position of Corporate Integrity Management and tasked him with the responsibility of developing a corporate integrity program.

Bruno Fagali has won widespread admiration for his work at Nova/sb. The Corporate Integrity Program he created has greatly minimized the litigation risk that the company is exposed to when dealing with administrative contracts. He has also ensured that the plan remains current and relevant through continual and precise maintenance.

Despite being arguably one of the most brilliant lawyers in Sao Paulo, Bruno Fagali has never lost his passion for learning the law. In the years since receiving his law degree, Mr. Fagali has completed a number of certificate courses covering different areas of Brazilian law. He received his earliest certificate, in Administrative Law, from FGV-Gvlaw. Additionally, he only this year completed a Progressive State Law master’s degree program at the University of Sao Paulo.

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Bruno Fagali Provides Legal Services That Help In The Growth Of Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is an experienced attorney in Brazil specializing in urban and compliance law. When a business begins to develop he makes certain their development is accomplished properly. Bruno Fagali understands the law in both spirit and letter and there is no better council in his field.

Bruno Fagali works for both companies and individuals who require either business compliance services or urban law practices. Urban law is critical for the growth of a company or a community requiring help with their development. Bruno Fagali makes sure his services are easy to use and provides help where it is needed. He follows the letter of the law to ensure all services are legal and effective. The direction he chooses to take on each individual case is determined by his knowledge and experience in law.

The rules governing compliance are critical because they prevent a company from breaking the law, improperly using their assistance, and forcing an unwanted agenda on any company or individual. Bruno Fagali makes certain all companies adhere to the law even if they are not aware of how the law effects their case. He gives his clients the information they require to make an informed and legal decision.

The Olympics and the World Cup are causing growth in Brazil and this will continue into the future. These events have triggered the growth of new companies who have chosen to start a business in Brazil and require the types of legal services and help Bruno Fagali can provide. As Brazil continues to grow it helps the Brazilian people and this is so important. The legal services provided by Bruno Fagali help the individuals who have started the new businesses so they are properly run and will begin to grow. This adds to the growth of the country making the services of Bruno Fagali even more important.

Karl Heideck Litigates Complex Financial Issues

      Karl Heideck’s broad experience as a litigator prepares him to defend as well as prosecute litigants. He focuses on complex commercial transactions especially those involving banks and finance companies. To prepare your case for trial, he can:


  • Investigate your case
  • Find additional evidence
  • Interview parties
  • Prepare your witnesses
  • Explain your options
  • Negotiate or litigate


He will strive to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. An initial consultation with Karl Heideck may preserve your constitutional rights to a fair trial.


Karl Heideck


Karl Heideck is an experienced litigator in a large Philadelphia law firm with 9 years of experience. He graduated from Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law in 2009 after receiving his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College in 2003. As a legal intern in the Montgomery County District Attorneys’ office, he prepared heinous criminal cases for trial. No case is too difficult.


Corporate Governance


Karl Heideck advises and represents large actuarial and accounting firms in secure financial transactions. He represents and advises corporations and nonprofits in acquisitions and mergers. He has significant experience representing pharmaceutical companies and clients with national and international business interests. His services include:


  • Business and taxation
  • Feasibility and planning
  • Financial advice
  • Risk Management


Risk management


Karl Heideck can help you creatively manage your assets to maximize your outcomes. He can help you reduce your losses or reduce the negative impact of unforeseen circumstances on your business. He can help you determine your probably of success in business endeavors and help you reduce your liability in your commercial transactions. He can help your mitigate risks from vicarious investments, unsuccessful endeavors, uncertain economies, and natural disasters. He may help you with legal liabilities due to employee or consumer health and safety.




Karl Heideck helps corporations with legal compliance issues in all aspects of finance and taxation. He represents accounting firms, lien holders, and those maligned by banks, accountants, and credit companies he does not represent. He represents and assists clients in matters of:


  • Business and taxation
  • Corporate transactions
  • Taxation
  • Nonprofit law


Criminal Law


Good people do make mistakes, but if you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced attorney to consider all your legal remedies. Karl Heideck can help with misdemeanor or felony tax evasion and IRS and commercial banking regulations and protocols. He may help you with:



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Cassio Audi And His Music Career

Cassio Audi has spent quite a long time in the business world, and he has learned many things about the industry that help him succeed. He started as a fine musician who still plays and enjoys music to this day. He has built a music career for himself that brings joy to many, and this article explains how he is helping people live fuller lives when listening to his music.

#1: Music Is An Escape

Cassio has used music as an escape for some time, and he knows how easy it is to create music that will bring joy to those around him. He has been writing for some time to ensure that the people of Brazil have nice music to listen to, and he still turns to music to make his life better.

#2: The Creative Side

The creative side of Cassio Audi is quite strong, and he knows that there are a number of people who will benefit from his creative side in business. The business side of Cassio is aided by the things that he has done in music, and he wants the people around him to enjoy his music while they work with him. There is a great connection between Cassio and the music world, and that connection makes him better at his job.

#3: His Concerts

As stated in this article, “Cassio Audi, Ivan Busic and Jean Dolabella: Brazil’s Heavy Metal Drummers”, Cassio Audi still gives concerts, and there are a number of people who will quite enjoy listening to him play. He shares his music with as many people as possible, and he shows people the side of himself that makes him more creative at work.

The music career of Cassio Audi is quite important, and it provides a glimpse of what he has been doing in the past few decades. Someone who wishes to work with Cassio Audi will be appreciative his music.

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The Work of Litigator Karl Heideck

Litigation is the process of settling disputes via the law. The process of litigation is one in which both parties involved may need to use the law as a means of getting the results they want. Many people find they need to have a litigator on hand in order to do things in their life such as get a divorce. The litigator is the person who will help them through all phases of the legal process. A litigator may do things such as pre-trial searches, pleadings on behalf of the plaintiff and showing up in court to make their point of view known to a judge.

The Work of Karl Heideck

In order to become a litigator, it is necessary to complete college and then attend law school. Litigators are expected to understand all aspects of the law. This is something that litigator Karl Heideck knows well. Karl Heideck earned his law degree from James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University in Philadelphia. Here, he realized that he wanted to be part of the process of litigation in order to help clients get access to justice. Karl Heideck specializes in litigation, compliance, and risk management. This is a field that he cares about passionately as he knows his clients rely on him for during any legal proceedings.

A Contract Attorney

Karl Heideck has served as a contract attorney in recent years for one of the most respected national firms. His work at Grant & Eisenhofer, in Pennsylvania has been about using skills and taking on many job responsibilities. During this time, his work here as a litigator means reviewing important legal discovery materials for company clients such as that pertaining to complex securities fraud efforts that require the help of a skilled attorney. His work for the firm also includes many different types of legal skills including that pertaining to banking litigation. In this role, he has been able to expand his legal skills and develop his career even further. He hopes to continue in this role in a field that he has come to love very much.

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Growth For Honey Birdette Takes In Both Online And Physical Stores

The continued growth of the Australian lingerie brand Honey Birdette has continued at such a fast pace across the U.K. and U.S. that the company are hoping to make major advances in the way the company sells its products. In the U.S. the focus will remain on an Online sales approach that has seen Online sales grow 374 percent across the previous 12 months. In the U.K. a growing level of performance in the three physical stores already open has led to Honey Birdette seeking to expand its available locations to a staggering 40 U.K. based stores by the end of 2018.

The growing Online retail industry has proven popular in the U.S. and has resulted in Honey Birdette seek to create a dedicated Online platform aimed solely at the U.S. market. In the U.K. the rise of the Honey Birdette brand has been stunning with the first London Covent Garden location opening in early 2016 and prompting a rapid expansion across the nation with three locations already open; the expansion of the Honey Birdette brand in the U.K. is set to continue with new stores opening across the country through 2018 in major cities, such as Leeds and Liverpool.

Honey Birdette has been one of the fastest growing luxury brands in the world in the 21st century after only being created in 2006 with an eye on providing luxury lingerie and products aimed at both men and women. The brand has been seeking new locations in which to open physical locations that provide an impressive shopping experience led by a local team of Honey’s who make every visit to a Honey Birdette store as much of an event as possible. Founder Eloise Monaghan founded the company in 2006 and still keeps creative control of Honey Birdette making sure each and every garment and product made reach her own high standards.

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One week with WEN. Want to see what happens?

WEN hair care line was created by LA stylist Chaz Dean. He has created a conditioning product that is shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment in one. We have all seen his infomercials on QVC. Chaz’s product transforms the model’s hair, making it shiny, healthy and manageable without the use of harsh sulfates that is typically found in regular shampoo and conditioner. It’s amazing! It doesn’t lather up like regular shampoo either.

I have decided to give Chaz’s product WEN cleansing conditioner a try and have even written an in-depth article about it on With my hair being baby fine and thin, I wanted to see if it could transform it into luxurious locks like the women in his infomercials. Supposedly the product works wonders on all hair types. I wanted to test this theory to see if it is true. I went ahead and tried it for one week.
The first thing I noticed was that the product called for a greater amount than the amount you use in regular shampoo and conditioner. I thought it would be too much for my thin, fine hair but I followed it regardless. After washing my hair, I noticed that it looked more shiny and bouncy but by morning, it appeared to be oily. By changing my hair care routine to morning, I found that it eliminated that problem.
Overall Guthy-Renker blog, find WEN by Chaz Dean to be a great product. It worked wonders for my baby fine hair, but only if I used it in the morning before I started my day. If you are someone like me though who prefers to take a shower at night, I would not recommend it, only because of the oiliness of your hair in the morning. Other than that this is a fantastic product. It is available online via

WEN Hair FAQ’s here:

Kyle Bass Pharmaceutical Scam Kills Thousands

Kyle Bass is known internationally as the man who correctly predicted the subprime mortgage crisis that took place almost 10 years ago. Unfortunately, Kyle Bass is also known for doing some pretty unethical things.

Let’s take the pharmaceutical scam that was so vile both houses of Congress came together to come up with a way to stop it. While not illegal due to a loophole, this scam was without a doubt one of the most unethical scams in recent history. And though it was simple in nature, it literally affected the lives of millions of people.

Here is how the scam worked. To get things rolling Bass teamed up with world renowned patent troll Erich Spangenberg. With Spangenberg on his team it was time to pounce. To make his scam look legit he set up a front organization known as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs.

With everything in place Bass and Spangenberg would get together, pick certain pharmaceutical firms, short sell their stocks, and then turn around and challenge several patents using their front organization.

Anytime this happened stocks would take a nosedive, Bass would make millions in a matter of days, and the prices of pharmaceutical drugs would go up. This caused palpable harm as millions of people were no longer able to afford their medications. Medications that helped many of them stay alive.

The funny thing is, when asked why he would do such a thing, Bass said he was doing it to bust patents and make drugs more affordable by driving down prices due to competition.

As a matter of fact, he has a reputation for doing the opposite. He will do anything to make a quick buck and that is exactly what he did in this situation. According to Scott McKeown, an intellectual-property expert, Bass was trying to spook the markets so he could turn a quick profit.

When Celgene, one of the pharmaceutical firms that was Bass’ biggest target, filed suit against him, Bass changed his defense and admitted he was motivated by a love of money.

Unfortunately for him, the Patent Trial and Appeals Board has a big problem with his patent challenges and is considering sanctioning him. Let’s see what lie he will tell to try and get out of this one.