Orange Coast College Claims another National Rowers Title

Orange Coast College, a reputed California-based community college, won the 12th national title for rowing this time. It should be noted that in the history of 60 years of the national championship, OCC claimed the title one-fifth of the times. If people closely analyze the achievement of college, they can see that the priority given to the sport is making the college highly successful in rowing.

The team members and the staff are well aware that rowing is an amateur sport, and it needs grace, power, and unity. Also, all the nine team members should work with same enthusiasm and energy. The team takes practice six days a week from the month of August through May. Interestingly, the practice starts daily at 6:30 a.m. sharp.

The college management is very supportive of the sport and encourages as many people as possible. At the start of the academic year, around 80 candidates apply to the men’s team. The team would go through an intense training of about 20 hours a week, and almost half of the people dropped away from the team during the process.

The coaching staff gives a clear message that they have high expectations about each of the team members. Interestingly, many of the success of OCC are against four-year degree colleges, and the team could contribute many members to the national rowing team. Ten of its students have participated in the Olympics and the World Championships. For many of the current and past team members, it is a sport that makes people strong enough to fight back.

Orange Coast College is located in Costa Mesa, and it is spread on a beautiful 164-acre campus. It was founded in the year 1947, and currently, it is considered to be one of the largest community colleges in the country with more than 25,000 student enrolments in each semester.

The college is considered to be providing the finest education with the latest technology and exceptional facilities.

Orange Coast College offers more than 135 career and academic programs and known for providing one of the most acclaimed nautical programs. Additionally, it is the largest contributor of students to California State University and the University of California systems.

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