Julia Jackson: The Jackson Family Wines Spokesperson

Julia Jackson is a proprietor and spokesperson of the famous Jackson Family Wines founded by her late father, Jess Jackson. To Julia, having been born and brought up in a winemaking and selling business, wine ceased to be a mere expensive drink in the market and become her life. Since childhood until date, Julia holds fond memories of the wine selling business at heart and strives to achieve nothing but perfection when it comes to the business.

Despite having a passion for the wine business, Julia is also a scholar. She is a graduate of Scripps College where she undertook her degree in studio art. In addition to this, Julia has a certificate in General Management program from Stanford University that helps her carry her duties effectively in the family business.

Since the Jackson Family Wines was founded by her father, Julia believes that her mother is the brainchild behind all its success; this is even true thanks to the leadership of her mother since the demise of her father. As an honor not only to her mother but also to the different women in leadership, Julia works with the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment program to inspire hope to women in leadership. Under this program, Julian and the Jackson family supports community-based, not for profit organization with annual grants of up to $100,000 in support of their projects.

As a spokesperson, Julia Jackson has been able to achieve a lot for the family wine business. Thanks to her mastery of French, Julia has been able to market and distribute their wine brands to French-speaking nations. Julia maintains her Pinot Noir and Chardonnay brands as some of the best Sonoma wines in the market. Not only are thy sweet but also affordable.


Julia Jackson is the next big name in the wine making industry. The next time you enjoy your favorite Jackson Family Wine brand, keep in mind these facts about its proprietor Julia Jackson.

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Malini Saba: Conqueror of Worlds

Malini Saba is a name that you might not yet know, but once you hear about her great accomplishments, you can’t help but wonder why more people are not familiar with her. Malini Saba started off from the bottom and created one of the more successful investment firms around. She is also an avid philanthropist and extremely involved with her family. Overall, Malini is an extremely successful person.


Malini came to the United States from Asia with only $200 at the ripe age of 19 years old. She immediate started going to classes at Stanford with her husband, knowing that getting an education was the true road to success. While at Stanford, she sat in on business classes that interested her in the field, especially in the investments side of things. She wondered if she would be able to take her measly savings and start investing in things that she thought would do well in the future. She attempted to become a partner or associate at any venture capital firm that would take her, but having the little funds that she did and the background that she did, they were reluctant to sign her on. When she found out that getting a job was hopeless, she started her own company: Saban.


Now Saban is an extremely successful company that has investments all over the world in a variety of sectors and commodities, including things like oil, gas, technology, real estate, and rice. Malini believes in an investment strategy that looks five years down the road rather than recent trends. If you are not getting on board before the trend starts, then it is already too late and most of your profits are gone. She also believes in investing in extremely high risk locations. This was her impetus to get involved in the Indian market several years ago, a move that make her a great success.


Malini is also very involved with philanthropy. Knowing the plights that women go through in the “third world,” Malini started a nonprofit organization for women called Stree. This organization has the sole purpose of helping women get healthcare, teaching them about entrepreneurship, and empowering them to get involved in public policy. Malini also gives generously. After the tsunami disasters in 2004, she gave over $10 million of her own money to help with the relief efforts in India and Sri Lanka. Overall, Malini Saba has conquered the business and philanthropic world.



Helane Morrison: Fighting For Fairness in Leadership and Business Environment

The financial sector is one of the many industries still dominated by males the world over. Most women work in low ranks, taking orders and instructions from senior male colleagues. It is never an easy task for the few who climb to the top, finally making their voices heard when and where it matters most.

When Helane Morrison realized how wide the gap between male and female leadership in the financial sector was, she immediately decided to do something about it. She cut short a promising career at the top of the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco where she had worked for years enforcing securities law, litigating fraud and ensuring regulations were followed in North California and some five other Northwestern states, among other high level responsibilities. Instead Helane joined Hall Capital, assuming the positions of the Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer as well as a number of other responsibilities.

All-Women Leadership

A giant company responsible for managing assets worth more than $24 billion, HallCapital oversees smooth running of financial matters for many affluent families. However, what inspired Morrison to settle for the company is the all-women leadership. Helane Morrison joined CEO Kathryn Hall and Sarah Stein, the President to make a powerful and successful team of the top three.

Fair Business Environment

Armed with a J. D from University of California School of Law and B.S Degree in journalism from Northwestern University, Morrison has been involved in many tough fights in her quest to ensure fair business practices globally. Her work has included defending people who have found themselves at difficult financial positions against predation by others who see it as an opportunity to make money unfairly. She participated in the 2012 Private Fund Compliance Forum panel as well as other platforms of that ilk. Her strong passion for a fair environment for conducting business for all people has earned her a reputation as one of the most indispensable combatants for industrial justice.

Inspiration for Young Women Leaders

While many women with leadership qualities are discouraged from pursuing their career goals, Hall Capital and its leadership offers a rare inspiration. Although the company cannot accommodate every woman who wants to be a leader, it has made a strong point in the necessity of enhancing diversity in the top ranks of not only the financial sector but also in the many other male-dominated industries. Making as much profit as possible and satisfaction of clients is one of the most important goals for any company. Nevertheless, Capital Hall’s insistence on gender diversity as well as educational and background qualities is certainly one of the pillars of their success.