Keeping Jewish Roots Alive with the Adam Milstein Foundation

Our youth citizens in the United States have been actively trying to impact the State of Israel’s foreign policy, and Israeli adolescents have been forming a united front in order to improve and maintain their international relations alongside them. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF) is a nonprofit philanthropic organization founded by Adam Milstein and his wife, Gila Milstein. The goal of MFF is to aid Israeli students in improving these relations while also embracing their Jewish roots. This pro-Israel foundation just celebrated 18 years of philanthropic work with Jewish teens and their dedicated sister foundations.

Adam Milstein and his organization primarily work through three guiding principles: active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. Active philanthropy consists of the organization investing their resources into other foundations with similar goals of strengthening Jewish pride in Israel’s students. They do this by funding their subprinciple called organizations, projects, and programs (OPP). Through investing in these OPPs, they transition into the second principle which is the life path impact. Under the life path impact, these sister organizations who have received funding are expected to engage with the target audience associated with MFF in order to maintain adequate progress in their mission.

The last principle surrounds philanthropic synergy. According to Adam Milstein, the goal of philanthropic synergy is to obtain unification from all of the organizations that support MFF as a way to create a united front. MFF hopes that by more than one foundation contributing their effort at once, the impact on keeping students familiar and proud about their Jewish roots will be even more substantial. They specifically describe it as amplifying the impact that MFF has across Israel.

These last 18 years have proven to be quite successful for MFF, which makes Adam Milstein and his wife hopeful about their ability to create a promising future for the State of Israel’s youth. Students who participate in MFF are given the wonderful gift of comprehensively studying their Jewish roots while improving their home country’s foreign policy in the process. The impact that MFF is driving is sure to continue expanding and flourishing as each year passes by.

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