CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Continues To Help Coriant Grow

Coriant is one of the biggest telecommunications companies with two head offices in Germany and one in the United States. Though the company was only launched in 2013 their current CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has honed years of experience in the field of telecommunications and their numbers prove it. Coriant originates from the Transmissions Technology department of Nokia Siemens Networks located in Germany. Coriant broke apart from Siemens in 2013 under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. Currently Coriant offers integrated optical planning solutions, optical LAN and broadband access, cross-connection solutions, intelligence network management, edge routing solutions, and packet optical transport solutions.

Shaygan Kheradpir has spent nearly thirty years in the field of telecommunications and has worked for big name companies like Verizon and Barclays before he took his current CEO position. Kheradpir moved from Iran to complete his schooling in the United States where he graduated with a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. In 1987 he began working for GTE Laboratories where he worked on network control, management, and routing.

When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form what is now Verizon Networks in 2001 Kheradpir became Verizon’s president of of the e-business division before being promoted to the company’s very first CIO/CTO. His notable work at Verizon includes the creation of iobi which manages address books and caller ID throughout Verizon devices. His division was also responsible for reprogramming Verizon’s call centers, website, and automated customer service systems. He left Verizon for Barclays in 2011 and helped create customer based software like Pingit. In 2014 Kheradpir became CEO of Juniper Networks before joining the private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners.

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