CLASS DOJO – a new way to use social media in our classrooms

Social media is the way of our future and has transformed the way our society communicates. Technology is that much better when it has our teachers, parents and students working together. We are all now such a cell phone and computer addicted society, a new app began a new communication platform within our classrooms, teachers and schools. This amazing communication platform is called Class Dojo which is now used by 2 out of 3 schools.

Class Dojo is creating a community that shares and likes a classroom’s activities via video or photos. It involves teachers that can encourage or I showcase students work, values or activities via a picture or comment. Parents become engaged by viewing the teacher’s information and commenting on their child’s profile. The greatest part is that it gives students a voice to present their activities and hear the encouragement coming from a teacher.

Just recently I received a video with my son singing a self-written song while still practicing his “poetry in language arts”. I was thrilled watching him perform and listening to what he wrote in his lyrics. He even danced a little jig to “add to his grade and entertain everyone” he later said. Watching the video helped me feel connected to his classroom activity and made my son feel empowered to know the video would be sent home for us to view. At the end of the day, the teacher was able to complete the class assignment and share it with parents without having parent take time off work to attend an event.

This ground up change has created a positive culture with classrooms, schools and parents. The teachers can appreciate that the upfront set up will allow the opportunity to communicate to parents with a personal note or comment and share what is happening on any day in the classroom. Again it allows the parents to get updates on activities and happenings that they may never have seen on a report card or parent conference of their kids.

Technology has definitely come full circle and is helping our kids come closer to home.